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Career Plan after Graduations

I need some help in answering the following:

- Share your career plans after graduation and the specific steps you have taken to prepare for your career during college, including meeting with career services, attending workshops, job fairs, internships, networking events and other relevant career-related activity. If you have started a formal career plan with Career Services, include details and action taken from that plan.

- Describe why you chose a career-focused education, and what you hope to accomplish with your degree.

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Hello. I provide the following to assist you in formulating your response. I am going to assume that you are definitely going into the educational field. Therefore, I am going to try to formulate the response as to what one should consider doing when preparing for their career plan.

The first step that I took was to take the appropriate classes for the type of education field that I wanted to go in. I needed to decide if I wanted to endeavor into elementary education or to pursue my education more in a leadership position, such as a principal, or teaching on a college level. Then, I made sure that I took the appropriate coursework to pursue that type of work. Then, I met with my college advisor to advise them what my desires were and gain their input into what they might ...

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Career planning for after graduations are examined. Why to choose a career-focused education is described.