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Business Continuity

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Imagine you are the Director of Internal Audit and executive management has asked you to work with the Chief Information Officer to evaluate the security over Information Technology. Write a report of no more than 700 words, outlining the components of an effective review of security and controls over IT. Distinguish between vulnerabilities and threats. Provide examples that illustrate these distinctions. Include a plan for Business Continuity.

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At the core, every organization exists to provide value for stakeholders. Determining who those stakeholders are and determining how much security and control over IT the organization is willing to accept as it "strives to create value" is an important part of security and control over information technology management.

Enterprise security and control over IT management is a concept used by managers within organizations to identify, assess, and manage security and control over IT. Developing a framework to gauge and improve security and control over IT management systems is an important task.

Every organization faces uncertainty, that uncertainty comes in many forms, some present challenges to the organization and other uncertainties present opportunities. Security and control over IT management systems allow organizations "to effectively deal with uncertainty and associated security and control over IT and opportunity, enhancing the capacity to build value" (Flaherty, Maki, et. al., 2004). ...

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Explains the differences between vulnerabilities and threats in business.

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