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Pension Accounting Smith Construction Johnson Corporation Bargain Industries

Question 1: Smith Construction has a noncontributory, defined benefit pension plan. At December 31, 2011, Smith received the following information: (see data attached) The expected long-term rate of return on plan assets was 10%. There were no AOCI balances related to pensions on January 1, 2011. At the end of 2011,

Debt and financial risk

Tower Interiors has made the forecast of sales shown in the following table. Also given is the probability of each level of sales. Sales Probability $200,000 .20 300,000 .60 400,000 .20 The firm has fixed operating costs of $75,000 and variable operating costs equal to 70% o

Company strategies - success or failure

Please help with the following problem. Include references in the response. Research the Internet for a company that has either: Been very successful from a specific strategy. Experienced failure or devastating results from a specific strategic perspective. Identify the company and the specific strategies that hav

P 8-2: Did Rasul correctly account for each purchases transactions

The following inventory transactions took place near December 31, 2011, the end of the Raul Company's fiscal year-end: 1. On December 27, 2011, merchandise costing $2,000 was shipped to the Myers Company on consignment. The shipment arrived at Myer's location on December 29, but none of the merchandise was sold by the end of

Conard Corporation horizontal and vertical analysis

The comparative condensed balance sheets of Conard Corporation are presented below. CONARD CORPORATION Comparative Condensed Balance Sheets December 31 2012 2011 Assets Current assets $ 74,380 $ 80,020 Property, plant, and equipment (net) 98,620 90,090 Intangibles

Allocation Bases and Overhead Rates

1. What is a predetermined overhead rate and how is it computed? 2. What do you feel is the best allocation base to use for the denominator in the predetermined overhead rate calculation and why? 3. What factors would you consider in choosing the allocation base?

Portable Enterprises Limited Resources

Portable Enterprises produces two lines of mobile homes: double-wide and single-wide. Unit cost and revenue data pertaining to each product are shown below: Double Wide Single Wide Selling price $70,000

Changes to Net Income for Linden Corporation for year ended December 31, 2010

Linden Corporation is preparing its December 31, 2010, financial statements. Two events that occurred between December 31, 2010, and March 10, 2011, when the statements were issued, are described below. A liability, estimated at $160,000 at December 31, 2010, was settled on February 26, 2011, at $170,000. A flood loss of $8

Direct-material price and quantity variances

Provide steps to complete the problem: During April, Dryden Company's material purchased amounted to 6,500 pounds at a price of $7.40 per pound. Actual costs incurred in the production of 2,000 units were as follows. Direct Labor: $118,035 ($18.30 per hour) Direct material: $31,820 ($7.40 per hour) The standards for

Accounting explanation - Fourth-quarter losses of automakers

The press report carried the following news item: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are expected to post losses on fourth-quarter operations despite sales gains. Automakers' revenues are based on factory output rather than retail sales by dealers, and last quarter's sales increases were from the bulging inventories at the end o

Taxation on house constructed and sold by Sylvia, the dentist

Sylvia, a dentist with excellent skills as a carpenter, started the construction of a house that she planned to give to her son as a surprise when he returned from Saudia Arabia, where he is serving in the military. She began construction on March 23, 2005, and finished the house on July 10, 2006, at a total cost of $70,000. Her

How do you define materiality as a CPA?

In assessing errors, a CPA must consider its materiality, since immaterial errors do not necessarily require correction. How do you define materiality as a CPA in evaluation of errors? What are some considerations?

The Medical Center - Predetermined Factory overhead rate

The Medical Center has a single operating room that is used by local physicians to perform surgical procedures. The cost of using the operating room is accumulated by each patient procedure and includes the direct materials costs (drugs and medical devices), physician surgical time, and operating room overhead. On November 1 of

Bullock Furniture: Calculate balances for materials ledger

Bullock Furniture Company manufactures furniture. Bullock uses a job order cost system. Balances on June 1 from the materials ledger are as follows: Fabric $18,400 Polyester filling 5,500 Lumber 41,200 Glue 1,800 The materials purchased during June are summarized from the receiving reports as follows: Fabric $

Cost Accounting Budgeted Data

Attached #1 The following budgeted and actual data are for the operations of the All-Fixed Company. All-fixed uses budgeted production as the denominator level and writes off any production volume variance to cost of goods sold. 2008 2009 Sales 10,000 tons

Compare Nordstrom's liquidity with (1) that of J.C. Penney Company

see attached Nordstrom Inc. operates department stores in numerous states. Selected financial statement data for the year ending January 29, 2012, are as follows. NORDSTROM, INC. Balance Sheet (partial) (in millions) End-of-Year Beginning-of-Year Cash and cash equivalents $ 482 $ 369 Receivables (net)

Esquire Company adjusting entry impact

On June 30, 2011, the Esquire Company sold some merchandise to a customer for $30,000. In payment, The 6% rate is appropriate in this situation. 1. Prepare journal entries to record the sale of merchandise (omit any entry that might be required for the cost of goods sold), the December 31, 2011 interest accrual, and the March

An item is relevant if it is different between or among decision alternatives.

"An item is relevant if it is different between or among decision alternatives. That item is not relevant if it is the same between or among decision alternatives." We have more information available today than ever before ... Yet that is not always to our benefit, for much of the information may have questionable accurac

Preparing the Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities Section

See attached. The current sections of Leach Inc.'s balance sheets at December 31, 2010 and 2011, are presented here. Leach's net income for 2011 was $152,760. Depreciation expense was $24,000. 2011 2010 Current assets Cash $105,170 $99,170 Accounts receivable 110,300 88,520 Inventory 157,

Calculate variances for Healing Touch and Turow Trailers

1. Healing Touch manufactures massage chairs with the following standard cost structure: Standard Cost Sheet: Massage Chair Metal tubing ¨ 6 meters @ $3 $ 18.00 Leather 2 square meters @ $7 $ 14.00 Padding 3 kilograms @ $4 $ 12.00 Direct labor 4 hours @ $15 $ 60.00 Total standard cost $104.00 During th

Example of circumstances that changes ratios

Consider each of the following situations independently of each other. 1.Current ratio increases from one period to the next. 2.Accounts receivable turnover increases from one period to the next. 3.Accounts payable turnover increases from one period to the next. Question 1 Provide one example of when the underlyi