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    Transaction analysis and the basic accounting equation

    For the following transactions, indicate how each immediately affects the basic accounting equation and what other effects there will be in the future as a result of the transaction: d) pay rent in advance for a warehouse g) sign warrenty agreements with customers that cover products that were sold to them h) buy a patent for

    Capital Gain Tax versus dividend tax

    18 11. Max Johnson owns 200 shares of Newmont Labs, Inc., which he bought for $15 per share. He is in a 33 percent tax bracket. It is the first week in December, and he has already received the full cash dividend for the year of $1.60 per share. The stock is currently selling for $25.50. He has decided to sell the stock and afte

    Independant projects are compared.

    Independent projects are projects whose cash flows are independent of one another. Mutually Exclusive projects are projects where only one can be accepted. Can you provide some examples from your experience of each type of decision?

    four standards for a good taxes

    The four standards for a good tax (1. Sufficient to raise necessary government revenues, 2. Convenient to administer and to pay, 3. Efficient in economic terms 4. Fair to taxpayers required to pay)overall, do you believe each standard is being fairly applied in the U.S.? Why or why not?

    Making Make or Buy Decisions

    Make or Buy The Smith Company's old equipment for making subassemblies is worn out. The company's considering 2 courses of action 1. replace the old equipment with new or 2. buying subassemblies from a reliable outside supplier who has quoted a unit price of $1 on a seven-year contract for a min. of 50,000 units per year.

    Break-even analysis

    Can you please explain some of the potential ways that break-even analysis can be used by management to make better decisions. What is the break-even analysis anyway, and how would it contributing to a health care organization?

    Help with accounting problem

    Question: (please post answers inside body of an email as i do not have excel or word on my computer. thanks!) Yves Richard faces a decision that will determine the future strategic direction of Caron Furniture. It is the role of the accountant to not only provide relevant information to facilitate the decision-making process

    Variable/fixed costs

    Network Company requires four units of R2 for every unit of D2 that it produces. Currently, R2 is made by Network, with the following per unit costs in a period when 20,000 units were produced: Direct materials $6.00 Direct labor 2.50 Manufacturing overhead 5.60 TOTAL

    Predetermined Overhead Rate and Allocation Base

    Showers Company estimates the following overhead costs for the coming year: Equipment depreciation $150,000 Equipmetn maintanence 50,000 Supervisory salary 20,000 Factory rent 200,000 TOTAL 420,000 Showers is also budgeting $600,

    Cash disbursements

    Dokken& Dietrich's Donut company pays 25% of its inventory purchases in the month of the purchase and the remainder in the following month. The company's inventory purchases totaled $840,000 in October, $920,000 in November, and $600,000 in December. The company also paid for new equipment with a total cost of $380,000 in Nove

    Sensitivity analysis considers

    A. how sensitive the decision maker is to risk. b. changes in the number of states of nature. c. changes in the values of the payoffs. d. changes in the available alternatives.

    Federal Reserve

    What is your understanding of what the Federal Reserve is and what effect it has on the economy

    Make or Buy Manufacturing

    Eaton Companies Total Cost for 50,000 Units Cost per Unit Direct Material $400,000 $ 8 Direct Labor 300,000 6 Variable Factory Overhead 150,000

    Help with one of the questions that goes with a case study

    I know the case study is quite long. I can answer the theory based questions but cannot figure out whether either order should be accepted. It seems like each time I work through I get a different answer. It would be great if someone could help me out! I am a sociology major taking accounting (that is probably the problem! :)

    Accounting Direction Problems

    Please show all works using excel or any spreadsheet programs following the direction in the attachments. There are two problems, file names are as 1.0 and 2.0. There are total of two problems.