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Performance Consultant's Field Book: Performance Appraisal

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1.In The Performance Consultant's Field Book (p. 202) the author relates the scenario of an HR director who developed a new performance appraisal process Read the scenario.
2.Provide a one - two page analysis of what criteria is missing from the Director's proposal? What other measures would you include in order to make this proposal worth the investment? Use the Figure 9.2, p.209 for additional measures to consider.

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The HR director is missing metrics and measurement data in his proposed performance appraisal process. As The Performance Consultant's Field Book suggests, the HR department could measure "whether performance had improved, how the process affected development, or if it reduced turnover" (Hale, 2008). Furthermore, it would be important to determine if costs were eliminated,

Ultimately the HR director wants to determine if the form increases productively. In order to measure this ...

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This solution is based on a scenario in The Performance Consultant's Field Book regarding a new performance appraisal process. It discusses what criteria is missing from proposal and what other measures need to be included to make this proposal worth the investment.

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