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    Accounting - Financial Reporting Normal Balances

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    The following accounts appeared on the trial balance of Elbert Company at December 31, 2008. All accounts have normal balances.

    Notes Payable $64,000 Accounts Receivable $172,800
    Accumulated Depreciation - Bldg. $261,000 Prepaid Expenses $18,750
    Supplies on Hand $12,600 Customers' Deposits $1,250
    Accrued Salaries and Wages $11,400 Common Stock*** $375,000
    *Investments in Debt Securities $93,800
    Cash $56,750 Inventories (average cost) $526.750
    Bonds Payable Due 1/1/12 $400,000 Land at Cost $155,000
    Allowance for Doubtful Accts. $2,600 Trading Securities**** $24,400
    Franchise $64,300 Accrued Interest on Notes Payable $650
    Notes Receivable $46,000 Buildings at Cost $642,000
    Income Taxes Payable $52,000 Accounts Payable $136,650
    Preferred Stock** $250,000 Additional Paid-in Capital $54,600
    Appropriated Retained Earnings $98,000
    Unappropriated Retained Earnings $106,000
    *The company intends to hold the securities until maturity, which is in ten years.
    **8% cumulative; $10 par value; 25,000 shares authorized and outstanding.
    ***$1 par value; 400,000 shares authorized; 375,000 shares issued and outstanding.
    ****The company intends to sell the trading securities in the next year.

    Directions: Prepare a classified balance sheet for Elbert Company on December 31, 2008 on a separate Excel spreadsheet as directed on the Problem Set 1 directions.

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