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Residual Income Long Beach Pharmaceutical Company

Long Beach Pharmaceutical Company has two divisions, which reported the following results for the most recent year. Division I Division II Income $900,000 $200,000 Average invested capital $6,000,000 $1,000,000 ROI

Calculating EPS, Dividend per Share and Book Value

A stock sells at $15 per share. (a) What is the EPS for the company if it has a P/E ratio of 20? (b) If the company's dividend yield is 5 percent, what is its dividend per share? (c) What is the book value of the company if the price-to-book ratio is 1.5 and it has 100,000 shares of stock outstanding?

Griffin Manufacturing: Cost of Job #45

Griffin Manufacturing uses job order costing to measure and track the costs incurred for specific jobs. While most of jobs do require some machine time, Griffin has determined that direct labor cost drives its manufacturing overhead costs. During the month of August, the following data were available for job #45: Direct labor

Lockhart Products Absorbtion: Versus Variable Costing

Lockhart Products produces a single product. During 2009 the company incurred the following costs: Variable product costs= $8/ per unit Variable period costs= $2/ per unit Total fixed product costs= $21,000 Total fixed period costs= $10,000 Lockhart had no units in beginning inventory. During 2009, 6,000 units were prod

Tyson Manufacturing Net Income

Tyson Manufacturing has the following cost information available for 2009: Direct Materials= $6/ unit Direct labor= $2/ unit Variable manufacturing Overhead= $1.50/ unit Variable selling and administrative costs= $3/ unit Fixed Manufacturing Overhead= $40,000 Fixed Selling and administrative costs= $50,000 During 2009

Montoya Manufacturing: Widgets

In its initial year of operation, Montoya Manufacturing started and completed 4,000 identical widgets and had 1,000 widgets that were 40% complete in work-in-process at the end of the year. Total production costs for the year were $55,000. 1) How many total equivalent units were completed during the year? 2) What is the cos

Memo for CFO Indicating Outcome of Tax Changes

JIM currently uses the calendar year as its financial and tax annual accounting period. Because of the seasonality of sales, management wants to change to a fiscal year beginning April 1st through March 31st. You have been asked to review the tax law criteria for making this change. Write a memo to your CFO: - indicating th

Total Manufacturing Costs: Horatio Ltd.

Scenario: Horatio Ltd. uses job order costing to measure and track product costs. Horatio has determined that machine hours drive its manufacturing overhead costs. During the month of June, the following data were available for Product #80: Direct Labor 350 hours at $10 per hour Direct Materials= 40 square yards at $25/yard

Predetermined and Applied Overhead Rates: Ganzalez Inc.

Ganzalez, Inc., manufactures stereo speakers in two factories: one in Vandalia, Illinois and another in Modesto, California. The Vandalia factory uses DL$ for its overhead rate and the Modesto factory uses machine-hours (MHs) for its overhead rate. Information related to both plants for last year is presented below: Vandalia

Absorption & Contribution Statement: Mr. Rosen, Jokkmok Industries

Mr. Rosen is the manager of a division of Jokkmok Industries. He is one of several managers being considered for the position of CEO, as the current CEO is retiring in a year. All divisions use standard absorption costing. The division has the capacity to produce 50,000 units a quarter and quarterly fixed overhead amounts to

Preferred Format for a Segment Income

The preferred format for a segmented income statement emphasizes: a) direct and common fixed costs b) variable and fixed costs c) operating expenses and fixed costs d) variable costs and operating expenses.

Effective Performance Reports

For performance reports to be most effective for management by exception, they should: a) be issued at the same time for all responsible centers b) be held until the financial statement for the month have been issued c) be issued as soon after the activity or period covered as possible d) show all of the costs associated wit

The Number of Pillows to Sell to Make a Certain Gross Profit

Questions 4-5 are based on the following information. Dreamland Pillow Company sells the "Old Softy" model for $20 each. One pillow requires two pounds of raw material and one hour of direct labor to manufacture. Raw material costs $3 per pound and direct production labor is paid $4 per hour. Fixed supervisory costs are $2,

Account/Business Analysis/Financial Reporting MCQs

UNIT-3 2) To compute FICA-OASDI tax to be withheld: A) use net earnings and Form W-4. B) use gross earnings, number of allowances, and marital status. C) use the net earnings and number of allowances. D) None of these answers are correct. 4) Wendy Nelson works 48 hours as a graphic designer. Compute her weekly pay.

