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    scenario based_

    1.In The Performance Consultant's Field Book (p. 202) the author relates the scenario of an HR director who developed a new performance appraisal process Read the scenario. 2.Provide a one - two page analysis of what criteria is missing from the Director's proposal? What other measures would you include in order to make this

    Accounting - 5 Depreciation Questions

    1) In the three depreciation methods you have learned, one is unique: - What is the name of this depreciation method? - What do you do with the Salvage Value at the beginning? - What do you with the Salvage Value at the end? 2) What are the two items on the Assets side of the Balance Sheet under "Plant and Equipment" t

    Straight-Line to Double-Declining Balance

    Red Corp. constructed a machine at a total cost of $70 million. Construction was completed at the end of 2007 and the machine was placed in service at the beginning of 2008. The machine was being depreciated over a 10-year life using the straight-line method. The residual value was expected to be $4 million. At the beginnin

    Flat Income Tax vs Progressive tax system

    Explain what a Flat Income Tax System is and how it differs from progressive tax system?.What are advantages and disadvantages of a Flat Income Tax? Do you think that a flat Income Tax would be beneficial for the US? Support your conclusions by explaning why you think it would be beneficial or not.

    Corporate Options versus Unincorporated Companies

    1. What are the tax year options available to a corporation? What about unincorporated companies? Is there a difference and, if so, why? What factors should be considered in electing the tax year? 2. What methods of accounting are available to a small business and to a large business? If the business decides to make an accou

    Four column proof of cash and make necessary adjustments

    3. The following information is available concerning the cash balance of the XXX Corporation on December 31, 2011. Cash balance per bank statement November 30 9852.46 Per bank statement December 31 11679.25 Per company records November 30 (adjusted) 10206.76 Per company records December 31, 2011 11306.74 Total re

    Measures of central tendency: cell phone data

    See the attached data file. Using the data you have collected please do the following: Which of these measures of central tendency do you think most accurately describes the lifestyle variable you are looking at? Show calculations and the answers to these questions.

    C and S Corporation Forms

    There are many forms of organization which may be used by individual taxpayers to operate a business. The forms for a corporation include the regular C corporation and the S corporation. What is the difference between these two forms of organization and what are the basic rules governing their corporate taxation? What tax for

    Calculate EPS and Cash Dividend.

    Statement of retained earnings: Hayes Inc., began 2003 with retained earnings balance of 878,000. During 2003, the firm earned 593, 000 after taxes. From this amount, preferred stockholders were paid 74,000 in dividends. At year year-end 2003, the firm's retained earnings totaled 1, 119,000.00. The firm had 129,000.00 share

    Midwest Ice Cream Company (HBS Case) 9-175-070

    Midwest Ice Cream Company (HBS Case) 9-175-070 Explain the major reasons for the favorable operating income variance of $71,700. How can an analysis of the profit variance highlight those areas needing management attention?

    Filing status for taxpayers

    For each of the following cases, indicate the filing status for the taxpayers for 2010 using the following legend: A - Single B - Married, filing a joint C - Married, filing separate returns D - Head of household E - Qualifying widow(er) a. Linda is single and she supports her mother (who has no income), including

    Accounting evidence

    How can analytical and inferential tools aid in the evaluation of accounting evidence?


    What procedures will be used to collect accounting evidence?