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Accounting and Finance Questions

25. Planning for future growth is called: A. Capital Budgeting B. Financial forecasting C. Working Capital Management D. Financial management 26. The percent of sales method of financial forecasting shows us the relationship between ___________ and financing needs. A. changes in the level of assets B. chang

Accounting and Finance Questions

18. Which of the following best describes the a payment for materials purchased A. Cash Receipt B. Cash Disbursement C. Cash Incentive D. None of the Above 19. Hazardous Toys Company produces boomerangs that sell for $8 each and have a variable cost of $7.50. Fixed costs are $15,000. Compute the Break-Even po

Managerial Accounting - Cost Allocation

1- Variable and Full Costing The following information relates to Porter Manufacturing for fiscal 2006, the company's first year of operation.: Selling price per unit $ 120 Direct material per unit $ 60 Direct labor per unit $ 20 Variable manufacturing overhead per unit $ 5 Variable selling cost per dol

Finance and investment questions

Eliminate the wrong answer (or write the answer A, B, C, or D, next to the question). (I don't need extra explanation for the answers) 1. Which of the following best describes real capital? A. Money B. A place where the president lives C. Long-term plant and equipment D. Interest notes 2. __________ refers to

Start Up Company Finance Calculations

3.4) A start-up company selling color-keyed carnauba car wax borrows $40,000 at an interest rate of 10% per year and wishes to repay the loan over a 5-year period with annual payments such that the third through fifth payments are $2000 greater than the first two. Determine the size of the first two payments. 3.11) How much

Suppose someone tells you the only thing that matters is cost when deciding to provide a good or service internally or externally. That is, if you can do it cheaper internally, then that is how it should be done. Or, on the other hand, if an external supplier can do it cheaper, then you should use that supplier. What is your response?

Suppose someone tells you the only thing that matters is cost when deciding to provide a good or service internally or externally. That is, if you can do it cheaper internally, then that is how it should be done. Or, on the other hand, if an external supplier can do it cheaper, then you should use that supplier. What is your res

Corporate finance - construct Cumberland's Year 2 income statement.

See attached file for full problem description. Here are the balance sheets as given in the problem: Cumberland Industries December 31 Balance Sheets (in thousands of dollars) Year 2 Year 1 Assets Cash and cash equivalents $91,450 $74,625 Short-term investments $11,400 $15,100 Account

RealTimeService - % Increase in Profit

RealTimeService offers computer consulting, training and repair services. For the most recent fiscal year, profit was $230,000 as follows" Consulting Training Repair Total ________________________________________________ - Sales:

Managerial Accounting

If you had a business and your accountant told you to either expense it all, or to capitalize it all, what would your response be? Make a decision and prepare an argument for it, backing it up with what the short and long term effects of your decision will likely be, how this will affect your business financially and in day to

Implicit Cost of Demand and Financial Intermediation

A financial intermediation has estimated the following annual costs for its demand deposits: management cost per account = $140, average account size = $1,500, average number of checks processed per account per month = 75, cost of clearing a check = $0.10, fees charged to customer per check = $0.05, and average fee charged per c

Finance: What do you expect will happen to Aerotech's stock?

1. Aerotech, an aerospace-technology research firm, announced this morning that it has hired the world's most knowledgeable and prolific space researchers. Before today, Arotech's stock had been selling for $100. Assuming that no other information is received over the next week and the stock market as a whole does not move. a.

Treasury and Municipal Bonds

A) Why banks hold Treasury bills and municipal bonds in their investment accounts. Why do they hold few corporate securities? b) Why the U.S. public has not accepted the concept "The free market is the best regulator of business" for regulating depository financial institutions. (In other words, why is there much less opposit

River Beverages: Budgeting

Hilton, Chapter 18, Case 18.48, River Beverages Overview River Beverages is a food and soft-drink company with worldwide operations. The company is organized into five regional divisions with each vice president reporting directly to the CEO, Cindy Wilkins. Each vice president has an R&D department, controller, and three di

