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    Computing the Contribution Margin and Cont Margin Ratio

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    Fixed expenses for each new edition of the book

    Copy editing $3,000.00
    Art work $1,000.00
    Typesetting $36,000.00

    Variable expenses per copy of the book
    Printing and binding $1.60
    Bookstore discounts $2.00
    Salespersons commission $0.25
    Author Royalities $1.00

    Each book sells for $10 per copy

    Question 1:
    What would be the contribution margin for each copy of the book ?
    Question 2:
    The contribution margin ratio for the textbook is?

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    The contribution margin per unit is the excess of the sales ...

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    Using an Excel 2007 spreadsheet, this solution demonstrates the computation of the contribution margin and the contribution margin ratio.