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    Value of assets

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    Deyonne has 400 sheep, Batonne has 360 sheep.
    Batonne has 30 acres of land, Deyonne has 20 acres; Deyonne's land was inherited while Batonne had given 35 sheep for 20 acres of land 10 years ago. This year he gave 40 sheep for 10 additional acres of land. Battone says that 35 of Deyonnes sheep belong to another man, and deyonne merely keeps them.
    Deyonne has a large one room cabin that he built himself and he has been offered 3 acres of land for the cabin. Deyonne has a plow (worth a couple of goats), two carts (worth a poor acre of land), and an ox (worth 5 sheep).
    Batonne says that his wife has orders for 5 coats and that she will recieve 25 goats for them. His wife has 10 goats already, 3 which have been recieved for 1 sheep last year. She has an ox, which has been recieved in a trade for 3 sheep. And one cart which cost her 2 sheep. Batonne's cabin is worth 2 acres of land in a trade. Deyonne owes Tyrone 3 sheep for lunch last year.

    Who is wealthier Deyonne or Batonne?

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    Note: We have added Batonne's wife's assets to Batonne's assets and assumed that Deyonne has nothing apart from what is mentioned in the problem
    Since all assets are in different units convert them into the units of sheep
    Wealth= Total Assets- Liabilities
    This has not been included as the sale has not taken place(Batonne says that his wife has orders for 5 coats and that she ...

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    The solution calculates value of assets to determine who is wealhier.