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General Motors Financial Problems

General Motors (perhaps I should now say "Government Motors") had many financial problems. Clearly, the company had insufficiently funded reserves to pay for pensions. Full funding of these obligations as they were incurred would have kept any recent cash problem from arising, would have had the accounting virtue of assigning th


Tonga Toys manufactures and distributes a number of products to retailers. One of these products, Playclay, requires five pounds of material A135 in the manufacture of each unit. The company is now planning raw materials needs for the third quarterâ?"July, August, and September. Peak sales of Playclay occur in the third quarter

Galehouse Gas Stations: Growth, financing and dividends

Galehouse Gas Stations, Inc. expects sales to increase from $1,500,000 to $1,700,000 next year. Mr. Galehouse believes that net assets (assets - liabilities) will represent 70% of sales. His firm has a 10% return on sales and pays 40% of profits out as dividends. 1. What effect will this growth have on funds? 2. If the d

Taylor Industries Account Payable; Discount; Entry

1. Taylor Industries purchased supplies for $1,000. They paid $500 in cash and agreed to pay the balance in 30 days. The journal entry to record this transaction would include a debit to an asset account for $1,000, a credit to a liability account for $500. Which of the following would be the correct way to complete the recordi

Nation's Capital Fitness: Estimate variable and fixed costs; write an equation

Nation's Capital Fitness, Inc. operates a chain of fitness centers in the Washington, D.C., area. The firm's controller is accumulating data to be used in preparing its annual profit plan for the coming year. The cost behavior pattern of the firm's equipment maintenance costs must be determined. The accounting staff has suggeste

Report Cash Flows From Operating Activites - Indirect Method

See attached file for proper format. 16-4A - Gallery Corp., a merchandiser, recently compiled its 2011 operations. For the year, (1) all sales are credit sales, (2) all credits to Accounts, Receivable reflect cash receipts from customers, (3) all purchases of inventory are on credit, (4) all debits to Accounts Payab

Accounts Receivables Pension Liability

Multiple Choice, Question 65 Seasons Construction is constructing an office building under contract for Cannon Cafe. The contract calls for progress billings and payments of $620,000 each quarter. The total contract price is $7,440,000 and Seasons estimates total costs of $7,100,000. Seasons estimates that the building will t

Lone Oak's Manufacturing Overhead, Cost of Goods Manufactured

Raw material purchases $ 176,000 Direct labor 255,000 Indirect labor 109,000 Selling and administrative salaries 133,000 Building depreciation* 80,000 Other selling and administrative expenses 195,000 Other factory costs 342,000 Sales revenue ($130 per unit) 1,495,000 *Seventy-five percent of the

Physical Flow of Units, Equivalent Units, Unit & Total Costs

Piscataway Plastics Company manufactures a highly specialized plastic that is used extensively in the automobile industry. The following data have been compiled for the month of June. Conversion activity occurs uniformly throughout the production process. Work in process, June 1 - 50,000 units: Direct mater

Accounting for Concord Inc. Bonds

Concord Inc. issues (sells) $100,000 of its 10-year, 8% bonds to yield 10% on January 1, Year 1. The bonds pay interest annually on December 31. The bonds were sold with a discount of $12,289. What is the bond carrying amount (book value) at the end of Year 1? Concord Inc. issues (sells) $100,000 of its 10-year, 8% bonds to y

High-Low, Registration Analysis

On November 15, 2009, Sandra Cook, a newly hired cost analyst at Demgren Company, was asked to predict overhead costs for the companyâ??s operations in 2010 when 510 unites are expected to be produced. She collected the following quarterly data: Quarter Production In Units Overhead Costs 1/06 76

Events and Recreation Management: Criterion to Evaluate Success

1. What is an example of a criterion to evaluate an event's success? What tool would you use to measure this criterion? What other tools could be used to measure this criterion? How would an event planner utilize this information? 2. What types of information are obtained from an ROI evaluation? From what perspective does an

