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Finance Discussion Questions

There was an upward trend in the ratio of the book value of debt to the book value of debt and equity throughout the 1990s. Some of this was due to the repurchasing of stock. The market value ratio of debt to debt and equity exhibited no upward trend. This can be explained by ? 1. the change in the accounting rules of the pe

Financing healthcare

Consider the notion of cost containment. How has Healthcare Providers addressed issues of cost control. Include a discussion of how technology has played, and will continue to play, a role in cost control. What do you believe will be the long-term impact of these cost-control efforts.

Calculating portfolio standard deviation

If the correlation between D and E are o.5 and D has a standard deviation of 0.4 and E has a standard deviation of 0.6, what would be their comboned portfolio standard deviation if you put 40% in D? I could get the answer, however, I am thrown by the addition of the fact that 40% gets put into D, and 60% would go into E.

Collection period

On average, Truman corp. accounts receivables total $50,000,000 on annual sales of $500 million? What is Truman's average collection period? Explain in excel or other method as long as you show your work

Treasury auction

In a treasury auction of $2.5 billion par value 91 day Tbills, the following bids were submitted: bidder Bid amount Price 1 500 mill $.9940 2 750 mill $.9901 3 1.5 bill $.9925 4 1 bill $.9936 5 600 mill $.99


Why does personal growth and development seem more urgent today than they were in the past? Where should I look for the resources to support personal growth and development? What are the barriers to personal growth and development? What are salary differences of degreed vs. non-degreed.

Discussion problem

If you have $10 today, you can invest that $10 and earn interest. If, for example, you earn 5% interest, you will earn $0.50 interest and have a total of $10.50 at the end of one year. If you invest the $10.50 for another year, you will earn $0.53 interest and have a total of $11.03 at the end of the second year. In year two, yo

Financing Healthcare

What are the three most significant challenges facing the healthcare system due to changes in financial mechanisms? Has managed care influenced or changed the ways in which healthcare providers make medical decisions? Why or Why not? How is managed care likely to impact the long-term supply of the healthcare providers in t

Break-even point

I need to determine what is meant by the term break-even point in regards to Managerial Accounting? I also need to name 3 approaches to break-even analysis and explain how each approach works.

Finance Discussion Questions

1. Some believe that equity financing (common stock) aside from dividend payments is free financing for the company. Do you agree? Why? 2. What is beta and why is it important? 3. Leverage - Operating and Financial - how are the two different? And how are they similar? 4. Should dividend payments be tax dedu


A. What type of stock would an investor purchase if he or she were primarily interested in a safe investment? B. What do stockholders look for when reviewing and analyzing the income statement?

What is the annual effective rate earned on the investments portfolio? 2. What rate of return would have been calculated if one only looked at the ending portfolio value as compared with the beginning investment?

A Firm invests $1,000,000 at the beginning of the year. It adds another $250,000 at the end of the first quarter, withdraws $350,000 at the end of the second quarter, adds $145,000 at the end of the third quarter, and withdraws $450,000 of the remaining funds at the end of the year. It earns $20,000 of interest in the first qua

Canbide- Numbers

Task - After gathering the needed data to your Individual Project for the previous task you have sub-contracted with a transportation management company to actually perform the analysis. This company will provide an unbiased, numbers based, recommendation of whether or not to proceed with the project. Should Canbide proceed

Finance Discussion Questions

1. Is a single dollar worth more today or a year from now? Why? 2. I have two available projects in which I can invest. Project A has three possible (equally likely returns on investment (10%), 15%, and 55%. Project B similarly has three returns (also equally likely) of 15%, 20%, and 25%. The average return on these i

Time Warner Case Study

Please discuss the case study as follows: Prior to the merger, please give historical information on both Time, Inc. and Warner Brothers. In other words what did both companies look like before the merger. Why did Time and Warner Brothers decide to merge and who benefited more from it? What were the controversies surrou

Personal Finance

If you were to to begin (or increase) your savings for retirement, what types of retirement plans (401ks, IRAs, etc.) might be best for a personal situation?

Financial accounting

A corporation has contracted to provide lease financing for a machine to automate an assembly line. Annual lease payments will start at the beginning of each year. The purchase price of this machine is $250,000.00, and it will leased for five years. They will utilize straight line depriciation of $50,000.00 per year with a ze


My company currently has an account with Fidelity I found this article on finance about Fidelity. How does this article affect their company? What is the reasoning of this article to show that they are overcoming a financial issue?

Annual reports for quoted company for last 4 years starting from 2005 to 2004

Annual reports for quoted company for last 4 years starting from 2005 to 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need annual reports for a company which are ( US or UK based) for last 4 years starting 2005 or 2004 provided no major sale/acquisition or merger has taken place

Finance Questions:

Finance Questions: 1. Monitoring is done by: a. shareholders. b the Board of Directors. c independent accountants. d all of the above. 2. A post-audit will a. identify the problem that needs to be fixed. b. check the accuracy of the cash flow forecasts. c. suggest questions that should

Accounting: Calculate Net Present Value ( NPV )

Create a presentation that you will make to management. Use the following assumptions: Assume the risk-adjusted cost of capital is 12%, compute net present value (NPV) for each proposal. Include the cash flows from salvage value and the tax benefits of depreciation (assume 5-year straight-line). Incorporate the research data

Stock Price for Non-constant Growth

A company will pay a $2 per share dividend in 1 year. The dividend in 2 years will be $4 per share, and it is expected that dividends will grow at 5 percent per year thereafter. The expected rate of return on the stock is 12 percent. a. What is the current price of the stock? b. What is the expected price of the stock in a

Johnson & Johnson/ Procter & Gamble Comparison

I am doing a comparison between 2 companies .. Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble these two companies are 2 that trade the similiar products and are in the same industry. How can I find the finance information shown below? Are there explanations with these questions as well? (Please provide site information if used)

Factors for diversified fund

Assume you've decided to buy a diversified (i.e., not a sector fund) open-end mutual fund investing in U.S. common stocks. Because there are thousands of these funds available, you need to shorten your list. Describe the factors that will be important to you as you narrow your choices.

Rates of return on an investment

If James Smith Lines does not change their dividend and investors expect a 14% return on their investment, what do they expect their price to be one year from now? Do not use Time Value Money. Attatched is an excel file from my homework problem (#15) that has James Smith Lines' information.

Risk Management in Investments

Risk management relates to reducing the cost of risk, meaning reducing the cost of the actual management of risk. People invest their money, whether it's in bonds or stocks, with the hope of acquiring profit or gains. The question one shall ask regarding risk management, is the risk appropriate given the returns? a) Therefor