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Hunsader's Value of Operations

Based on the corporate valuation model, Hunsader's value of operations is $300 million. Here is what the balance sheet shows: - $20 million of short-term investments, unrelated to operations - $50 million of accounts payable - $90 million of notes payable - $30 million of long-term debt - $40 million of preferred stock -

Issuance of Stock and Treasury Stock

Issuance of Stock and Treasury Stock 1). Alpaca Inc. issued 300,000 shares of no-par common stock at $15 per share. What is the journal entry to record this transaction? 2). Beluga Inc. issued 10,000 shares of $.02 par value common stock at $20 per share. For how much should the company credit its Additional Paid-in

Elastic and inelastic demand for price of goods or services

Give an example of times you experienced with goods or services you purchased: 1) An item whose price changed significantly but the amount you purchased changed little. 2) An item whose price changed by a smaller amount and the amount you purchased changed a lot. As part of your answer you should demonstrate an under

Investment help

A small manufacturing plant costs $50 M today. It is expected to have the following cash flows: Year 1: $5M. Year 2: $9 M, Year 3: $10 M, and Year 4 = $11M. Risk adjusted cost of capital is 15% and the company is projected to grow at a constant rate of 3% for perpetuity after year 4. Do you advise to invest in this project, wh

Value of stock

FIN2030 Quantitative Assignment, Week 3 1. Stock. What is the value of a stock with a a. $2 dividend just paid and an 8% required return with 0% growth? b. $3 dividend just paid and a 9% required return with 1% growth? c. $4 dividend to be paid and a 10% required return with 2% growth? d. $5 dividend to be pai

Financial Analysis: Computron Mini-Case

Computron Mini-Case The first part of the case, presented in chapter 2, discussed the situation of Computron Industries after an expansion program. A large loss occurred in 2010, rather than the expected profit. As a result, its managers, directors, and investors are concerned about the firm's survival. Donna Jamison was b

Investments are determined.

An investor in the United States bought a one-year British security valued at 196,000 British pounds. The U.S. dollar equivalent was $98,000. The British security earned 17 percent during the year, but the British pound depreciated six cents against the U.S. dollar during the period ($0.50 to $0.45). After transferring the f

Estimating the Current Value of a Given Stock

Nachman Industries just paid a dividend of D0 = $1.32. Analysts expect the company's dividend to grow by 30% this year, by 10% in Year 2, and at a constant rate of 5% in Year 3 and thereafter. The required return on this low-risk stock is 9.00%. What is the best estimate of the stock's current market value? a. $41.59 b. $42.

Calculate the NPV of each project.

10-5. RejuveNation needs to estimate how long the payback period would be for their new facility project. They have received two proposals and need to decide which one is best. Project Weights will have an initial investment of $200,000 and generate positive cash flows of $100,000 at the end of year 1, $75,000 at the end of y

Maximization of shareholder wealth

Firms often involve themselves in projects that do not result directly in profits. For example, IBM and ExxonMobil frequently support public television broadcasts. Do these projects contradict the goal of maximization of shareholder wealth? Why or why not?

Unit Costs of EUROs and USDs

Please help with the following problem. Please provide step by step calculations. A US importer is concerned about the appreciation of Euro against USD due to Euro payables of EUR10,000,000 in three months. To hedge (protect himself/herself) the position, exporter decides to use futures markets. Currently, CME (Chicago Merca

Proto Pharm Decision Tree

Proto Pharm is deciding whether to fund the penultimate stage of a drug development project. This would require an investment of £50 million. Alternatively, Proto can sell the intellectual property from its existing results to another company for £40 million. Proto and the other company do not compete in the same market, and t

Renfro Industries - Networking capital, cash balance, Finance

Please see the attached document for the problems. (1). Renfro Industries balance sheet for December 31, 2010 is as follows: Assets ($000) Liabilities and Equity ($000) Cash $8,000 Accounts Payable $36,000 Marketable Securities 4,000 Notes Payable 12,000 Accounts Receivable 60,000 Other Current Liabilities 32,000 Invent

Technology in Education/Healthcare

1. Review: The WCET website at: and The Educause website at: After researching best practices related to the implementation of educational technology, discuss the best practices that you feel are most relevant to health care with regard to educational technology delivery. 2.

Retirement plan for golden years: How much does he need to retire

He is planning for his golden years. He will retire in 20 years, at which time he plans to begin withdrawing $50,000 annually to pay for his living expenses during retirement. He is expected to live for 30 years following his retirement. His financial advisor thinks he can earn 7% annually before his retirement and 10% after

Technical default on the loan

Jo Company reports the following on 12.31.09 (in thousand $s): Cash and Receivables 280 Accounts Payable 60 Merchandise 125 Payroll Payable 10 Prepaid Insurance 25 Taxes Currently Payable 10 Long Term Inve

Breakeven Point: How Does It Help in Making Decisions?

What is the breakeven point? What decisions does the breakeven point help an organization to make? What financial actions might an underperforming organization take to reach breakeven point? Have you calculated your own personal break even point?

Calculate Break-even point and operating leverage

The average selling price of its finished product is $175 per unit. The variable cost for these same units is $115. Incurs fixed costs of $650,000 per year. a. What is the break-even point in units for the company? b. What is the dollar sales volume the firm must achieve to reach the break-even point? c. What would be the f