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    Finding the Manufacturing Overhead Applied

    Big Thunder Co. incurred the following costs during April: Raw materials purchased $99,225 Direct labor ($15 per hour) 123,750 Manufacturing overhead (actual) 303,175 Selling expenses 67,050 Administrative expenses 33,075 Interest expense 11,490

    Calculating the effective annual rate in the given case.

    A firm sells its $1,180,000 receivables to a factor for $1,132,800. The average collection period is 1 month. What is the effective annual rate on this arrangement? (Round your intermediate calculations to 4 decimal places. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) Effective annual rate = _______________ %

    This problem is based on the 2008 annual report of Intel Corporation

    Using the table below, answer the following sample problems. 1. What is the percentage of R&D relative to net revenues in 2008? 2. What is the amount by which property, plant, and equipment decreased during 2008 (from depreciation, asset sales, and similar transactions)? 3. What is the change in total liabilities from 2004

    If limited liability companies (LLC) and S corporations

    If limited liability companies (LLC) and S corporations are both taxed as flow-through entities for tax purposes, why might an owner prefer one form over the other for tax purposes? List the tax factors supporting the decision to operate as either an LLC or S corporation.

    Managerial Accounting Standard Costs

    solve this problem attached Nolan Inc. makes a product with the following standard costs: The company reported the following results concerning this product in August. The company applies variable overhead on the basis of direct labor-hours. The direct materials purchases variance is computed when the ma

    Business and Society: Eassay Questions

    See the attachments. 1. The key elements of a pluralistic society are decentralization and diversity of power. Using what you know about American society, do you consider it to be a pluralistic society? Why or why not? 2. The primary argument for corporate social responsibility states that for business to have a healthy cl

    Compare the multifactor productivity of the systems and assess the new system)

    Question 1. A grocery chain is considering the installation of a set of four self-checkout lanes. The new self-checkout lane setup will replace two old cashier lanes that were staffed by a cashier and bagger on each lane. They work 8-hour shifts. For the new self-checkout system, one cashier staffs all four self-checkouts (an

    Calculating critical paths and slack time

    2) Cosider the network pictured below with task durations in days as follows: A=2, B= 6, C=5, D=2, E=6, and F=1 a) Enumerate all paths and their duration through this network b) Calculate the critical path for the network c) What is the minimum duration of the project? d) How much slack exists at each activity A-------

    Bruce and Bob organize Black LLC on May 10 of the current year. What is the entity's default taxclassification ? Are any alternative classification(s) available ? If so, (1) how do Bruce and Bob elect the alternative classification(s) and (2) what are the tax consequences of doing so ?

    Bruce and Bob organize Black LLC on May 10 of the current year. What is the entity's default taxclassification ? Are any alternative classification(s) available ? If so, (1) how do Bruce and Bob elect the alternative classification(s) and (2) what are the tax consequences of doing so ?

    Earnings Per Share: But Why Is EPS Different if Income Is the Same?

    But Why Is EPS Different if Income Is the Same? Fredrica Brown has $200.000 that she plans to invest in growth stocks. She has narâ?¢ rowed her choices to two companies in the same industry, White Inc. and Adam Inc. Each company has a documented history of growth and an established,strong position within the industry. Last

    Over- and Under-Applied Overhead & Extraordinary items

    (1) An insurance investigator is reconstructing the records of AXYCompany. Some data were destroyed in a fire, but the following data for the fiscal year survived (there was no over or under applied overhead): Sales $ 44,000 Purchases of direct materials 8,000 Factory overhead 13,000 Sales commissions 2,000 Direct labor

    High low method corporations

    Inspection costs at one of Krivanek Corporation's factories are listed below: Units Produced Inspection cost January 630 $8850 February 615

    Variable and Absorption Costing (Accounting)

    XYZ Company sells its razors at $8.00 per unit. The following data relates to its first year of operations. Sales 500 units Production 1,000 units Costs Variable manufacturing $ 400 Fixed manufacturing 800 Variable selling 400 Fixed selling 200 a) Prepare an income statement based on variable costing. b) Prepare

    Face Value of Debt

    You need to choose between the following types of issues: ? A public issue of $10 million face value of 10-year debt. The interest rate on the debt would be 8.0%, and the debt would be issued at face value. The underwriting spread would be 1.9%, and other expenses would be $83,000. ? A private placement of $1


    Detailed explanation and calculation on how to calculate break even and use it to solve business problems and make decisions.

    Calculate the Proceeds from Bonds

    On January 1, 2010, Taught Inc., issued a $15 million face amount of 20-year, 14% stated rate bonds when market interest rates were 16%. The bonds pay interest semiannually each June 30 and December 31 and mature on December 31, 2029. Calculate the proceeds (issue price) of Taught Inc.'s, bonds on January 1, 2010, assuming t

    Production Cost Per Unit using Absorption Costing

    Reject Corporation reports the following information regarding its production costs. Compute its production cost per unit under absorption costing. Direct Materials............ $10 per unit Direct Labor................... $20 per unit Overhead costs for the year Variable overhead........ $10 per unit

    Absorption Costing

    Under absorption costing a company had the following per unit costs when 10,000 units were produced. Direct Labor ................................... $2 Direct Materials............................. 3 Variable Overhad......................... 4 Total Variable Cost ................................$9 Fixed overhead ($5

    Internal Controls and Cash Reconciliations

    C 7 - Internal Control & Cash 1. Which one of the following is NOT a main purpose of internal control? a. Safeguard a company's assets from employee theft and unauthorized use. b. Enhance the accuracy and reliability of a company's accounting records. c. Prevent insider trading 2. Which one of the following is NOT a r

    Amount of Cash Dividends Declared During the Year

    6. Ace Company's retained earnings account on 1.1.11 was a debit balance of $10,000. During 2012, the company had a net income of $50,000. The 1.1.12 balance of the account was $20,000. What amount of cash dividends was declared during the year? See the attached file.

    Determining Total Assets: Perez Company

    The total assets of Perez Company were $1,950,000 at the beginning of the year and $1,830,000 at the end of the year. The company reported net income of $225,000 and interest expense of $30,000 during the year. The company's income tax rate was 30%. What was the company's return on total assets for the year? How may this inform

    Accounts Receivable Balance Problem

    Please help with the following problem. Please provide step by step calculations. Sinatra Company reported $540,000 in sales on account last year. The company's accounts receivable balance increased from $30,000 at the beginning of the year to $54,000 at the end of the year. What was the company's average collection period (

    An election is being held to fill three seats on the board

    An election is being held to fill three seats on the board of directors of a firm in which you hold stock. The company has 5,800 shares outstanding. If the election is conducted under cumulative voting and you own 300 shares, how many more shares must you buy to be assured of earning a seat on the board?