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    A Summary of 'How Acquisitions Affect Franchisees' By Coley

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    A Summary of 'How Acquisitions Affect Franchisees' By Art Coley

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    A Summary of 'How Acquisitions Affect Franchisees' By Art Coley

    As acquisitions become more common, management teams from both buyers and sellers must consider how acquisitions affect franchisees. It is important that management looks deeply at how acquisition will impact franchisees since the franchise method works and have always had been attracting new investors and capital.

    As business continues to grow more competitive, management needs to acknowledge the sentiments of the existing franchisees as they have done much in building the future value of the brand. Although it may not always be possible, but it is essential that management acknowledges that the franchisees are stakeholders in the company. In the case of acquisitions, the first question that comes into the mind ...

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    The article is a summary of 'How Acquisitions Affect Franchisees by Art Coley.