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    Equivalent Units of Production: Brady Products

    Brady Products manufactures a silicone paste wax that goes through three processing departmentsâ?" Cracking, Blending, and Packing. All raw materials are introduced at the start of work in the Cracking Department. The Work in Process T-account for the Cracking Department for a recent month is given below:

    Scott MacDonald Transfers Land with an Adjusted Basis.

    I am having problems with calculating basis. Scott MacDonald transfers land with an adjusted basis of $150,000 for stock in P. D. Graphics, Inc. worth $250,000, $50,000 in cash, nonqualified preferred stock worth $100,000, and P. D. Graphics' agreement to assume an $80,000 liability on the land. After the transfer, Scott owns 9

    Corporation's Taxable Income and Regular Income Tax Liability.

    Capital Corporation had the following results in 2012: Gross receipts from operations: $200,000 Net short-term capital gain: $50,000 Net long-term capital loss: ($75,000) Cost of goods sold: $60,000 Operating expenses: $40,000 Dividends received from 30% owned domestic corporation: $80,000 What is Capital Corporation'

    Expensing Start-Up Costs

    Recently, a group of university students decided to incorporate for the purposes of selling a process to recycle the waste product from manufacturing cheese. Some of the initial costs involved were legal fees and office expenses incurred in starting the business, state incorporation fees, and stamp taxes. One student wishes to c

    Collecting and Evaluating Accounting Evidence, and the Use of Sampling.

    1) Explain procedures for collecting accounting evidence, 2) Explain the use of sampling in performing an examination 3) Evaluate accounting evidence using analytical and inferential tools. Taking those objectives talk about what they mean to you personally in a professional setting if applicable or maybe of the three obje

    Varying and Fixed Costs

    1. What issues will create variances within a company? 2. What other information can we derive from our variance analysis? 3. What expenses would you imagine to be fixed in nature?

    Section 351

    If the transferor of property which is considered a 351 exchange, never recognizes the gain and he leaves the stock to his wife in his will, what is the impact to the wife? What if he leaves the stock to his estate to be divded among his family members?

    Section 351 Exchange

    I was wondering, let's assume a 351 exchange occurred whereby the transferor had a realized gain. Since the realized gain did not involve boot, the transferor does not recognize any gain until the stock is sold. Let's also assume when the transferor sells the stock, the stock's value is below the basis. Am I correct that the tra

    Avoiding the gain on a Section 351 transaction

    Is there another way to avoid recognizing the gain on a 351 transaction besides the one given below? There are ways to play this system. The reason that the tax on a 351 transaction is deferred until the stock is sold is because the person's basis in the stock received in a 351 transaction is the same as the basis in the pro

    Correcting a Vendor Account

    Vendor stated we owed last 2 months invoices. I looked in the system and showed those 2 invoices were paid and cleared the bank. I then went back and looked at the entire year and discovered the following: The February 2012 invoice was actually a voided invoice from May 2011 AND the incorrect payment ID was used so no cash w

    Accounting Information Sysytem

    See the attachment. Jessica, the financial manager at Chila restaurant, is checking to see if there is any relationship between newspaper advertising and sales revenues at the restaurant. She has accumulated the following data for the past 10 months: Month Revenues Advertising Costs March $150,000 $20,000 Ap

    Tax - Gross Income

    Robin is working overseas on a temporary assignment beginning on March 1 of this year through January 31 of next year. Her salary is $10,000 per month while overseas, but only $8,000 per month for January and February of this year. What is the minimum amount of Robin's salary that she must include in gross income this year? (Rou

    Determine Initial Tax Basis

    An apartment house was purchased on July 8 of last year, by a taxpayer who computes her taxes on a calendar basis. Her depreciation deduction last year was $7,902. The building accounted for 65 percent of the property's market value at the time of purchase. What was the taxpayer's initial tax basis in the property?

