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I need help finding the answers to the questions attached. the class in accounting Environment

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I need help with this problem: Corporate Financing: Finacial markets and intermediaries channel savings from investors to corporate investment. The savings make this journey by many different routes. How can I give a specific example for each of the following routes? a Investor to financail intermediary, to financail markets, and to the corporation. b. Investors to financial markets, to a financial intermediary, and to the corporation. c. Investors to financial markets, to a financial intermediary, back to fianacial markets and to the corporation. Thanks!!

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A financial intermediary matches up buyers and sellers in a market, is a go-between producers and consumers. A financial intermediary is one that matches up buyers and sellers in financial markets that trade legal claims such as stocks and bonds. Banks are among the most important financial intermediaries in the economy. Others include insurance companies, stock brokers, and mutual fund companies.a)

a) Investor to financial ...

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