Favorable Material Quality Variance

A favorable material quality variance would occur if: a) more material is purchased than is used b) actual pounds of material used were less than the standard pounds allowed c) actual labor hours used was greater than the standard labor hours allowed d) actual pounds of material used was greater than the standard pounds al

Calculating Tax Liability, Marginal Rate, Effective Tax Rates

Williams Inc reports total net income of $130,000 during 2012. This includes $10,000 of income from 5.5% Orange County municipal bonds. Thus the Corporation's taxable income is equal to $120,000. a) What is William's tax liability for 2012? b) What are William's marginal, average and effective tax rates, respectively? c) I

Variance and Control Purposes

If it is to be most useful for control purposes, what variance should be reported to the supervisor responsible for the number of pounds of corn syrup used in the manufacture of candy bar? a) Raw material price variance, expressed in cents per pound. b) Raw material usage variance, expressed as a total cost for the month. c

Calculation of Operating Income

Bob's Backpacks manufactures school backpacks adorned with movie-theme logos. During the first quarter of the year, the company had the following costs: Direct materials used $51,500 Direct labor 39,000 Factory rent 73,500 Factory equipment depreciation 13,500 Office equipment depreciation 1,100 Marketing expenses 5,800

Equitable Adjustments

The Conrad Corporation is a clothing manufacturer that won a sealed-bid contract to produce uniforms for the Government. Now several months later, Conrad has submitted a claim related to the Government's failure to provide Government Furnished Material (GFM). The following paragraphs outline contract events related to the clai

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model

The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model is helpful in determining accurate inventory decisions. Discuss the major inventory costs that are used in determining the EOQ. Propose an example from your own experience or what you could imagine where EOQ could be used to improve inventory decisions.

Intermediate Accounting Questions

Hello, if you can please help with the below problems and provide an explanation to the solution. I have trouble with the following topics. 1. Stan Ocean Works sells scuba equipment, which carry a 2-year warranty against defects. Past experience has given them a basis to estimate warranty costs as a percent of sales as follo

Variable vs Absorption Costing

Using the Part A data: Under which method (variable or absorption costing), will reported profits be higher? Explain why. Part A Data Budgeted and actual fixed costs $1,000,000 Budgeted unit volume to be produced 10,000 Budgeted unit volume sold 10,000 Actual variable costs $500,000 Actual unit volume sold 9,000 Beginn

Barton Products, Inc

Mike Barton owns Barton Products, Inc. The corporation has 30 employees. Barton Corporation expects $800,000 of net income before taxes in 2012. Mike is married and files a joint return with his wife, Elaine, who has no earnings of her own. They have one dependent son, Robert, who is 16 years old. Mike and Elaine have no other i

Accounting Informations Systems

Cost-effective controls to provide confidentiality require valuing the information that is to be protected. This involves classifying the information into discrete categories. Propose a minimal classification scheme that can be used to protect any business and provide examples of the type of information that would fall into each

Concept of Standards

The concept of a standard used for planning and control purpose is most like a a) measure of ideal performance b) unit budget c) measure of maximum efficiency d) measure of historical performance

Accounting Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

Problem 17-1 (Algorithmic) Horizontal Analysis for Income Statement For 2012, Wiglaf Company reported its most significant decline in net income in years. At the end of the year, C.S. Lewis, the president, is presented with the following condensed comparative income statement: Wiglaf Company 1. Prepare a comparative inc

Resume Review

In order to mimic the average time a hiring manager spends on a resume, look at each of the following resumes for about 30 seconds and write down your first thoughts. Then, go back and critique the resumes for improvement, answering the questions below. Download and review the resumes as if you are screening candidates for a var

Crystal Glass Company

Crystal Glass is a producer of heirloom-quality glassware. The company has a solid reputation and is widely regarded as a model corporate citizen. You have recently been hired as a staff accountant at a time when the company is experiencing rapid growth and is looking for a substantial increase in the line of credit at the local

Horizontal Analysis vs. Vertical Analysis

Your friend comments, "Horizontal analysis is better than vertical analysis because you can actually see if things are improving between the years." Do you agree with this statement? Explain why or why not. If you were an investor who was considering a potential company in which to buy stock, what three ratios would be your t