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    Business and Industry Analysis

    The Ramifications of Observational Analysis

    Observation is one of the few options available for studying a variety of phenomena, including mechanical processes, small children, animals, and complex interactive processes. Have you or your colleagues conducted any formal observational studies as part of your employment or educational experiences? Describe your observational

    BUS305 - Competitive Analysis and Business Cycles

    Microeconomics is the study of economic behavior of the individual household or firm. In this Session Long Project, you will follow one firm of your choice for the entire session. You will analyze how this firm makes economic decisions as well as how events in the economy affect the firm. Please choose ONE Fortune 500 firm from

    Titanic video discussion

    The Titanic disaster was largest passenger steamship in the world. In 1912, the ship hit an iceberg and 1,517 lives were lost. In 1997 this tragic disaster was memorialized in the award winning film, "The Titanic". View the video clip on Root Case Analysis (9:07) and follow the process as the consultant goes deeper into

    Analysis of Exercise

    Connectus is a medium-sized ISP that provides internet access and data communication services to several dozen companies across the United States and Canada. Most of Conetus' clients have large numbers of traveling sales reps who use Connectus network for dial-in access while they are on the road. Connectus also provides fixed

    Critical thinking: Baskin-Robbins: Can it bask in the good 'Ole Days?

    Baskin-Robbins: Can it bask in the good 'Ole Days? It was early December 2008, and Baskin-Robbins Brand Officer ken Kimmel had just returned from lunch. To his surprise, his walk from the parking lotto the Randolph, Massachusetts, headquarters building had quickly turned into a sprint. Kimmel was trying to avoid the chilly ef

    Gap Analysis: Identify Potential Product Concepts

    Ok, you've identified a gap in the swimsuit market in your little example. Some customers like fashionable swimsuits, some like comfortable ones.We already know that. So isn't it obvious you should design a swimsuit that's both fashionable and comfortable? What insights did you get from the gap analysis that you couldn't have fi

    Financial Analysis for investment of grandparents inheritance

    Left with a ton of money, your grandparents want to invest in a company and trust you to recommend which one is best. You decide to make 3 sets of documents for your grandparents to consider: business analysis, combined income and cash flow statement, and trend analysis. Business Analysis Complete a business analysis (exte

    Competitor Analysis for Non-Profit Organizations

    Using non-profit organizations, give detailed information on how Competitor Analysis works with non-profit organizations. How would the organization identify the competition? How would it effect the non-profit organization? What would be ways to compete with the competition?

    Heuristics Analysis for Warehouse Management

    Using warehouse management and provide an example how decision making process can be affected and be improved by the four heuristics, be specific. -The availability heuristic -the representativeness heuristic -positive hypothesis testing -the affect heuristic

    Survey Analysis for a company's cereal product

    A company's cereal is not selling well. Create a 10-15-question survey that measures customers' preferences for the company's cereal product. Then, answer the following questions: How many scale items will you put in the survey? Justify your answer. Will you use multiple-choice questions? Why or why not? How man

    Advantages of Statement Analysis Models Examined

    Can you help me with this assignment? Examine and discuss the statement: "All models are wrong; some models are useful." I also need to be able to discuss... The limitations of mathematical modeling The advantages of using conceptual models The gap between the complexity of the real world and the simplicity of many

    Slack, Surplus, and Artificial Variables

    1. What are slack, surplus, and artificial variables? When is each used and why? 2. Discuss the similarities and differences between minimization and maximization problems using the graphical solution approaches of linear programming.

    Data analysis

    Descriptive statistics, which is where we'll start our exercises, means just that -- they are a set of indicators used to describe our data as we have it in hand. Inferential statistics, by contrast, are less about your data as such, and more about your data as representative of a larger population; they are used to test the

    Opportunity Loss Table

    The probabilities for the states of nature A, B, and C are 0.3, 0.5, and 0.2, respectively. If a person were to use the expected opportunity loss criterion, what decision would be made? Opportunity Loss Table STATE OF NATURE ALTERNATIVES A B C Alternative 1 20 10

    Determining Safety Stock

    1. Describe the methods that are used in determining safety stock when the stockout cost is known and when the stockout cost is unknown (with reference). 2. Discuss the major inventory costs that are used in determining the EOQ (with reference).

    Analysis of Demographic Data to Collapse the Categories

    See the attached file. Reports Provided in attachment. One of WidgeCorp's regional sales managers contacts you with a request. In preparation for rolling out a new type of snack food, she's been trying to make sense of some demographic data available through the AMA (American Marketing Association) and is overwhelmed. She

    Scenario Analysis and Discussion

    See the attached file. Analyze two different scenarios. Scenario Analysis and Discussion 1 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act You are the Director of Foreign Sales for Acme Manufacturing, Inc., a U.S. company with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Acme Manufacturing of Brazil (AMB), a subsidiary of Acme Manufacturing Inc., w

    Use of ratios in comparative business analysis

    1) Over the past year, M.D. Ryngaert & Co. has realized an increase in its current ratio and a drop in its total assets turnover ratio. However, the company's sales, quick ratio, and fixed assets turnover ratio have remained constant. What explain these changes? 2) Profit margins and turnover ratios vary from one industry to

    Top Down Analysis

    Please provide help with top-down analysis for the product in the attached presentation. One of the assumption sis that the product will be sold at e-bay and amazon it will be selling nationwide. See the attached file.

    Analyzing Improvement in Firemen Policy

    2. At one time, the policy of the Fire Department was to dispatch the nearest engine (pumper) or truck (aerial ladder truck) to a traffic accident. Typical arrival times are between three and eight minutes. If the first arriving unit determined that there were trapped victims, the officer would request that extrication equipment

    Breakeven Analysis for AudioCables and Aldo Renoldo

    1. Audio Cables, Inc. is currently manufacturing an adapter that has a variable cost of $0.50 and a selling price of $1.00 per unit. Fixed costs are $14000. Current sales volume is 30,000. The form can substantially improve the product quality by adding a new piece of equipment at an additional cost of $6000. Variable costs woul

    Business Analysis: Firms in Different Countries

    Please compare and contrast and critically assess the impact on management decision making based on the differences in political, social, ethical, and legal environments. Specifically the discussion points regarding the following: - Two firms with similar problems but from different countries - Comparative analysis of the fi

    Quantitative Analysis Model (Fixed/Variable costs)

    Southwestern University (SWU), located 30 miles southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, has witnessed tremendous growth in its football program. With that growth, fueled by the hiring of legendary coach Bo Pitterno, has come more fame, the need for a bigger stadium, and more complaints about seating, parking, long lines, a

    Demand & Supply Curves, Analysis, Comparative Statics & Quantity

    See attachment. Demand and Supply Curves. The following relations describe demand and supply conditions in the oil industry, where Q is quantity measured in millions of barrels and P is price in dollars: QD = 525,000 - 7,500P (Demand) QS = - 150,000 + 15,000P (Supply) Complete the following table (COPY AND

    How might Nintendo use the competitor analysis framework to predict reactions?

    During 2007-9 the Nintendo Wii established leadership over the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in the market for video game consoles. Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is completely dependent upon the video games industry for its revenues. How might Nintendo use the competitor analysis framework outlined in attached file to p

    Using the right tools.

    At a recent meeting, one of your coworkers stated that "Using the right analysis tool will compensate for inexperienced managers." How would you reply to your coworker? Consider the following items in your discussion: 1. Do the tools help only in certain situations such as routine, daily or rather mundane decisions, like c