Effect of Events on the Accounting Equation

Valmont, Inc., experienced the following events in 2012, in its first year of operations. 1. Received $20,000 cash from the issue of common stock. 2. Performed services on account for $50,000. 3. Paid the utility expense of $12,500. 4. Collected $39,000 of the accounts receivable. 5. Recorded $9,000 of accrued sal

Bugs and Thugs, Inc. Equity

I would need assistance on the accounting exercise problems attached. 1. The common stock of Bugs & Thugs, Inc. is currently selling at $110 per share. The board decides to increase share volume prior to a new issue. The per share par value is $10; book value is $60 per share. 10m shares are outstanding and issued. a) Pro

Calculating Kanbans in a Production Process

1. A manufacturer of thermostats uses a kanban system to control the flow of materials. The packaging center processes 10 thermostats an hour and receives completed thermostats every 30 minutes. Containers hold 5 thermostats each. How many kanbans are needed for the packaging center? (Round your answer to 1 decimal place

Formula Review for Kanbans

2. Carlos Gonzales is production manager at an assembly plant that manufactures cordless telephones. The company is planning to install a pull system. The process is being planned to have a usage rate of fifty pieces per hour. Each container is designed to hold ten pieces. It takes an average of thirty minutes to complete a cyc

Gaining Power and Influence in the Workplace

Explain some different ways that members succeed in gaining power and influence in the workplace. Assess and explain a time when you gained power and influence in your own workplace. How successful was it?

ACC/548 Govt & Not-for-Profit 2

FASB has special rules for reporting on private health care organizations. And of course, if the health care organization is associated with government (as an SPE), then GASB rules. What are the similarities and differences in the accounting practices between the two? We've been discussing about the different standard settin

Clayton Company: Variable costing vs absorption costing

4. Clayton Company produces a single product. Last year, the company's variable production costs totaled $8,000 and its fixed manufacturing overhead costs totaled $4,800. The company produced 4,000 units during the year and sold 3,600 units. Assuming no units in the beginning inventory: A) under variable costing, the units i

Operating income/loss questions

1. Sam and Denny's ice cream shop charges $1.7 for a cone. Variable expenses are $0.34 per cone, and fixed costs total $2,200 per month. A "sweetheart"promotion is being planned for the second week of February. During this week, a person buying a cone at the regular price would receive a free cone for a friend. It is estimated

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis, Manufacturing Overhead Application, etc.

1. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis or Break-even Analysis Blue Ridge Ski Resort produces a variety of snow skis. Snow skis are produced in large batches and 10 batches are produced per year. The company's controller has recently implemented an activity-based costing (ABC) system. The following information is also available: Averag

Investment Strategies and Taxes.

Why might investment strategies designed to avoid taxes contradict the principles of efficient diversification? Please discuss in detail and provide 2 quality references.

Common Stock and Paid-In Capital Accounts

See the attached file. 1. Prepare the December 31, 2009, stockholders' equity section of the balance sheet assuming that the company reports net income of $72,000 for the year. Paid-in capital 8% Preferred stock, $29 par value, 50,000 shares authorized, 5,000 shares issued and outstanding $ Common stock, $5 p

Olsen Company: Journalize asset transactions of sale and purchase

During the year, Olsen Company traded an automobile plus $8,400 in cash to Barry Company for another automobile. The car Olsen used as a trade-in originally had cost $16,000, of which $14,500 has been depreciated. Olsen also purchased new office furniture during the year. The list price of the furniture was $9,600. Olsen p

Make or Buy analysis to accept outside supplier's offer

McMullen Co. manufactures automatic door openers. The company uses 15,000 electronic hinges per year as a component in the assembly of the openers. You have been engaged by McMullen to assist with an evaluation of whether the company should continue producing the hinges or purchase them from an outside vendor. The Accountin

Accounting Frauds by Health Care Providers & the Fraud Triangle

Identify and explain at least 3 accounting frauds that are commonly perpetrated by health care providers. Explain the financial and nonfinancial cost of the types of fraud that you identified above. Show how health care organizations can use the fraud triangle (situational pressures, opportunity, and rationalization) to pr