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    How to Meet Corporate Financial Goals (BEP Growth)

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    Happy Valley Tire & Rubber Corporation, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a manufacturer of consumer and industrial rubber products. The company has two operating divisions. The tire division manufactures high-macho-point performance tires for passenger cars as well as truck and off-the-road tires. The tire division sells these tires into both OEM and replacement markets. The rubber products division manufactures a variety of standard rubber casings and structures for industrial applications. These are sold through manufacturer's representatives and Happy Valley's on-line sales site. During the most recent fiscal year, the tire division sold 3,484,000 tires and the rubber products division sold 431,474 casings and structures.

    HV has carefully assessed its corporate financial goals, and has determined that it needs a BEP of 15% to meet its goals for growth, payout and capital structure. The operating performance of the divisions in FY 2004 is attached.

    Study these targets and results and write an executive format memo to management outlining how HV might most appropriately move toward achieving its objectives supported by an accompanying Excel file which clearly shows analysis and graphics.

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