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Gap Analysis: Identify Potential Product Concepts

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Ok, you've identified a gap in the swimsuit market in your little example. Some customers like fashionable swimsuits, some like comfortable ones.We already know that. So isn't it obvious you should design a swimsuit that's both fashionable and comfortable? What insights did you get from the gap analysis that you couldn't have figured out on your own?

Gap Analysis: identify potential product concepts. This technique will come in handy in later stages of the new products process,when we begin working with customers preferences and positioning our products.

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This solution identifies potential product concepts.

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SOLUTION (identify potential product concepts):

The idea here is to find how the user views products and use that go go from where the company is to where it should be. We want to consider things the customer might and then follow up with thoughts about those things.

Things the customer might consider includes:
- how the suit feels to touch
- how fast the suit dries
- how the material flows
- if the material shines or shimmer
- how much skin the material shows off
- if a suit is a one or two piece
- if the suit is practical and appropriate for working conditions
- if the suit fits a body shape
- if the suit goes well with skin and eye color
- if a suit scratches or pulls in any area
- if a suit is easy to put on and take off
- how heavy a suit feels
- how much a suit costs
- how long a suit lasts
- if a suit appears see ...

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