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Job Order Costing for AHDI Corporation

AHDI Corporation uses a job-costing system at its plant. The plant has a machining department and a finishing department. The machining department allocates overhead to the jobs based on machine hours and the finishing department allocates overhead to the jobs based on direct labor costs. The budget for the plant is as follo

Construct a spreadsheet to solve current price of bonds

Spreadsheet Assignment Karman Company has two different bonds currently outstanding. Both bonds have a par value of $26,500 and a maturity of 19 years. The required return on both bonds is 10 percent, compounded semiannually. Bond M makes no payments for the first 7 years, then pays $1,600 every six months over the su

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination: And the Fraud Continues

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Case Study 1: And the Fraud Continues 1. Discuss the internal control weaknesses that existed at MCI that contributed to the commission of this fraud. 2. Identify and justify the approach you would take if you suspected fraudulent activity within an organization where you work. 3

Research Methodologies and the use of accounting information

1. Compare and contrast the deductive, inductive and pragmatic research methods. 2. Discuss human information processing research and the consequences of its findings on accounting. 3. Describe all sources of accounting information that could contribute to an investor's decision to buy, hold or sell a stock. 4. Eva

Real Option: Exclusive Rights

How important is it that an organization have an exclusive right to exercise a real option? That is, can we really say that an option being considered has value if competitors may exercise it also?

ACC/548 Govt & Not-forProfit

GASB Statement 34 is a pretty big deal in government accounting. It mandates that governments' basic financial statements include two separate but related sets of statements. 1. What are these two separate but related sets of statements? What are their different purposes? What is the fundamental difference between the two? 2

Accounting: Type of Account

1. Jan. 2 Invested $10,000 cash in business in exchange for common stock. 3 Purchased used car for $4,000 cash for use in business. 9 Purchased supplies on account for $500. 11 Billed customers $1,800 for services performed. 16 Paid $200 cash for advertising. 20 Received $700 cash from customers bill

Nonseparately computed income, ordinary income, stock basis

1. Sentilles, Inc., a calendar year S corporation, incurred the following items this year. a. Calculate Sentilles's nonseparately computed income. b. How much ordinary income or loss is reported by Brittany Nelson, a 25% shareholder? § 1231 gain $ 11,000 Tax-exempt interes

Section 61 of the IRS Code

Section 61 of the IRS Code defines income as "income from whatever source derived unless otherwise excluded." In determining income, several key concepts have evolved from this definition. Explain the following concepts and provide at leas one example of each. Explain which concept you think is most beneficial from a taxpayer's

Taxation: Date to complete exchange transaction; basis in property acquired.

For a transaction as a like kind exchange the property must received by the earlier of the due date including extension of the return for the year in which the transfer of the property being exchange occurred or by what day after the property given up in the exchange is transferred. A. 30 days after the transfer B. 60 days a

Taxation: Condemnation award gains; replacement real property

William Stevenson sold his warehouse to a public utility for $24,000 under a threat of condemnation. He paid $25000 for the property and spent an addition $1000 for a new roof. He had claimed $3600 depreciation in conjunction with the condemnation award, Mr. Stevenson paid $201 in legal fee. Mr. Stevenson A. Realize no gain

Taxes: Form 6252 and Form 4797. Installment sale reporting

Before completing form 6252 and 4797 for an installment sale of real property, the tax professional would manually A. Determine the gain on the sale for each year of the installment sale B. Determine the return of capital and installment of gain on the sale C. Determine the interest to be paid for each year of the installme

Taxation: Business equipment sale; installment sale

1. January 2008, Shari purchased a $20,000 piece of equipment for exclusive use in his business. She claimed a $6,000 section 179 deduction and $6,654 MACRS depreciation. She sold the equipment in November 2010 for $7,000. What is the amount and type of gain or loss and where on form 4797 does Shari report the sale? A. $346 s

S Corporation versus Partnership: Taxes & Liability

Please help me with an assignment by discussing the following questions: Are the tax consequences of the formation of a partnership similar to those of S corporations? How? If there are differences, how and why are they different? Please include some references for further investigatory purposes.

