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Compute the total overhead variance, the overhead flexible budget variance, and the production volume variance. A. Prepare flexible budget income statements for 7,500, 9,000 and 11,000 units. B. Graph the behavior of the company total costs. C. Why might Cellular Technologies managers want to see the graph you prepared in r

Practice Problem

1. Schweser Satellites Inc. produces satellite earth stations that sell for $100,000 each. The firm's fixed costs, F, are $2 million; 50 earth stations are produced and sold each year; profits total $500,000; and the firm's assets (all equity financed) are $5 million. The firm estimates that it can change its production proces

Practice Problem

Walk me through the steps to do this on a TI BA II Plus and the rationale. Omega / Alpha Ltd. sold a Preferred stock issue 3 years ago. This Preferred stock has a maturity 20 years from its issue date and pays a $3.00 annual dividend which provides a 12% to its original investors. Since this Preferred stock was sold inte

Finance and accounting multiple choice questions

16 Which of the following may be used to smooth distributable profits from one year to another? A asset revaluation reserve B capital redemption reserve C general reserve D provisions for depreciation 17 A company makes three products for which the following details are given. Prod

Payment plans

Which of the following statements is true of the relative attractiveness of the two proposed payment plans to the firm? a. the variable fee could be increased beyond $.25 per check and that plan could still be preferable b. the fixed fee plan is more attractive c. none fo the above

Explicit agency cost

The following is an example of an explicit agency cost a. the requirement that the firm's finances are audited c. expected bankruptcy costs c. bad debts


Which of the following is an example of a general covenant in a long-term loan agreement? a. asset quality requirement b. working capital restriction c. dividend limitation d. all of the above

Accounting, Business Analysis, Finance

The following information relates to a business for a period. Selling price per unit: 100; Variable costs per unit: 60; Total fixed costs: 90,000; Net profit: 15,000. How many units were sold in the period? (Please see attachment for full question)

One Factor model - portfolio analysis

Is one of the portfolio's expected return not in line with the fractor model relationship? Which one? Can you construct a combination of the other two portfolios that has the same factor sensitivity as the "out-of-line" portfolio? What is the expected return of that combination? What action would you expect investors to take wit

Manipulation of a summation with application to finance math and interest rates.

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem. In financial mathematics, when valuing cash flows, an important function is the so-called immediate annuity-certain, a_n, which is defined by the relation a_n = v + v^2 + v^3 + ....... + v^n where v:=(1+i)^(-1) and i represents the effective rate of interest

Finance: Ezzell preferred stock, Bahnsen common stock, Levine Co dividends

Please see the files attached. Financial accounting calculations for Ezzell, Bahnsen and Levine Company. The problems all relate to stock and dividends issues concerning valuation, present value, rate of return. The answers are given in the attachments. The solution must provide all the detail calculations to arrive at the

Accounting: Providing financial planning advice for the given situation.

Jan and Mickey Haggerty graduated from college several years ago. Each majored in biology, and they were fortunate to receive good job offers at graduation; their combined income last year was over $100,000. The Haggertys enjoy a high level of current consumption, but they also have saved about $6000, which is invested in a bank


John is the beneficiary of a trust fund set up for him by his grandmother. If the trust fund amounts to $20,000 earning 8% compounded semiannually and he is to receive the money in equal semiannual installments for the next 15 years, how much will he receive each 6 months?

Finance: Time Value of Money

Problem: Buying a car. A student borrowed $4000 from a credit union toward purchasing a car. The interest rate on such a loan is 14% compounded quarterly, with payments due every quarter. The student wants to pay off the loan in 4 years. Find the quarterly payment.

How might Jenny optimally invest: portfolio and risk associated.

Given the following RF = 5% p.a. RM = 12% p.a. RiskM = 10% p.a. Describe how Jenny might optimally invest $1,000,000 in a portfolio of financial assets to earn an expected return of 14% p.a. and determine the risk that she would face in doing so. State all necessary assumptions.