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Sales "book" report formatting

Can you help me get started with this assignment? I am struggling here... Write a report about any book that relates to sales. Use APA formatting, including double spaced. Good grammar is important and good choice of words, too. DO NOT forget to provide some references. Thanks!!!

Taxation - Must Parent assume Subsidiary's E&P balance

Parent Corporation has owned 60% of Subsidiary Corporation's single class of stock for a number of years. Tyrone owns the remaining 40% of the Subsidiary stock. On August 10 of the current year, Parent purchases Tyrone's Subsidiary stock for cash. On September 15, Subsidiary adopts a plan of liquidation. Subsidiary then makes a

Practice exam problems

Gains differ from revenues because gains: a. are not a result of the entity's ongoing, central operations. b. do not have to be realized. c. are reported as income from operating activities. d. do not involve any offsetting costs or expenses. 2. The gross profit ratio is useful to the manag

Calculate change in operating income if a product is dropped.

1. The Draper Company is considering dropping its Doombug toy due to continuing losses. Revenue and costs data on the toy for the past year follow: Sales of 15,000 units $150,000 less Variable expenses $120,000 = Contribution margin $30,000 less Fixed expenses $40,000 = Net operating loss ($

Gimbels Images Company Horizontal Analysis

Income statement data for Gimbels Images Company for the years ended December 31, 2010 and 2009 are as follows: Sales 196,000 160,000 Cost of Goods Sold 170,100 140,000 ------------------------------ Gross Profit 25,000 20,000 ------------------------------ Selling Expenses 12,200 10,000

Residual Income (RI) be used to overcome ROI drawbacks

ROI is a useful performance measure for divisions' profitability As it is based on comparing profit with the investment value it is possible to be affected by depreciation. When we deduct the depreciation charges, the investment value goes down thus the ROI will increase even if profits remain the same. What other drawbacks w

Accounting problems: Ch 17, 18, 19, 21

See attached for full data: 62. Financial statement analysis: A. Is the application of analytical tools to general-purpose financial statements and related data for making business decisions. B. Involves transforming accounting data into useful information for decision-making. C. Helps users to make better decisions. D.

Book Value per Share, Retained Earnings and Dividends

Prob 15-9A Ryniak Corporation's common shares are currently selling on a stock exchange at $85 per share; and a recent balance sheet shows the following information Ryniak Corporation Shareholder's Equity April 30,2011 Contributed Capital: Preferred Shares, $2.50 cumulative, 1000 shares authorized, issued and outs

Earnings accumulation tax assessed against Able and Baker

Williams Queen owns all the stock in Able and Baker Corporations. Able, a successful enterprise, has generated excess working capital of $3 million. Baker is still in its developmental stages and has had substantial capital needs. To meet some of these needs, Williams had Able lend baker $2 million during 2008 and 2009. These lo

Differential Analysis: Herrestad Company

Differential analysis involves knowing which costs are relevant, i.e. future costs that vary among alternatives. It is important to know what information to use and not just how to execute the analysis. Herrestad Company receives an offer to make a new product, called C, for a new customer. The customer wants to buy 1,000 uni

Accounting Payroll Unallocated Costs

Could you provide your feedback to these Accounting questions below? 1. In what situation would payroll be considered a variable cost? 2. Do you think that unallocated costs are something to avoid, a necessary evil, or an integral part of business? 3. When do direct costs become tax deductible?

River-rafting business in Volusia County Florida

You are an accountant at a small accounting firm. One of your clients is looking to open a small river-rafting business. Your client will run the business operations from a mobile home office on a piece of land on the riverbank. Your client must decide the best location to start this business and has asked you to explain the acc

performance assessment systems

What are the benefits and disadvantages to performance assessment systems in organizations? Why should management accountants be involved in the establishment and use of those measures? To what extent are these measures and assessments reliable and accurate?

Marguerite, Inc. Shimon Corporation -- manufacturing overhead, budgets

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION APPLIES TO QUESTIONS 20 THROUGH 22. Marguerite, Inc., expects to manufacture and sell 20,000 pool cues for $12.00 each. Direct materials costs are $2.00, direct manufacturing labor is $4.00, and manufacturing overhead is $0.80 per pool cue. The following inventory levels apply to 20x4: Beginning

Benefits of being able to record expenses

1. You stated a good comparison between cash basis accounting and accrual basis. Many accountants believe that the cash basis of accounting fails to match efforts and accomplishments of a company in a manner that measures economic performance and true financial position. For instance, if a bill is received in January for Decembe

accounting questions for managers

Which is a characteristic of management accounting? - It must follow generally accepted accounting principles -It is used primarily by internal users. - it is concerned primarily with reporting past performances. - it uses historical costs as the sole measurement unit. An example of a period cost is? - Advertising cost.

Reengineer the Process or Use Continuous Improvement?

4. An equipment manufacturer has the following steps in its order entry process: a. Take the order and fax it to order entry. b. Enter the order into the system (10 percent unclear or incorrect). c. Check stock availability (stock not available for 15 percent of orders). d.