Intermediate Accounting II - Recording Taxes

ACC423 - Intermediate Accounting II Problem 1: The following information pertains to OMV Company for 2013: Deferred Tax Liability, January 1: $76,000 Related Cumulative Temporary Difference December 31: $240,000 Pretax Accounting Income: $627,000 Taxable Income: $502,000 Tax Rate: 38% The cumulative temporary di

Special Order Effect on Company's Total NOI

A customer has asked Clougherty Corporation to supply 4,000 units of product M97, with some modifications, for $40.10 each. The normal selling price of this product is $48.00 each. The normal unit product cost of product M97 is computed as follows: Direct Material - $18.50 Direct Labor - $1.20 Variable Mfg OH - $8.40 Fixe

Article review: CPA Client Tax Fraud and the CPA

See attached article file. 1. Explain the purpose of the article 2. Provide an overview of the article and keep topics 3. If you agree with the article, do you feel the IRS handles Tax fraud fairly and the CPA doe enough to protect the client? If you disagree with the article, what should the IRS do to conduct and pr

Detailed answers with sources listed.

State and Local tax questions 1. Westinghouse raises the question as to the constitutional status of various tax incentives designed to induce in-state location. Are investment tax credits and similar credits limited to in-state expenditures under a constitutional cloud after Westinghouse? What about the practice of limiting

S corporation election

To elect S corporation status, all of the shareholders must consent to the election. This is very different from most decisions that a corporation may make. After all, most decisions (including the decision to revoke S corporation status and go back to being to being a C corporation) require only a simple majority of shareholde

How to handle environmental protestors in your lobby; what do you do?

You are CEO of a natural resources company, and your offices are located prominently in downtown. About noon, one day, a bunch of environmental protestors show up in your lobby with signs labeling you as a polluter. They spread some substance on the floor of your lobby. Needless to say, the media have been invited. What

I need help writing a 2-3 page paper based on the scenario below.

Accounting: Fraud Betty King is the new controller at The previous controller was fired for incompetence. has some severe cash-flow problems that have become exacerbated by the recent acquisition of another firm. The financials of both EZ and the other firm are as clear as Mississippi mud. The new compan

Finding overall variable overhead efficiency

Company applies manufacturing overhead to products on the basis of standard machine hours. For most recent month, company based its budget on 4,400 machine hours. Budgeted and actual overhead costs for the month are: Variable OH: Budgeted Actual Supplies 21,500

Determine/Calculate Impact on Profit

Zaccagnino Corporation makes a range of products. The company's predetermined overhead rate is $14 per direct labor-hour, which was calculated using the following budgeted data: Variable manufacturing overhead........$105,000 Fixed manufacturing overhead............$385,000 Direct labor-hours................................

High-Low Points Method and the High/Low Method

1. High-Low Points Method BEYONDBIKES.COM considers electricity a mixed cost. By using a scatter chart, George has determined that there is a relationship between electricity expense and the number of hours per month the store is open. During the past year, electricity expense totaled $7200 in the month that the store was o

Seven standard techniques of misrepresentation

Shenanigans book goes through seven "standard" techniques of misrepresentation for earnings and four for cash flow. Does Sarbanes-Oxley help prevent these situations? (i.e., why didn't Sarbanes-Oxley protect us from the financial sector melt-down?) Also, one can discuss "how did these occur" in terms of rule-based vs. princi

Report to investors in the annual report on firm's litigation risks

The cigarette industry is subject to litigation for health hazards posed by its products. The industry has been negotiating a settlement of these claims with state and federal governments. As the CFO for Philip Morris, one of the larger firms in the industry, what information would you report to investors in the annual report on

Assessing a Firm's Long-Term Assets

As the CFO of a company, what indicators would you look at to assess whether your firm's long-term assets were impaired? What approaches could be used, either by management or an independent valuation firm, to assess the dollar value of any asset impairment? As a financial analyst, what indicators would you look at to assess whe