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Loaded Terminology and Legislation

The media frequently uses loaded terminology, but what is the outcome when legislators use loaded terminology? I think we all can agree that the economy is a hot topic and there are many theories on what should be done. I think one of the ways that officials slant the views is by using loaded terminology. Consider the typ

Management and Producing Returns

Please help answer the following questions. Should management only be concerned with producing returns for their investors or do they need to consider the needs of other stakeholders? Before the financial crisis I do not think that the loan officers paid close attention to quarterly financials. Currently, it probably depe

Temporary Employees

Please help with the following problem regarding temporary employees. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Consider temporary employees who are employed by temporary agencies. How is this addressed in reporting for a company that is using the temporary agency? Would the temporary agency be considered a miscellaneous e

Helping Students See the "Big Picture" of Variance Analysis

Please help with the following accounting problem. Read the following ProQuest article: VanZante, N. (2007, April). Helping Students See the "Big Picture" of Variance Analysis. Management Accounting Quarterly, 8(3), 39-40, 42-47. Based on the readings for the week, discuss your opinion on the need for variance analysis in ei

Businesses and Job Cost Ordering

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words. Need help in researching a business that uses job order costing and understanding the complete breakdown of the job order costing (i.e. the process and the documents used to accumulate product costs) that the business uses.

Margin, Turnover, ROI, Cost of Capital, Residual Income and EVA

1. (a) Maria Stanford oversees her company's largest and most profitable investment center. She has asked you, as her staff accountant, to compute the center's ROI, residual income and EVA for the month of August, using the following information: August 2001 operating income $300,000 August 2001 sales

Krispy Kreme Bonus Plan - accounting abuse

1. A brief description of Krispy Kreme's annual cash bonus plan for top executives follows. One way Krispy Kreme executives can achieve the revenue target is to open new stores as fast as possible. Explain why this might alarm shareholders. 2. Why might it be important for the bonus plan to use the same EBITDA definition used

This posting addresses agency relationships and costs.

Suppose you and two friends each invested $100,000 in an oil and gas partnership. The general partner, XYZ Gamble, Inc., invests no cash but makes all operating decisions for the partnership, including where and how deep to drill for oil. Drilling costs plus a management fee are charged against the $300,000 of cash you and your

Components of an Annual Report

a) What are the optional elements that are often included in an annual report? b) What are the elements of an annual report that are required by the SEC? c) Describe the contents of the Management Discussion. d) Describe the contents of the Auditors Report. e) Describe the contents of the Selected Financial Data.

Analyzing Profit Analysis

Day Street Deli's owner is disturbed by the poor profit performance of his ice cream counter. He has prepared the following profit analysis for the year that just ended. Sales $45,000 Less: Cost of food 20,000 Gross profit 25,000

Operating Income for Greenville Corporations

Greenville Corporation is considering the addition of a new product to its current product lines. The expected cost and revenue data for the new product are as follows: Annual sales 3,000 unts Selling price per unit $309 Variable costs per unit: Production $130 Selling

Flexible Budgets: Standard Costs for Joe's Lawn Service

#1. Flexible Budgets: Joe's Lawn Service primarily mows lawns for residential customers. Management has determined direct labor hours is the primary cost driver and has developed the following cost equations based on direct labor hours: Grooming Supplies (variable) y= $0 + $4.00x Direct Labor (variable) y= $0 + $12.00x

Beverage Products, LLC: Evaluating Cost Center Performance

Beverage Products, LLC, manufactures metal beverage containers. The division that manufactures soft-drink beverage cans for the North American market has two plants that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The plants are evaluated as cost centers. Small tools and supplies are considered variable overhead. Depreciation and r

Computation of Unit Costs

Carola Industries, Inc., manufactures discs for several of the leading recording studios in the United States and Europe. Department 60 is responsible for the electronic circuitry within each disc. Department 61 applies the plastic-like surface to the discs and packages them for shipment. Carola recently produced 4,000 discs for

Business Operations In Pakistan

The company is currently engaged in business activities both nationally and internationally. On the international side of your company, the countries you are operating in are experiencing riots, strikes by their citizens, unconfirmed violence against their people by the government, and other atrocities. Your physical facilities


As an accountant, if you had a choice of working with one of the boards, FASB, GASB, or IASB, which one would you work with?

The Microcredit Concept

Modern microcredit is generally considered to have originated with the Grameen Bank founded in Bangladesh in 1983s. In fact, it is often said to provide a solution which enables small business people to borrow capital to purchase fruit, livestock and materials without being exposed to unscrupulous or violent lenders. However to


Axes are a part of fiscal policy and very controversial. Some politicians want to raise taxes for incomes over $250,000, representing the 2% highest incomes, and would also include budget cuts of approximately $4 trillion over the next 10 years. Another proposal wants to lower the maximum tax rate from 35% to 25%, leaving tax ra

Operating Segment Aggregation

1.) When can information about two operating segments be aggregated? 2.) How is accounting for pensions different than accounting for other post-retirement benefits? 3.) The controller of a public company commented that if the company needs to disclose the company's segments individually, the only people who will gain are

Determining cash flows from operating and investing activities

ABC Corporation reported net income of $300,000 for 2011. Changes occurred in several balance sheet accounts as follows: Equipment $25,000 increase Inventories $20,000 decrease Accumulated depreciation $40,000 increase Accounts receivable $15,000 increase Note payable $30,000 increase Accounts payable $5,000 decrease

Accounting For Goodwill

Prepare the entry to record the purchse of Terrell Galleries on Graf's books Graff and Terrell agree that: 1. Land is undervalued by $50,000 2. Equipment is overvalued by $5,000 Terrell agrees to sell the gallery to Graf for $380,000 Terrell Galleries

Cash Flow Analysis

Assess the financial position of Textron in comparison to Gulfstream. The emphasis is on cash flow for this analysis. 1) Compute the return on assets, profit margin and asset utilization rate for Textron and Gulfstream. 2) Assess Textron's competitive financial position. 3) Compute the free cash flow for Textron and Gulfstre

You are the CEO of ABC Dress Shirt Corporation. Competition is reducing your market shares and, therefore, reducing your profits. One possible solution is to outsource the production to a foreign country to reduce the cost. How will you outsource? What are the key benefits to your company? What are risk factors that cause concerns?

You are the CEO of ABC Dress Shirt Corporation. Competition is reducing your market shares and, therefore, reducing your profits. One possible solution is to outsource the production to a foreign country to reduce the cost. How will you outsource? What are the key benefits to your company? What are risk factors that cause concer

Intercultural Business Communications

Providing language and cultural training for employees is big business. If you were going to write a class on how language affects intercultural business communications, what would your lesson plan look like? What would your students need to know in regard to high- and low-context language, language diversity, interaction, n

Mightly Fall Report Format

How the Mighty Fall The format for your report should be as follows: • Double spaced • One-inch margins • Title line on first page only • Proper grammar and punctuation • Proper citation, if necessary • Report length: from two to three pages, total (see below) The Assignment: Prepare a report with the

Allocation of Overhead Frazier Products Inc.

Fraser Products, Inc, which produces copy machines for wholesale distributors in the Pacific Northwest, has just completed packaging an order from Kent Company for 150 Model 14 machines. Direct materials, purchased parts, and direct labor costs for the Kent order are as follows: Cost of direct materials $17,450 Cost of

Finding the Manufacturing Overhead Applied

Big Thunder Co. incurred the following costs during April: Raw materials purchased $99,225 Direct labor ($15 per hour) 123,750 Manufacturing overhead (actual) 303,175 Selling expenses 67,050 Administrative expenses 33,075 Interest expense 11,490