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Annualized cost of funds calculation

MZC Ltd draws $2,000,000 in 180-day BABs at the current market rate of 7.0% p.a. What proceeds will the firm receive from discounting the bill if the bank charges an acceptance fee of 1.5%? What is the firm's annualized cost of funds taking the acceptance fee into account? With all calculations.

Finance Quesitons

I need some help in answering the following two questions: 1. What procedures can a multinational employ to minimize exposure to political risks? 2. What are the characteristics of corporate winners and losers in mergers?

Determine whether the Manning Company has external financing needs.

The Manning Company has the following financial statements, which are representative of the company's historical average. (file is attached) The firm is expecting a 20 percent increase in sales next year, and management is concerned about the company's need for external funds. The increase in sales is expected to be carried o

Finance Questions

Need some help in answering these questions: 1. Identify the importance of off balance sheet financing with respect to tax and accounting issues? 2. How does EBIT/EPS analysis allow financial managers to determine the capital structure of the firm? 3. What benefits accrue to a company by going public? Wha

Debt and Equity are discussed.

Consider the following statement by a financial manager: "Since we are financing our new manufacturing facility 100% with equity, we must evaluate it using a higher rate of return than we would if we financed a portion of the facility with debt." Do you agree? Why or why not? Be sure to fully explain the rationale behind your ar

Need to answer the following questions

Coke's and Pepsi's ratio analysis in excel format is enclosed. 1. For each company, describe what the ratio results mean to management (e.g. a current ratio of 1.30 means the company's current assets are 1.3 times their current liabilities). 2. Compare the two years and discuss how these trends may impact the financial c


Given below are the present value factors for $1.00 discounted at 8% for 1 to 5 periods. Each of the following items is based on 8% interest compounded annually from day of deposit to day of withdrawal. PERIODS PRESENT VALUE OF $1 DISCOUNTED AT 8% PER PERIOD 1 0.926 2 0.857


Can an organization grow itself into bankruptcy? Can you please explain why?

Financial ratios and profitability explanations

I'm lost on the calculations?? I can talk about why or how investors think about investing in a company but I am not sure I understand the numbers with regard to ratios. Investors will judge a company on 1.Profitability 2.Liquidity much debt and 4. marketability (product will sell). In short investors want to know they

Calculating Stock Prices Using Real-Time Data

CALCULATING STOCK PRICES USING REAL-TIME DATA We will use both the CAPM and the Constant Growth Model (CGM) to arrive at IBM's stock price. To get started, let us do the followings. 1. Find an estimate of the risk-free rate of interest, krf. To get this, go to , click on skip intro and click on Market Data


Is there really such a thing as ironclad assurance that funds will not lose value? I have always been told that there is risk in every investment, some are just less risky than others.

Finance problem

Please do not submit any financial statements-just the answers and any calculations. Using the annualized returns on 10-year treasury constant maturity rate bonds, the common equity of the Kellogg Company, and the S&P 500 index, calculate the following statistical measures: ? mean (of each individual asset), ? standard d

Financial Institutions

What are some of the main financial institutions that all corporations utilize (or even some that could be used personally)?

The role of financial institutions

1. What is financial intermediation? 2. What is the role of financial institutions? Please be thorough and also give me some examples to help me fully understand each concept.

Exchanges, NYSE, NASDAQ, etc

How does the two exchanges operate? How are NYSE and NASDAQ similar, if at all? How are the two exchanges different from one another, if at all? In light of the recent corporate scandals like Enron, WorldCom, etc, have any of the two exchanges taken some meaningful measures to help allay the concerns of investors? Ex

Answers to T/F, Multiple Choice Questions in Accounting (25 T/F, 25 Multiple Choice): Business entity, accounting equation, account payable, ledger, T account, flow of accounting data, trial balance, accrual accounting, adjusting entry, work sheet, adjusting entries, System analysis, internal audit, subsidiary ledgers

True/False 1. Accounting is an information system and is often called the "language of business." T 2. A business entity is the occurrence of an event or condition that must be recorded. F 3. The accounting equation can be expressed as Liabilities + Assets = Owner's Equity. F 4. Paying an account payable inc

Which of the following is not a category of financial statement ratios?

1. Which of the following is not a category of financial statement ratios? A) Financial leverage. B) Liquidity. C) Profitability. D) Prospectus. 2. Management's use of resources can best be evaluated by focusing on measures of: A) Liquidity. B) Activity. C) Leverage. D) Book value. 3. An ind


Briefly discuss the focus of the investment decision, the financing decision, and the working capital and short-term operating decisions and how these decisions are interrelated with each other. The expected return and risk of the portfolio are two of the most important measures of attractiveness. Precisely & completely e


Subject: Financial Management Details: 1.A prpoperty and casualty company's revenue for a year is generated from _________. a. the premium income for policies written during the year b. claim expenses depreciated against the real assets of the company c. investment income resulting from the investment of both the reserve

Case Analysis

Which company is better to purchase and why? A company B company assets 10,000 25,000 cash 2,000 4,000 acct rec 50,000 80,000 equipment 11,000 18,000 supplies 22,000 34,000 total assets 95,000

Mangerial Finance 476(II)

11. Bonds are thought to be a nice steady investment, paying a certain amount of interest and then repaying your original investment (usually $1,000) after the bond term is up, usually in 10 to 30 years. If you were buying a bond, which is more important to you, the interest rate or the term length? Explain the positives

Managerial Finance 476(II): Present value of cash flows

10. You decided to play the lottery and (congratulations!) you were the only winner of a jackpot valued at $50,000,000. You contact the lottery and they make you the following offer: $25,000,000 today in a lump sum or $2.5 million a year for the next 20 years paid annually at the end of each year. Assume you can get 10% return o

Managerial Finance 476(II)

11. Todd Winningham IV has $4,000 to invest. He has been looking at Gallagher Tennis Clubs, Inc., common stock. Gallagher has issued a rights offering to its common stockholders. Six rights plus $38 cash will buy one new share. Gallagher's stock is selling for $50 ex-rights. a. How many rights could Todd buy with his $4,000?

Managerial Finance 476(II)

Discussion Question 2: The European Union has developed the Euro, not only to create a seamless economy within Europe, but also to compete more effectively with the U.S. and the mighty dollar. Do you think the Euro will rival the dollar, long-term, for financial supremacy? Would you buy investments or products in Euro's rather

Finance : Rate of Benefits

Teri's annual salary is$17,470. Benefits consist of 1 week paid vacation, 8 paid holidays, 80% of a total health insurance package costing $2100, 3% unemploymnt insurance,6.2% social security,and 1.45% medicare.What is the rate of benefits? a.14.3% b.17.8% c.21.9% d.25.3% e.not given