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Being an Effective Leader

Being an effective leader means being progressive; keeping your mind open to the varying ways of dealing with specific situations and not being afraid to try new techniques when handling conflict with employees. The article below addresses behavior modification of a leader and a follower. In this particular case the leader had simply given up on a valued long term employee because he isn't as shiny and happy and subservient as current management would like him to be. Behavior modification involves the observation of a behavior and uses goals to modify and shape performance. Behavior is controlled by its immediate consequences and in this situation the leader is forced to engage in an uncomfortable talk with the employee he is currently experiencing issues with. The immediate consequence is effective communication and a renewed sense of camaraderie and performance readiness. By modifying his own behavior and thought process to include positive reinforcement of a faltering but highly qualified and potentially productive employee, the leader has modified the behavior of the employee as well.


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I think this leader was very fortunate to have somewhere who could talk plainly to him about how an open conversation can work better than a confrontation. It is easy for a boss to "lay the law down" and insist that an employee do things his way or agree with ...

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A description of what being an effective leader means, together with behavior modification.