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    Analysis of exercise

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    Connectus is a medium-sized ISP that provides internet access and data communication services to several dozen companies across the United States and Canada. Most of Conetus' clients have large numbers of traveling sales reps who use Connectus network for dial-in access while they are on the road. Connectus also provides fixed data connections for clients' offices. Connectus has dial-in and /or fixed connections centers in about 50 cities and an internal network that connects them. For reliability proposes all centers are connected with at least 2 others centers so that if one connection goes down, the center can still communicate with the network. While network volume is fairly predictable for the fixed office locations, predicting dial-in access volume is more difficult because it depends on how many sales reps are in which city. Connectus currently uses Rip as its own routing protocol, but is considering moving to OSPF. Should it sat with Rip or why change to OSPfF?

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    Connectus should change over to OSPF. There are three things which we need to consider. First, the dial-in-access volume is difficult to predict because it depends on how many sales reps are in which city. Second, currently Connectus is presently using Rip. Third, Connectus does not want to lose its reputation for ...

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