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    Accounting: value of assets

    Deyonne has 400 sheep, Batonne has 360 sheep. Batonne has 30 acres of land, Deyonne has 20 acres; Deyonne's land was inherited while Batonne had given 35 sheep for 20 acres of land 10 years ago. This year he gave 40 sheep for 10 additional acres of land. Battone says that 35 of Deyonnes sheep belong to another man, and deyonn

    Demand Deposits for Banks

    Banks rely heavily upon customers deposits as a source of funds. Demand deposits normally pay interest to the customer, who is entitled to withdraw at anytime without prior notice to the bank. Checking and NOW accounts are the most popular for of demand deposits for banks. Assume that Kennon Storeage has a checking account at Li

    Finding the beta of the market

    The risk free rate of return is 3%. The expected market return is 9%, and the market risk premium is 6%.What is the beta of the market?

    Today's Price for a Stock

    Next years dividend for ERT stock is expected to be $4.00. You expect it to be $4.00 in 2 years, also, but then you expect it to grow at an 8% annual rate forever. The required rate of return for years t=0 through t=2 is .20. The required rate of return for year t=3 onward is .25. What is the price of the stock today?

    Price of a stock

    Next years didvidend for ERT stock is expected to be $4.00. You expect it to be $4.00 in 2 years, also, but then you expect it to grow at an 8% annual rate forever. If the risk-free rate of interest is 1%, the expected market return is 9%, and the ERT's beta is 2.0 then what is the price of the stock today?

    Price and dividend of a stock: calculate expected dividend

    You are evaluating the price of a firm's stock. Yesterday, the firm paid $1 a share dividend. You expect the firms earnings and its dividend to grow 5% annual rate. The risk free rate of interest is 2%. The required rate of return for this firm's stock is 9%. What do you expect the dividend to equal in three years? What wo

    Finding the price of a stock

    A stock is expected to pay $2.50 dividend at the end of the year (D1=2.50). This dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 6% per year forever. The stocks beta is 1.2, the risk free rate is 4%, and the market risk premium is 5%. What is the expected price of the stock 8 years from now (t=8)?

    How to Meet Corporate Financial Goals (BEP Growth)

    Happy Valley Tire & Rubber Corporation, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a manufacturer of consumer and industrial rubber products. The company has two operating divisions. The tire division manufactures high-macho-point performance tires for passenger cars as well as truck and off-the-road tires. The tire division sells th

    Cost Accounting Pt.2 - Need help framing problem and starting

    I am being asked to put together a response for the following q's. Can you help me get started on what is REALLY being asked from a acost accounting perspective? Thanks... 1.What is your initial market introduction plan for the CMSS pads? 2. What should be the goal and objectives? 3. In addition to the price, provid

    Cost Accounting

    These are sample problems from an exam - attached is are the case facts. I need to start answering the following questions. I am looking for some solid cost accounting strategies: 1. What has been happening in this market? How is Sealed Air doing? 2.What arguments can be made for introducing an uncoated bubble? What woul

    Portfolio Investment Yield

    Please view the attached file. a. Provide one set of weights for a portfolio of all three assets that will deliver a return of 18%. b. Show graphically and explain briefly how you would find the minimum variance portfolio set that would have an 18% return. c. Calculate the above set.

    Financial Stock Question

    Shares of Stujk, Inc. sell for $20 per share. 40% of earnings are paid in dividends. What is the dividend yield?

    ABC costing

    Case Study, comparing ABC costing with conventional costing. please provide refrences. should not be same as previous answer.

    Galway Bay Enterprises: compute the present value of a bond

    Please explain how to compute the present value of a bond? Galway Bay Enterprises issued 10%, 8-year, $2,000,000 par value bonds that pay intrest semiannually on October 1 and April 1. The bonds are dated April 1, 2002, and are issued on that date. The discount rate of interest for such bonds on April 1, 2002, is 12%. What

    what does this say about net income and dividends?

    On its 1999 balance sheet, Sherman Books showed a balance of retained earnings equal to $510 million. On its 2000 balance sheet, the balance of retained earnings was also equal to $510 million. Which of the following statements is most correct? A. The company must have had net income equal to zero in 2000. B. The company

    Work in Process Balances

    The instructions are attached below. Make sure all questions are being addressed. Hint: just to check the answer "The work in process balance" is $5,720.

    Financial Decision Management (Health Care)

    A physician, Dr. Thought, is considering the possibility of joining a new Individual Practice Association (IPA) in order to increase her volume of care and her income. Currently, the physician has the following practice statistics: Patient population 3,500 Annual visits 5,750 Average revenue per visit $97.50 Office

    Accounting and Banking

    1: What factors should you consider before deciding which company to buy? What additional data might be helpful to you? (Note that net income is implied). 2: What questions should you ask about the methods used to record revenues and expenses? 3: On the basis of the data provided, which company would you purchase? Detail the