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Differences in Executive and Non-Executive Pay

Contrast the principle difference between executive pay and non-executive pay, including a discussion on controversies associated with the growing disparity between executive and non-executive compensation packages.

Calculating Variances

During the week ending on August 6th, the following activity took place: - 2390 machine hrs were worked - 11400lbs of raw materials were purchased for inventory at a total cost of $70,680 - 3,800 cases of finished products were produced - 6,720 labor hrs were worked at an average rate of $12.25 per hr - $8,126 actual varia

Control policies: Hamilton Company

Listed below are specific control policies and procedures prescribed by Hamilton Company. Identify the components of internal control to which each policy or procedure relates. For each item, identify one other policy or procedure for that internal control component that is not on the preceding list. - Management is alert

Tax Accounting: Changes made in SFAS 158 and SFAS 132 compared with SFAS 87

1) Which one is false? a) corporate income tax is an expense, not a distribution of the profits to the government b) non taxable revenue causes permanent differences between pretax accounting income and taxable income c) In general, temporary differences are resulted from timing difference between GAAP and tax regulations

Annual Growth Rate in Assets and Free Cash Flow

The first "target" is in a mature industry. The target is held by two brothers who each have 5 million shares of stock. This company has a free cash flow of 20 million and its WACC is 11%. The free cash flow is estimated to grow at a constant rate of 5%. The company has 100 million of marketable securities, 200 million of deb

Total Assets: Pepsico

What are the company's total assets at the end of its most recent annual reporting period? What are the total assets at the end of the previous annual reporting period? How much cash and cash equivalents did the company have at the end of its most recent annual reporting period?

Static Budgets and Flexible Budgets

Summer Company's static budget is based on a planned activity level of 25,000 units. At the same time the static budget was prepared, the management accountant prepared two additional budgets, one based on 20,000 units and one based on 30,000. The company actually produced and sold 29,000 units. In evaluating its performance, ma

Minimum Cash Balance

An important reason for imposing a minimum cash balance in the cash budget is: a. it provides a cushion that absorbs forecast errors b. it provides extra funds for managers to spend c. it makes the balance sheet look better d. all of the above

Incremental Analysis - Revenues, Costs and Net Income

Ming Company is considering two alternatives. Alternative A will have sales of $150,000 and costs of $100,000. Alternative B will have sales of $180,000 and costs of $120,000. Compare Alternative A to Alternative B showing incremental revenues, costs, and net income.

Public Budgeting

Select three revenue sources in public budgeting. Summarize each revenue source and describe which fund the source should fall under or be tracked in. Income taxes are usually collected by...

Determining the single investment amount

Mary Garcia, who is 25 years old, wishes to retire with $1,000,000 when she is 45. To accomplish this Mary is going to ask her grandmother for a "nest egg." Assuming she invests the money her grandmother gives her in a mutual fund that is expected to earn 10%, how much money must she get from Granny if she hopes to meet her earl

Fixed Costs.

Fixed costs are really variable. The more you produce the smaller the unit cost of production. Is this statement correct?

Total materials variance, the price, and quantity variances

The standard cost of Product B manufactured by TLC Company includes 3 units of direct materials at $6.20 per unit. During June, 28,000 units of direct materials are purchased at a cost of $5.83 per unit, and 28,000 units of direct materials are used to produce 9,000 units of Product B. Compute the total materials variance and

Company's overall net operating income

(TCO D) The management of Drummer Corporation is considering dropping product D84L. Data from the company's accounting system appear below. Sales $800,000 Variable Expenses $440,000 Fixed Manufacturing Expenses $248,000 Fixed Selling and Administrative Expenses $184,000 All fixed expenses of the company are full

Ferro Wares is a division of a major corporation

(TCO D) Ferro Wares is a division of a major corporation. The following data are for the latest year of operations. Sales $33,040,000 Net Operating Income $1,453,760 Average Operating Assets $8,000,000 The company's minimum required rate of return 18% Required: i. What is the division's ROI? ii. What is the

Decision to purchase a manufacturing company

Mr. Jones wants to buy Smithon Manufacturing because it is very profitable. Right now it has 30 shareholders but no single majority shareholder. It is a C corporation with a fiscal year-end of December 1. In order for Mr. Jones to buy this company, he will need to invest a lot of money in new manufacturing equipment, which means

Losses during recession

In the current recession, many firms are dropping product lines in an attempt to reduce losses. What are some of the factors managers should consider before making this decision? Is it possible that dropping a money losing product may backfire on a firm?

E & P Deficit

Atlantic Corporation, a calendar-year taxpayer, has $120,000 of accumulated E & P deficit as of January 1. Atlantic's current E & P is $40,000. The corporation makes a $50,000 distribution to its shareholders. (Shareholders have stock basis of $60,000.. How is the $50,000 distribution to the shareholders characterized by the sha

Income Tax Fundamentals

Please see attached. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Brad and Kate received $9,500 for rent from Mike and Janet, who are renting their home in California. Brad and Kate did not use this property for personal use. The rent covers eight months

Detailed analysis of the costs of quality: Lager Corp

Lager Corp. produces and supplies automotive manufactures with the mechanisms used to adjust the positions of front seating units. Several competitors have recently entered the market, and management is concerned that the quality of the company's current products may be surpassed by the quality of the new competitors' products.

The Doe Company sells three products

The Doe Company sells three products: sliced pineapples, crushed pineapples, and pineapple juice. The pineapple juice is a by-product of sliced pineapple, while crushed pineapples and sliced pineapples are produced simultaneously form the same pineapple. Some pineapple slices break, and these are used to make crushed pineapple.

Management accounting and costs accounting

Which of the following is more relevant to management accounting than to costs accounting: a. accumulation and determination of product or service costs b. income measurement and inventory valuation c. generally accepted accounting principles d. providing mangers information for planning and control purposes

Incremental Analysis Examples

What is incremental analysis? Provide an example, using numbers, of how incremental analysis might be used to make business decisions.

Allocation of Fixed Costs: Herrestad Company

Herrestad Company does produce and sell two products and the details below will be used to prepare a segmented income statement (showing the income for each product and the total) for the company. Use ABC to allocate all fixed costs to the two products. Background information Total Prod A Prod B Beginning i

Consider the following information, prepared based on a capacity of 40,000 units

1) Consider the following information, prepared based on a capacity of 40,000 units: Category Cost per Unit Variable manufacturing costs $5.00 Fixed manufacturing costs $1.50 Variable marketing costs $1.00 Fixed marketing costs $0.50 Capacity cannot be added in the short run and the firm currently sells the product for