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    Payroll Accounting

    Can you help me understand this question? Employee earnings records for Brantley Company reveal the following gross earnings for four employees through the pay period of December 15. C. Mays $83,500 D. Delgado $86,100 L. Jeter $85,600 T. Rolen $87,000 For the pay period ending December 31, each employee's gross earnin

    What is the relationship between average and marginal productivity?

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? What is the relationship between average and marginal productivity? "Where marginal product exceeds average productivity, average productivity rises. And where marginal productivity is less than average productivity, average productivity declines when the variable input in

    MA_U10_39-43: factory overhead, volume variance, standard costs, profit center

    MA_U10_39-43: please see attachment for problems. 39. The standard factory overhead rate is $10 per direct labor hour ($8 for variable factory overhead and $2 for fixed factory overhead) based on 100% capacity of 30,000 direct labor hours. The standard cost and the actual cost of factory overhead for the production of 5,000 u

    calculating Taxable income

    During 2007 Richard and Debbie, who are married and have two dependent children, have the following income and losses: Total salaries $130,000 Bank account interest 25,000 Short-term capital gains 4,000 Short-term capital losses (1,500) They also in

    Accounting Refresher Worksheet

    Please see attached. Given the characteristics of useful accounting information, complete each of the following statements. 1. For information to be _____, it should have predictive or feedback value, and it must be presented on a timely basis. 2. _____ is the quality of information that gives assurance that it is free of e

    What is the full disclosure principal in accounting?

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? Prepare a 700-word paper in which you answer the following question: What is the full disclosure principal in accounting? Why has disclosure increased substantially in the last 10 year? Include an explanation of the need for full disclosure in financial reporting and identi

    Chan Manufacturing: Variable and Absorption Costing

    Can you help me understand this question? Variable & Absorption Costing Chan Manufacturing Company data for 20X7 follow: Sales : 12,000 units at $17 each Actual Production 15,000 units Expected volume of production 18,000 units Manufacturing costs incurred Variable $120,000

    Calculating Earnings per Share for Callaway Golf

    The following information is available for Callaway Golf Company for the years 2004 and 2003. (Dollars are in thousands, except share information.) 2004 2003 Net sales $934,564 $814,032 Net income (loss) (10,103) 45,523 Total a

    Like-Kind Property: which exchange transactions qualify under Sec 1031?

    Which of the following exchanges qualify as like-kind exchanges under Sec. 1031? a. Acme Corporation stock held for investment purposes for Mesa Corporation stock also held for investment purposes b. A motel used in a trade or business for an apartment complex held for investment c. A pecan orchard in Texas used in a tr

    Compare the tax burden for each entity and shareholder

    A corporation earns $2 per share before taxes. Once it has paid taxes it will distribute the rest of its earnings to you as a dividend. There are 250,000 shares outstanding, you have owned 50,000 shares for >5 years. The corporate tax rate is 35%; the personal tax rate is 34% on ordinary income; and the dividend tax rate is 1

    Question about Basic accounting equation

    BE1-3 At the beginning of the year, Gonzales Company had total assets of $870,000 and total liabilities of $500,000. Answer the following questions. (a) If total assets increased $150,000 during the year and total liabilities decreased $80,000, what is the amount of stockholders' equity at the end of the year? (b) During

    Plant wide overhead application

    3-13 Department Milling Assembly Direct labor-hours 8,000 75,000 Machine-hours 60,000 3,000 Manufacturing overhead cost $510,000 $800,000 Direct labor cost $72,000 $640,000 Required: 1. Compute the predetermined overhead rate to be used in each department. 2. Assume that the overhead rates you computed in (1) abov

    Income tax: Partnership

    2. James received $42,000 cash and a capital asset (basis of $45,000 and fair market value of $54,000) in a proportionate liquidating distribution. His basis in his partnership interest was $90,000 prior to the distribution. How much gain or loss does James recognize and what is his basis in the asset received? a. $0 gain or

    Income tax: WXY Partnership

    20. Wendy receives a proportionate non-liquidating distribution from the WXY Partnership. The distribution consists of $75,000 cash and property with an adjusted basis to the partnership of $20,000 and a fair market value of $25,000. Immediately before the distribution, Wendy's adjusted basis for her partnership interest is $90,

    Income tax: Partnership losses for Rene in RST

    9. René is a partner in the RST Partnership, which is not publicly traded. Her allocable share of RST's passive ordinary losses from a nonrealty activity for the current year is ($60,000). René has a $40,000 adjusted basis (outside basis) for her interest in RST (before deduction of any of the passive losses). Her amount "at r

    Partnership Interest Transferred to Susan is Taxable

    1. Tina and Randy formed the TR Partnership four years ago. Because they decided the company needed some expertise in multimedia presentations, they offered Susan a 1/3 interest in partnership capital and profits if she would come to work for the partnership. On July 1 of the current year, the unrestricted partnership interest (

    Income tax: Partnership basis for Sarah and Bart

    On January 1 of the current year, Sarah and Bart form an equal partnership. Sarah makes a cash contribution of $60,000 and a property contribution (adjusted basis of $160,000; fair market value of $140,000) in exchange for her interest in the partnership. Bart contributes property (adjusted basis of $120,000; fair market value o

    Income tax: Contribution of Property

    True/False Milton contributed property to the MDB Partnership in 2006. At the time of the contribution, the basis in the property was $10,000 and its value was $15,000. In 2008, MDB distributed that property to partner Dana. Milton may be required to recognize gain on the distribution to Dana.

    Income Tax: Corporations & Partnerships True or False

    Can you help me understand this? True/False Mail, a partner in the MB Partnership, receives a proportionate, nonliquidating distribution of property having a fair market value of $16,000 and a partnership basis of $23,000. Mail's basis in the partnership is $10,000 before the distribution. In this situation, Mail will take

    Income tax: LMO Partnerships

    Can you help me understand this? True/False The LMO Partnership distributed $30,000 cash to Laura in a proportionate, nonliquidating distribution. Laura's basis in her partnership interest was $25,000 immediately before the distribution. As a result of the distribution, Laura's basis is reduced to ($5,000) (negative) and s

    Income tax: Hardy's Basis Partnerships

    True/False Hardy's basis in his partnership interest was $5,000 at the beginning of the tax year. For the year, his share of the partnership's loss was $6,000, and he also received a distribution of $3,000. Hardy can deduct a $2,000 loss, and the remaining $4,000 loss is suspended until a year in which he has adequate basis.