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Overhead Allocation methods

Fraser Products, Inc, which produces copy machines for wholesale distributors in the Pacific Northwest, has just completed packaging an order from Kent Company for 150 Model 14 machines. Direct materials, purchased parts, and direct labor costs for the Kent order are as follows:

Cost of direct materials $17,450
Cost of Purchased parts $14,800
Direct labor hours 140
Average direct labor pay rate $16.50 per hour

Overhead costs were applied at a single, plant-wide overhead rate of 240 percent of direct labor dollars.

Using the traditional costing approach, compute the total cost of the Kent order.


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Cost of the Kent Order

This question uses Job Costing techniques to arrive at the cost of an order shipped to a customer.
i. Job Costing requires that all direct costs of a job are recorded as incurred and all manufacturing overhead costs are allocated to the job using a predetermined allocation rate.

ii. In this case, the predetermined ...

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Overhead Allocation methods and there effect on total cost