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Steady-state probabilities for this transition matrix algebraically

A city is served by two newspapers- the Tribune and the Daily News. Each Sunday reader purchases one of the newspapers at a stand. The following transition matrix contains the probabilities of a customer buying a particular newspaper in a week, given the newspaper purchased the previous week.

Describe and analyze the effects of business transactions

Can you help me get started with this project? Respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Describe and analyze the effects of business transactions (both in terms of increases and decreases, and debits and credits) on the basic accounting elements: assets, liabilities, owners' equity, rev

Managerial accounting problems

Can you help me understand these problems?? 1. Kraska Corporation has provided the following data from its activity-based costing system: Activity Cost Pool Total Cost Total Activity Assembly $460,000 39,000 machine-hours Processing orders $33,750 950 orders Inspection $108,242 1,320 inspection-hours Data concern

Practice exam questions, managerial accounting

1. Dewiel Corporation manufactures a variety of products. The following data pertain to the company's operations over the last two years: Variable costing net operating income, last year $91,400 Variable costing net operating income, this year $111,500 Increase in inventory, last year 1,700 units Decrease i

Managerial accounting

Yoshihara Corporation produces a single product and has the following cost structure: Number of units produced each year 5,700 Variable costs per unit: Direct materials $70 Direct labor $63 Variable manufacturing overhead $8 Variable selling and administrative expense $8 Fixed costs per ye

Practice exam questions, managerial accounting..

1. Olivier Framing's cost formula for its supplies cost is $2,960 per month plus $19 per frame. For the month of January, the company planned for activity of 545 frames, but the actual level of activity was 546 frames. The actual supplies cost for the month was $12,997. The spending variance for supplies cost in January would be

Practice exam questions, managerial accounting..

Can you help me get started with these questions? 1. At a break-even point of 440 units sold, variable expenses were $4,928 and fixed expenses were $2,464. What will the 441st unit sold contribute to profit? a.$5.6 b.$0 c.$11.2 d.$16.8 2. Last year, Black Company reported sales of $680,000, a contribution margin

Credible Evidence in Taxation

1. In 1998, Congress passed legislation concerning shifting the burden of proof to the IRS. The taxpayer must introduce "credible evidence" to shift the burden of proof to the IRS. What constitutes "credible evidence" 2. Why should tax researchers take note of the date on which a Treasury Regulation was adopted?

Finding an EPS Growth Rate

The problem asks to find the EPS growth rate and the dividend growth rate. The instructor said to use the formula below: (1+gEPS)^5EPS02=EPS07 (1+gEPS)^5*816,000=1,200,000 This is were I get stuck. How do I get gEPS out of the parenthesis?

What is the total amount of your dividend income on this investment?

Six months ago, you purchased 100 shares of stock in Global Trading at a price of $38.70 a share. The stock pays a quarterly dividend of $0.15 a share. Today, you sold all of your shares for $40.10 per share. What is the total amount of your dividend income on this investment? Options: A) $15 B) $30 C) $45 D) $50


1. What is the major benefit of the ROI technique for measuring performance? 2. What is economic value added (EVA) and in what ways can a company improve its EVA? 3. Why does GAAP require the absorption method?

KP Building Inc. Cash and Costs

In 2011, KP Building Inc. began work on a four-year construction project (called â??Cincy Oneâ?). The contract price is $300 million. KP uses the percentage-of-completion method of accounting. At the end of 2011, the following financial statement information indicates the results to date for Cincy One: INCOME STATEMENT G

Prepare a differential analysis report: Devoe Construction Company

Devoe Construction Company is considering selling excess machinery with a book value of $280,000 (original cost of $400,000 less accumulated depreciation of $120,000) for $292,000, less a 5% brokerage commission. Alternatively, the machinery can be leased for a total of $312,000 fr five years, after which it is expected to have

Explain the benefits of a proprietorship as compared with a LLC. I would choose proprietorship as the business structure, if I were to set up an own Certified Public Accounting (CPA) practice. I know the benefits about cost, taxes, and sharing the profits with anyone. Explain what are others benefits to chose proprietorship as the business structure.

Explain the benefits of a proprietorship as compared with a LLC. I would choose proprietorship as the business structure, if I were to set up an own Certified Public Accounting (CPA) practice. I know the benefits about cost, taxes, and sharing the profits with anyone. Explain what are others benefits to chose prop

Tax Treatment for Sections 1245 & 1231 Property

Please show the breakdown of how to approach this problem. Secs. 1245 and 1231. The LaPoint Corporation placed in service $350,000 of equipment (7-year recovery property) on June 3, 2008 and elected to expense $250,000 as Sec. 179 expense. LaPont sold the equipment for $150,000 on November 22, 2009. Determine the follow

Madrasa Inc: Entries for three depreciable assets; retained earnings statement

See attached file for full problem description. On December 31, 2010, before the books were closed, the management and accountants of Madrasa Inc. made the following determinations about three depreciable assets. (a) Prepare all necessary entries in 2010 to record these determinations. (b) Prepare comparative retain

Fixed vs. variable costs

Can you help me get started with this assignment? You know that by using the contribution format income statement you can change what projected profits look like by changing your classification of fixed vs. variable type costs. Summarize what a contribution format income statement depicts, as compared to the traditional f

Accounting and Inventory Questions

1. Consider the following costs incurred in a recent period: Direct materials $34,200 Depreciation on factory equipment $14,000 Factory janitor's salary $24,500 Direct labor $29,100 Utilities for factory $10,200 Selling expenses $17,800 Production supervisor's salary $35,500 Administrative expenses $21,600 W

Accounting exercise - Yimron Corporation & Raulot Corporation

Please help me solve these two managerial accounting exercises. Thanks! Exercise 1. Yimron Corporation uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. Information for the month of March concerning Department A, the first stage of the company's production process, follows: Materials Conversion Cost W

Solomon Company and Wigan Associate: Cost Accounting Problems

1. Job costing, accounting for manufacturing overhead, budgeted rates. The Solomon Company uses a job-costing system at its Dover, Delaware, plant. The plant has a Machining Department and a Finishing Department. Solomon uses normal costing with two direct- cost categories ( direct materials and direct manufacturing labor) and t

Haan Inc: What were the total merchandise purchases

Haan Inc. is a merchandising company. Last month the company's cost of goods sold was $67,300. The company's beginning merchandise inventory was $13,600 and its ending merchandise inventory was $16,800. What was the total amount of the company's merchandise purchases for the month? a. $97,700 b. $67,300 c. $70,500 d. $6

Accounting exercise

Outback Outfitters sells recreational equipment. One of the company's products, a small camp stove, sells for $50 per unit. Variable expenses are $32 per stove, and fixed expenses associated with the stove total $108,000 per month. Compute the break-even point in number of stoves and in total sales dollars. Number of sto

Calculate EPS, and DFL

Southern Inc. has EBIT of $3,500,000, and total capital of $20,000,000 that is 15% debt. There are 1,700,000 shares outstanding, which sell at book value. The firm pays 10% interest on its debt and is subject to a combined tax rate of 40%. Southern plans to restructure its capital to 60% debt. a. Make a simple calculation tha

The Case of DeFontes Against Dell

The Case Mary DeFontes bought a computer and a service contract from Dell Computers Corp. DeFontes was charged $950.51, of which $13.51 was identified on the invoice as 'tax'. This amount was paid to the state of Rhode Island. DeFontes and other Dell customers filed a suit in a Rhode Island state court against Dell, claiming