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Four column proof of cash and make necessary adjustments

3. The following information is available concerning the cash balance of the XXX Corporation on December 31, 2011.

Cash balance per bank statement November 30 9852.46
Per bank statement December 31 11679.25
Per company records November 30 (adjusted) 10206.76
Per company records December 31, 2011 11306.74
Total receipts recorded by the bank during December, 2011 16755.64
Total December receipts per books 15913.93
Total payments recorded by the bank during
December 13, 2011 14928.85
Total December payments per books 14813.95
Deposit made by XXX on December 31, received by
bank Jan 1, 2012 1235.32
November 30, deposit in transit received by the bank
December 1 953.71
November 30, outstanding checks 599.41
December 31, outstanding checks 584.36
Non Sufficient Funds check returned by bank with
The December statement 96.75
A check written by XXX during December for $112.51
Was erroneously recorded on the books as
Note collected by bank on December 31 (nor recorded by XXX),
Including $45 Interest 1545
December bank service charge 12.10
December 31, cash on hand (undeposited customer's checks) 461.68


a. Prepare four column proof of cash for the month ended December 31, 2011
b. Make the necessary adjustments

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