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Purchasing a New Television

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Assume you want to purchase a new TV. Your current TV was purchased 3 years ago for $200. You have gathered the following information about the two models in final consideration:

Factors Xenabox 1000 BigScreen 1050
Screen Size 32 inch 32 inch
Picture Quality Great Good
Cost $400 $325
Delivery Charge $50 $50

Answer the following:
A) Which of the factors listed are relevant to your decision? Explain why or why not for each one.
B) Is the cost of your old TV relevant? Why or why not?
C) Which of the factors are quantitative and which are qualitative?

a. The BigScreen 1050 will be the best buy
b. Yes, the value don't deprecate quickly
c. Both are in quantitative because them are both 32 in and in fair condition

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This solution provides steps necessary to determine which television to purchase.

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a. The BigScreen 1050 will be the best buy. You're correct. The quality is comparable but the final price is considerably lower, so the 1050 model is ...

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