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Tax Research advising shareholders of implications

73. Omega Investments, Inc., was formed in 1991 by 10 unrelated individual investors. It operates a chain of electronic stores. The corporation suffered losses in its early years but has become profitable in recent years.

The corporation elected S corporation status in 1991. Over the years, the original shareholders have gifted shares to their children and transferred them to trusts for their grandchilderen. At the end of last year, there were 70 shareholders. Additional gifts made in the current year have increased the number of shareholders to 90.

The company needs more cash and would like to sell shares. Write a memo advising the investors of the tax implications of issuing additional shares of stock.

Need help understanding the tax implications of issuing additional shares.

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Since there are more than 75 stock owners the sale of stock will have to be a IPO - a public offering. The Sub-S corp will have to be abolished. The following article details the issue well;

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Tax research advising shareholders of implications of issuing more shares of S Corp are examined.