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    This is a problem from my Management Accounting textbook by Kaplan, Young, and Atkinson - fourth edition. It is about gainsharing. A company manufactures breakfast cereals. The production workers are part of a gainsharing program that works like this: A target level of labor costs is set based on the achieved level of prod

    3 Accounting Questions

    1. Rockwell Paper Company had earnings after taxes of $580,000 in the year 2003 with 400,000 shares of stock outstanding. On January 1, 2004, the firm issued 35,000 new shares. Because of the proceeds from these new shares and other operating improvements, earnings after taxes increased by 25% (a) Compute earning per share f

    Controlling Cash

    Which of the following is not a method to control cash? A. Using electronic funds transfers B. Using bank accounts C. Using a petty cash fund D. Performing surprise cash counts

    Outstanding checks

    Outstanding checks will cause: A. The bank balance to be larger than the company's book balance B. The book balance to be larger than the company's bank balance C. No change to either balance D. None of the above

    NSF Checks

    10. A Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) check will cause: A. The bank balance to be larger than the company's book balance B. The book balance to be larger than the company's bank balance C. No change to either balance D. None of the above

    Post Tax Returns

    Bernie and Pam Britten are a young married couple beginning careers and establishing a household. They will each make about $50,000 next year and will have accumulated about $40,000 to invest. They now rent an apartment but are considering purchasing a condominium for $100,000. If they do, a down payment of $10,000 will be requi

    Cost Allocation & Activity Based Costing: Overhead Costs

    1. Using activity-based systems, the stage of the management cycle that identifies actions that will reduce the full product or service cost is a. planning. b. executing. c. reviewing. d. reporting. 2. Lasso Corp. budgeted $250,000 of overhead cost for 2001. Actual overhead costs for the year were $240,0

    Stock Problem: Rate of Return

    Problem attached. 1. Suppose you purchased the Oct. 170 calls. What would your return be if the stock price ended at $185 on Oct. 16 AND how does this rate of return compare to just buying and selling the stock?... (Compete problem set and tables found in attached file).

    Make or Buy

    The ski selected is a mass market ski with a special bindings. it will be sold to wholesaler for $80 per pair. Because of availability capacity, no additional fixed charges will be incurred to produce the skis. A $100,000 fixed charge will be absorbed by the skis, however, to allocate a fair share of the company's present fix



    How much would Division 3's income from operations increase?

    Materials used by Aero-Products Inc. in producing Division 3's product are currently purchasing from outside suppliers at a cost of $5 per unit. However, the same materials are available from Division 6. Division 6 has unused capacity and can produce the materials needed by Division 3 at a variable cost of $3 per unit. A tran

    A debit entry to an account will:

    A. Always decrease the account balance. B. Always increase the account balance. C. Increase the balance of a revenue account. D. Increase the balance of an expense account.

    1. Prepare Jones' Department A Cost of Production Report for October 2. Determine (a) the estimated sales in units of the overall product necessary to reach the breakeven point for the coming year, (b) the estimated number of units of each product necessary to be sold to reach the breakeven point for the coming year, and (c) the estimated sales in units of the overall product necessary to realize an operating income of $119,600 for the coming year.

    1. Jones Co. manufactures a product called Zenns in a three-process series. All materials are introduced at the beginning of the first process. Jones uses the first-in, first-out method of inventory costing. Unit and cost data for the first process (Department A) for the month of October 2003 follow: Units Completion Cost Work

    Equipment Production Cost Comparison

    I want to compare 2 pieces of equipment to determine when the sales level, in units, and the cost will be the same for both pieces of equipment. I know the capacity related costs, flexible costs per unit and the sales price per unit for each piece of equipment. How do you determine when the cost will be the same?

    Payroll, FICA tax, Gross pay

    Other accrued liabilities-payroll. The following summary data for the payroll period ended on November 14, 2003, are available for Brac Construction, Ltd.: Gross pay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ ? FICA tax withholdings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ? Income tax withh

    Determine the Contribution Margin, Annual Break-even Point & Operating Income

    Andre has asked you to evaluate his business, Andre's Hair Styling. Andre has five barbers working for him. (Andre is not one of them.) Each barber is paid $9.90 per hour and works a 40-hour week and a 50-week year, regardless of the number of haircuts. Rent and other fixed expenses are $1,750 per month. Assume that the only ser

    Accounting questions - Matching Review

    Please assist me with these questions (also attached): MATCHING Instructions: Designate the terminology that best represents the definition or statement given below by placing the identifying letter(s)in the space provided. No letter should be used more than once. A. Additions and improvements AA. Internal control B. A

    Overhead Cost / Variance Questions

    Please assist me with these questions ... Thank you! See attached excel file. 11. In the direct labor variance matrix, there are three factors: (1) Actual hours à? Actual rate, (2) Actual hours à? Standard rate, and (3) Standard hours à? Standard rate. Using the numbers, indicate the formulas for each of the direct l

    mean family income in a rural area of central Florida.

    You are to conduct a sample survey to determine the mean family income in a rural area of central Florida. The question is, how many families should be sampled? In a pilot sample of 10 families, the standard deviation of the sample was $500. The sponsor of the survey wants you to use the 95 percent confidence level. The estimate

    Accounting questions

    Please help with answering multiple choice in the attached doc. 42. Under the corporate form of business organization a. a stockholder is personally liable for the debts of the corporation. b. stockholders' acts can bind the corporation even though the stockholders have not been appointed as agents of the corporation. c. t

    Accounting Problems for Dwyer Corporation Issues

    Ex. 160 Dwyer Corporation issues a $500,000, 12%, 20-year mortgage note payable on December 31, 2003, to obtain needed financing for the construction of a building addition. The terms provide for semiannual installment payments of $33,231 on June 30 and December 31. Instructions (a) Prepare the journal entries to record the


    Would you rather receive a cash or stock dividend? Why? What are the criteria for using the cost, equity, or consolidated method of accounting?

    Accounting problems

    E2-17 Instructions: a) Fill in the missing amounts b) Journalize the February paroll and the payment of the payroll. Please see attached.

    Overhead rate-activity based costing

    I need help verifying and completing this problem. Please see attached worksheet. Thank you!!! Instructions a. Determine the overhead rate for each activity. b. Assign the manufacturing overhead costs for April to the two products using activity-based costing. c. Write a memorandum to the president of Fribourg Instrument