Tastee Fruit Company: Standard Cost

TasteeFruit Company is a small producer of fruit-flavored frozen desserts. For many years its products have had strong regional sales on the basis of brand recognition. However, other companies have begun marketing similar products in the area, and price competition has become increasingly important. John Wakefield, the company'

Old Alfred Road MINI CASE Problem

Old Alfred Road, who is well-known to drivers on the Maine Turnpike, has reached his seventieth birthday and is ready to retire. Mr. Road has no formal training in finance but has saved his money and invested carefully. Mr. Road owns his home - the mortgage is paid off - and does not want to move. He is a widower, and he want

Investment Management: Inheritance

I am looking for assistance in the area of services of a stock broker and estate planner. I understand that they are individuals that assist people of all income variations who are attempting to set money aside from their financial earnings to invest in the market. The investment with the assistance of the chosen broker can ass

Financial condition of Ford and GM.

Accessing the MD&A (Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operation) from the company's most recent Annual Report or Form 10-K, identify at least one accounting policy, standard, estimate, or pronouncement cited by the company as being particular importance, and explain how the company compli

Finance questions- Time Value of Money, Bonds, NPV

1. Mr. Miser, who is 35 years old, has just inherited $11,000 and decides to use the windfall towards his retirement. He places the money in a bank which promises a return of 6% per year until his planned retirement in 30 years. If his funds earn 6% interest compounded annually, how much will he have at retirement? Repeat the


Alpha Corporation and Beta Corporation are identical in every way except their capital structures. Alpha Corporation, an all-equity firm, has 5,000 shares of stock outstanding, currently worth $20 per share. Beta Corporation uses leverage in its capital structure. The market value of Beta's debt is $25,000. The cost of this debt

Merger and Acquisition

Fly-by-night Couriers is analyzing the possible acquisition of Flash-in the pan Restaraunts. Neither firm has debt. The forecasts of Fly-by-night show that the purchase would increase its annual after-tax cash-flow by $600,000 indefinately. The current market value of Flash-in -the-Pan is $20 million. The current market value of

Financial Accounting

1. What is an example of a situation that requires the establishment of a contingent liability? Why should a company establish a contingent liability? How does the establishment of a contingent liability impact earnings? 2. What is an example of a potentially unethical accounting situation? Why is the situatio

Secured Creditors, Unsecured Creditors, Preferred Stockholders

What are the principal differences between Secured Creditors, Unsecured Creditors, Preferred Stockholders and Common Stockholders? During a partial or complete liquidation, what is the priority of asset distribution? When you are considering two different financing plans, does being at the level When does insider tradin

Fortune 500: Financial Trends of Ford

Select a Fortune 500 company and retrieve financial data for the company for a period of 5 years. And, answer the following: a. Identify two or three major financial trends. b. Calculate three key financial ratios. c. Develop several financial recommendations. d. Locate an article that appraises the dangers of basi

Financial Analysis of Raytheon

Obtain financial information for Raytheon. You should begin by obtaining an annual report for the company. You should also explore the company's Web site and the Company Directories and Financial Reports. Write a 5 page paper with the following information. b. Prepare a 2001 - 2005 trend table of the financial ratios below

2 Financial Statement Accounting Problems

DQ 1 a. What is the purpose of depreciation? Does the book value of a fixed asset (cost minus accumulated depreciation) tell a user what the asset is worth? Why or why not? Should the financial statements reflect the value of fixed assets? Why or why not? b. What are the different methods used to calculate depr

Interpreting Measurements

Interpreting these measurements. (Attached) What is the importance of them. And what is the difference between the performance of them compared to the market index. Company R Rf Standard Deviation Sharpe Measure Walt Disney 8.11 4.6 3.786 0.927 Ford 11.886 4.6 3.786 1.925 Microsoft 6.958 4.6 3.786 0.623 Lowe's 6

Important Information About Expected Returns and Betas for Investment Selection

Please help with the following problem. You have been scouring The Wall Street Journal looking for stocks that are "good values" and have calculated the expected returns for five stocks. Assume the risk-free rate (rRF) is 7 percent and the market risk premium (rM - rRF) is 2 percent. Which security would be the best investm