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Investment banking

What is investment banking? How would an investment banker assist an organization in going public? As a chief financial officer, what information would you need to select an investment banker? 300 words

Expected return and price

Weyerhaeuser, The forest products producer, traded at $42 at the beginning of 1996. Beta services typically place its beta at 1.0 with a market risk premium of 6 percent. The risk free rate at the end of 1995 was 5.5 percent. The firm was expected to pay dividends of $1.60 per share in 1996 and 1997. Use CAPM to calculate the e

Value added from acquisition

The general manager of the Miami Dolphin a NFL Team is considering paying $2.5 million per year for a "Star" player, along with a $2 million up front signing bonus. He expects the player to enhance gate receipts and television advertising revenue by $3.5 million per year with no added costs. The team requires a 9 percent return

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A portfolio manager has a $10 million portfolio, which consists of $1 million invested in 10 separate stocks. The portfolio beta is 1.2. The risk-free rate is 5% and the market risk premium is 6%. ____ 6. What is the portfolio's required return? a. 9.85% b. 12.00% c. 12.20% d. 12.35% e. 6.20% ____ 7. The

2-3 page memorandum

The meeting at Superior Living Inc. with the analyst went well. However, you want to crunch the numbers yourself to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, you need to consider the project in the broader context of how the new production facility can help the company increase output and, more importantly, profits. You know that the CFO wi

Finance: excess capacity

Company x has 5 billion in sales and 1.7 billion in fixed assets. currently the company's fixed assets are operating at 90% of capacity. a. what level of sales could the company have obtained if it had been operating at full capacity? b. what is the company's fixed assets/sales ratio? c. if the company's sales increase

Finance: pro forma income statements

Please help with the following problem - provide the solution in Excel. Company x recently reported the following 2008 income statement in millions of dollars: sales 700 operating costs including depreciation 500 ebit 200 interest 40 ebt 160 taxes (40%) 64 net income 96 dividends 32 additio

Finance: cash convergence cycle

Please help with the following problem. The company x has 15 million of sales, 2 million of inventories, 3 million of receivables, and 1 million of payables. Its cost of goods sold is 80% of sales, and it finances working capital with bank loans at an 8% rate. What is the company's cash convergence cycle? if company x could

Prone Inc: financial statements

The following data are taken from the financial statements of Prone, Inc. as of the end of the year 2007. The data are in alphabetical order. Accounts payable $ 28,000 Net income $ 48,000 Accounts receivable 66,000 Other current liabilities 17,000 Cash 54,000 Total assets 250,000 Gross profi

Constructing Pro Forma Analysis for a Company

A business owner decides to take out a loan. The loan will have an annual interest rate of 7.5%. The loan of $85,000 will be issued January 1, 2009, and is designated to repay all of the person's credit card debt. Before the loan is finalized the person must produce pro forma financial statements for 2009 showing the year-end lo

E-dividend date /price of stock

Drew Financial Associates currently pays a quarterly dividend of 50 cents per share. This quarter's dividend will be paid to stockholders of record on Friday, February 22, 2007. Drew has 200,000 common shares outstanding. The retained earnings account has a balance of $15 million before the dividend, and Drew holds $2.5 million

Calculate the current yield of cost of preferred stock.

The Meredith Corporation issued $100 par value preferred stock 10 years ago. The stock provided an 8 percent yield at the time of issue. The preferred stock is now selling for $75. What is the current yield of cost of preferred stock? (Disregard flotation costs.)

External Financing Revenue

Explain, whether additional financing is needed in cases "a" to "e". Indicate whether each of the following would typically increase or decrease a firm's need for additional external financing: a) An increase in cash dividends b) An increase in the net profit margin c) A decrease in the credit period offered by the firm's

Trading Techniques for Financial Futures

Discuss the trading techniques that can be used with financial futures (currency futures, interest rate futures, and stock index futures) noting how these securities can be used in conjunction with other investment vehicles including the benefits and risks. Describe the model application of such a strategy applied to protect you

Determine which type of dealership the couple should purchase

Construct a decision tree for decision situation described in problem 25 and indicate the best decision Decision Analysis Question 25) Fenton and Farrah Friendly, husband and wife car dealers, are soon going to open a new dealership. They have three offers: from a foreign compact car company, from a U.S. producer of full

Finance: Stock Repurchases

Company x has net income of $2,000,000 and it has $1,000,000 share of common stock outstanding. the company's stock currently trades at $32 per share. Company x is considering a plan, in which it will use available cash to repurchase 40% of its shares in the open market. the repurchase is expected to have no effect on the net in

Company's stock price following the stock split

Company x's stock trades at $90 a share. the company is contemplating a 3-for-2 stock split. assuming that the stock split will have no effect on the market value of its equity, what would be the company's stock price following the stock split?

