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    Compute the FICA withholdings and Payroll Accounting

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    Employee earnings records for Brantley Company reveal the following gross earnings for four employees through the pay period of December 15.
    C. Mays $83,500
    D. Delgado $86,100
    L. Jeter $85,600
    T. Rolen $87,000

    For the pay period ending December 31, each employee's gross earnings is $3,000. The FICA tax rate is 8% on gross earnings of $87,900.

    Compute the FICA withholdings that should be made for each employee for the December 31 pay period. (Show computations.)

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    C. Mays

    Earnings up to Dec 15 $83,500
    For period ending Dec 31 $ 3,000
    Total Earnings $86,500

    FICA withholding @8% $6,920
    of earnings up to ...

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