    Identify variables: numerical categorical ordinal interval

    Data on a sample of 1080 salespeople from a large electronics retail company is shown in the attached file. The dataset contains the following variables: Sales: Total sales (in $) by each salesperson last year Department: What department (home electronics, computers, etc) the salesperson works in. Year born: The year in wh

    Business Analysis and Financial Reporting

    What is shareholder's equity, how is it calculated, and where and how is it reported? What is comprehensive income and how does it influence equity? What happens to shareholder's equity when the firm issues more shares or buys back shares in the open market? What are retained earnings and how and where are they accounted? What a

    Aaron Corporation, Highland Corporation

    Problem 1 Aaron Corporation reported the following data in the balance sheet of its 2008 annual report: 2007 2008 Accounts Receivable .................................... $172,500 $270,000 Less: Allowance for credit losses ........................ ..8,550 12,000 a. What is the amount of accounts receivable w

    Calculating the various accounting measures

    1. Sawaya Company had depreciation and amortization expenses of $522,311, interest expenses of $114,077, and an EBITDA of $1,521,087 for the year ended June 30, 2010. What is the Times Interest Earned for this company? 2. Efficiency ratio: Jet, Inc., has net sales of $712,478 and accounts receivables of $167,435. What are the

    Accounting for Pension Obligations

    1. Interest cost included in pension expense recognized for a period by an employer sponsoring a defined-benefit pension plan represents the A) shortage between the expected and actual returns on plan assets B) increase in the projected benefit obligation due to the passage of time C) increase in the fair value of plan

    Shares and Stock When Acquiring Assets

    Bar Corporation has been looking to expand its operations and has decided to acquire the assets of Vicker Company and Kendal Company. Bar will issue 30,000 shares of its $10 common stock to acquire the net assets of Vicker Company and will issue 15,000 shares to acquire the net assets of Kendal Company. Vicker has the follow

    Calculating the desired amount of investment

    Jane Alexander currently has $6,750 in a money market account paying 6.35 percent annually. She plans to use this amount and her savings over the next 8 years to make a down payment on a house. She estimates that she will need $20,000 in 8 years. How much should she invest in the money market account each year for the next 8

    Causes of a High Degree of Operating Leverage

    What conditions/factors cause a business to have a high degree of operating leverage as compared to others? It is a good idea to understand the percentage of margin we are creating. In this way, we can keep an eye on the amount of revenue, cost and gross profit; and compare these to prior periods so we can review the trends

    Journalizing Accounting Transactions

    Journalizing Accounting Transactions Dana La Fontsee opened Pro Window Washing Inc. on July 1, 2012. During July the following transactions were completed: Date Transaction July 1 Issued 15,529 shares of common stock for $15,529 cash. July 1 Purchased used truck for $11,529, paying $2,018 cash and bal

    Common Fraud and Levels of Assurance

    Please comment on the text below and answer the question beneath it. --- One of the most common fraud schemes used for information assets is employees gaining access to customer data, including social security numbers and checking account numbers, and then using the info. to commit various types of fraud. H&R Block had a h

    Accounting Taxation: Evaluating Tax Issues and Tax Advantages

    1. Allen visits Reno, Nevada once a year to gamble. This year his gambling loss was $25,000. He commented to you, "At least I didn't have to pay for my airfare and hotel room. The casino paid that because I am such a good customer. That was worth at least $3,000." What are the relevant tax issues for Allen? 2. A Series EE U.S

    Section 351 - Tax-free creation of a corporation

    Section 351 allows the tax-free creation of a corporation, or, rather, the tax free contribution of money or property to a corporation in exchange for stock in that corporation. Is this really a "tax-free" provision or is it something else?

    Variable, Absorption Costing, and Operating Leverage

    Please help me understand: 1. Cons of using Variable Costing 2. Cons of using Absorption Costing 3. Indicate what contribution margin is and how it can be expressed. 4. What is "Operating Leverage"? How does this affect Profitability?

    Hollowell Audio, Inc Variable Efficiency & Variable Overhead Rate Efficiency

    Hollowell Audio, Inc., manufactures military-specification compact discs. The company uses standards to control its costs. The labor standards that have been set for one disc are as follows: Standard Hours: 6 minutes Standard Rate per Hour: $ 24.00 Standard Cost: $ 2.40 During July, 2,125 hours of direct labor time

    Net Income Calculation

    The following data were taken from Jamison Company financial statements: Retained earnings, December 31, 2007 $30,000 Retained earnings, December 31, 2008 44,000 Dividends payable, December 31, 2007 450 Dividends payable, December 31, 2008 600 Dividends declared during 2008 2,125