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Hedge Funds and Alphas

Please help answer the following questions. What is a hedge fund? What is alpha? How do hedge funds tend to generate and report positive alphas? Please explain in detail. Please include 2 references.

Federal Reserve Board Member Terms

The term of office for the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors is 14 years. But how long does a member actually serve? Calculate the average duration of Board service for these two twenty-year periods: 1950-1970 1990-2010 Note: Calculate the average period of time served based only on persons who went onto the Board after Ja

Reserve Requirements Less Predictable Effects

Suppose you borrow $15,000 and then repay the loan by making 12 monthly payments of $1,297.92 each. What rate will you be quoted on the loan? What is the effective annual rate you are paying? Why do changes in reserve requirements have less predictable effects on the money supply in comparison to changes in open market o

Annual scholarship payment for $450,000 invested at 7%

A scholarship provider has $450000 which she will invest today to fund a scholarship forever. She expects to earn 7% on her money each year. If she wants to begin paying out the scholarship starting today, what will the annual scholarship payment be? Answer $28,230 $31,500 $35,822 $29,439

Calculate monthly payment at 5% for a $350,000 home loan

You decide to borrow $350000 to build a new home. The bank charges an interest rate of 5% compounded monthly. If you pay back the loan over 25 years, what will your monthly payments be (rounded to the nearest dollar)? $1065 $3248 $2872 $2046

Public versus Private Financing

List the advantages and disadvantages of Public versus Private Financing. Discuss why companies go to private and leveraged buyouts.

Final Tablet Simulation Analysis

It's still 2012: 1/2/2012, the beginning of Time Warp 3. You have completed your analysis and revised strategy for the next four years and taken a breather. Just like the last time, you enter your predetermined decisions each year and collect the data for future analysis. Time flies and it is certainly deja vu. Now it is New

Recommend a mutual fund for a middle aged college professor: retire in 25 years

See attached file. Please recommend a mutual fund for a middle aged college professor who is investing for his retirement in 25 years. Please provide your rationale for the recommendation (based on assumptions you make about the investor). I have chosen the Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Fund (VTTHX) due to the fact it

Discuss operating expenses of types of mutual funds

1. Would you expect a typical open-end fixed income mutual fund to have higher or lower operating expenses than a fixed-income unit investment trust? Why? Please discuss in detail and give two references.

Forecasted earnings per share to forecast stock price

1. The PE ratio combined with forecasted earnings per share to forecast stock price. So how would you determine what the growth rate is to work into your application of the formula? 2. If the government and the global markets decided to change to one world currency but it was not as convenient to carry would you still be incl

Disclosure Analysis: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson ââ?¬¢Research your selected company and acquire the company's most recent ANNUAL REPORT financial statements using the Internet. ââ?¬¢Prepare a word paper analyzing the disclosures contained within the notes to the financial statements related to cash and cash equivalents, receivables, and invento

Mortgage Loan Analysis for Mr. Johnson plans to buy a new house

Please show work in Excel along with a detailed written explanation of your findings typed in word format. Mini-Project 1: Mortgage Loan Analysis: Mr. Johnson plans to buy a new house at Sugar Land in June 2010. The sale price of the house is $580,000. He plans to pay 20% down payments and borrow additional 80% from Wells Far

Expected Returns Problem

The market and Stock J have the following probability distributions: Probability rM r3 0.3 15% 19% 0.4 8 4 0.3 20 11

Evaluation of Financial Performance

1.An investor bought 10 Ellis Industries, Inc., long-term bonds one year ago, when they were first issued by the company. In addition, he bought 200 shares of the company's common stock at the same time for $30 per share. He paid $1,000 each for the bonds, and today, the bonds are selling at $950 each (long-term interest rates h

North Pole Cruise Lines: Original stock price

North Pole Cruise Lines Annual Dividend $8.00 Original Required Rate of Return 8% New Required Rate of Return 6% Solution: a) ORIGINAL PRICE Price of Preferred Stock = CURRENT VALUE b) Price of Preferred Stock =

Finance: Valuation of non-dividend paying company stock; high risk investment

1. The stock valuation approach uses discounted cash flows concepts to calculate the theoretical value of a stock. The most popular academic approach is the dividend growth model. If a stock does not pay a dividend, this model cannot be used. What might be an alternative method or approach to valuing a stock if it does no

Portfolio Weights and Diversification for Karen's portfolio

Karen's portfolio which has a beta of 1.02, consists of three mutual funds: an international fund, a utility fund, and a technology fund. The international fund has a beta of 1.5 and makes up to 20% of the portfolio. The utility fund has a beta of 05, and the technology fund has a beta of 1.3, If the portfolio's beta equals 1.02

Money Markets used to get Rich

It is often said that money markets are not used to get rich, but to avoid being poor. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Provide support for your opinion. Which markets do you prefer? Explain why.

Price change in stocks

Recently there have been large shifts in the prices of stocks in the stock market. What do you think makes the prices of a firms stock change so much? Include proof of your opinion.

Meyer's Motor Court: Break Even or Outsource

Susan Meyer, owner/manager of Meyer's Motor Court in Key West, is considering outsourcing the daily room cleanup for her motel to Duffy's Maid Service. Susan rents an average of 50 rooms for each of the 365 nights (365*50 equals the total rooms rented for the year). Susan's cost to clean a room is $12.50. The Duffy's Maid Servic