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Work in Process Balances

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The instructions are attached below. Make sure all questions are being addressed. Hint: just to check the answer "The work in process balance" is $5,720.

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The work in process balances are examined. The instructions addressed are determined.

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Hi, See the attached document

1. Journal Entries
Particulars Debit Credit
a. Material Control
Accounts payable 8200
b Work in Progress
Factory Overhead Control
Material Control 7230

b Work in Progress
Factory Overhead Control
Wage Payable control 5475

c Factory Overhead Control
Expenses 4100
d Factory overhead control
Depreciation 900
e Work in progress control
Factory overhead allocation 7860
f Finished Goods control
Work in progress 14845
G Cost of goods sold
Finished goods control 12790

T Account -Work in ...

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