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    Explain how the organization's architecture might optimally change now that Joop has taken over...

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    This is for Accounting utilizing Accounting for Decision Making and control, 5th edition, by Jerold L. Zimmerman. Each question should be approximately one to two full pages to allow a thorough discussion of the case material. Typed double space.

    Jan Vanderschimdt was the founder of a successful chain of restaurants located throughout Europe. He died unexpectedly last week at the age of 55. Jan was sole owner of the company's common stock and was known for being very authoritarian. He made most of the company's personnel decisions himself. He also made most of the decisions on the menu selection, food suppliers, advertising programs, and so on. Employees throughout the firm are paid fixed salaries and have been heavily monitored by Mr. Vanderschmidt. Jan's son, Joop, spent his youth driving BMW's around the Netherlands and Germany at high speeds. He spent little time working with his dad in the restaurant business. Nevertheless, Joop is highly intelligent and just received his MBA degree from a prestigious school. Joop had decided to follow his father as the chief operating officer of the restaurant chain.

    Explain how the organization's architecture might optimally change now that Joop has taken over.

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    Since Jan's son Joop is intelligent and has just received his MBA degree from a prestigious school, the organizations architecture can optimally change in the following manner:
    First, Joop is likely to provide the role of the quality leader, that is he can effectively play the role of the ascertaining the needs of the customers who patronize his restaurant and improve the quality of the offerings of his restaurant so that the customer satisfaction is achieved.
    Second, Joop is likely to assign Master Black Belts in critical areas of operation. Master Black Belts are typically assigned to a specific area or function of Jan's business.. It may be a functional area such as human resources or legal, or process specific area such as billing or menu selection. MBBs work with the owners of the process to ensure that quality objectives and targets are set, plans are determined, progress is tracked, and education is provided.
    Third, Joop is likely to appoint a process owner. Process owners are exactly as the name sounds - they are the responsible individuals for a specific process. For instance, in the legal department there is usually one person in charge -- maybe the VP of ...