Finance: breakeven analysis

Company x's fixed operating costs are $500,000, its variable costs are $3 per unit, and the product's sales price is $4. what is the company's breakeven point; that is, at what unit sales volume will its income equal its costs?

Please see description

Please see attached. The Optical Scam Company has forecast a 20 percent sales growth rate for next year. The current financial statement are shown here : Income Statement Sales $ 38,000,000 Costs $ 33,400,000 ___________ Taxabl

Questions Regarding Corporate Investment Analysis

Ch 1-12 Explain why you would change your nominal required rate of return if you expected the rate of inflation to go from 0 (no inflation) to 4 percent. Give an example of what would happen if you did not change your required rate of return under these conditions. Ch 2-9 You are a wealthy individual in a high tax bracket.

Advanced Corporate Finance

See attachment. 10. Sustainable Growth Rate The Steiben Company has a ROE of 8.50 percent and a payout ratio of 35 percent. a. What is the company's sustainable growth rate? b. Can the company's actual growth rate be different from its sustainable growth rate? Why or why not? c. How can the company change its sustainable g

Finance: Sustainable Growth Rate

The Steiben Company has a return on equity (ROE) of 8.5 percent and a payout ratio of 35 percent. A-What is the company's sustainable growth rate? B-Can the company's actual growth rate be different from its sustainable growth rate? why or why not? C-How can the company change its sustainable growth rate ?

ACH Payment Cost Per-Check Cost

Many companies are wondering if they should emulate Sears, Roebuck & Company in its implementation of electronic disbursing. After negotiating new payment terms with each of its suppliers, it quickly built up a significant volume of electronic payments: 1,000 transactions, 60,000 invoices, and $500 million in payment per month.

Finance problem

. St. Joe Trucking has sold an issue of $6 cumulative preferred stock to the public at a price of $60 per share. After issuance costs, St. Joe netted $57 per share. The company has a marginal tax rate of 40 percent. a. Calculate the after-tax cost of this preferred stock offering assuming that this stock is perpetuity. b.

Using the Method of Multiples

Problem #1 Free Travel, Inc., a company that organizes virtual travel tours, is planning an IPO. Its current investors hold 300,000 shares, which at IPO will be converted into common shares at 1:1 ratio. The company competes with the following publicly traded companies: CoachTraveler, VirtualExplorer, Home World, and Stay-at-

Blackmon Manufacturing: Break-Even Point

Blackmon Manufacturing Company makes a product that it sells for $50 per unit. The company incurs variable manufacturing costs of $14 per unit. Variable selling expenses are $6 per unit, annual fixed manufacturing costs are $189,000, and fixed selling and administrative costs are $141,000 per year. Determine the break even p

Sell common stock, sell bonds with warrants for stock

A firm plans to raise $2 million to pay off its existing short-term bank loan of $600,000 and to increase total assets by $1,400,000. The bank loan bears an interest rate of 10 percent. The company's president owns 57.5% percent of the 1,000,000 shares of common stock and wishes to maintain control of the company. The company'

Harley Davidson Stock Beta compared to the S&P 500 index; intrinsic value

# Using Microsoft Excel and historical daily data from http://finance.yahoo.com, calculate the beta for Harley-Davidson in comparison to the S&P 500 Index over the past year. # Then utilizing the dividend discount model from your text, calculate the intrinsic value for Harley-Davidson. # From that analysis, comprise an

Toyota Stock Valuation of Nonmaturing Preferred Stock

Use Excel for solution. Stock Valuation Suppose Toyota has nonmaturing (perpetual) preferred stock outstanding that pays a $1.00 quarterly dividend and has a required return of 12% APR (3% per quarter). What is the stock worth? If you use the spreadsheet method shown in the workshop,

External Equity Financing Northern Pacific Heating & Cooling Inc

External Equity Financing Northern Pacific Heating and Cooling Inc. has a 6-month backlog of orders for its patented solar heating system. To meet this demand, management plans to expand production capacity by 30% with a $15 million investment in plant and machinery. The firm wants to maintain a 40% debt-to-total-assets ratio in