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    Positive Confrontation Techniques

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    Book summary: "The Power of Positive Confrontation" by Barbara Pachter.

    There is this book in Google book, some pages are missing.

    Additionally, this is my first time for book summary, so I don't know how to summarize such a long book

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    "The Power of Positive Confrontation By Barbara Pachter"

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    A Summary of the Power of Positive Confrontation

    The power of positive confrontation is a book that gives insight into the psychological aspects that are involved in the effective resolution of conflict between individuals. This book helps an individual to understand that the manner in which a conflict is resolved has a great bearing on the future relationship between the individuals that are involved in the conflict. The great thing about this book, is that it shares with the reader the advantages and disadvantages of different confrontation management strategies. This book also gives a detailed analysis of many different confrontational strategies, explains why some of the strategies work better than others, explains the best methodology for implementing the strategies, as well as how individuals can analyze the results of a given strategy in relation to the outcome that they were seeking.

    In addition, this work provides the reader with information regarding the emotional aspects of confrontations, and thereby helps the reader to understand that conflict resolution can have an emotional toll on an individual, and that it is possible to limit any negative emotional effects due to confrontations by using the techniques that the author has presented. The confrontation methodology that is contained within this book provides the reader with the strategies necessary to positively confront an individual or situation, and to resolve the cause of the confrontation in a manner that will not leave the individual emotionally drained, but will leave them feeling very good about the way that they handled the confrontation.

    One of the wonderful things that Patcher exposes to the reader, is that the typical response of complaining about a situation usually doesn't do much to resolve the situation, and it is often much more feasible to confront the individual that is causing a given negative situation, and to effectively resolve the situation with the strategies that the author provides. Effectively resolving a situation through effective confrontation techniques will be more beneficial to everyone in the long run, as well as decrease the stress level in a particular environment. The author assures the reader that positive confrontational strategies can be helpful to nearly any individual, due to the fact that everyone encounters situations where confrontations will probably arise, at some time in ...