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    Contribution margin and Break even point

    Perrson Company makes two types of backpacks. Data for the company's activity during a typical month are presented below: School Hiker Model Model Sales units 40,000 40,000 Selling price per unit $6 $18 Variable expense per unit

    New EPS and Stock Price After the Sale

    Aero Company currently has net income of $3 million and 1.5 million common shares outstanding which sell for $20 per share. Aero has decided to issue new stock to raise $4,000,000 to expand its operations. Aero's investment banker will sell the new shares for $18 per share with a spread of 7%. There will be a $60,000 registratio

    Production combination will produce the greatest profit

    What production combination will produce the greatest profit for the firm? Justify your choice. See attached file. The HighTech Corporation manufactures sound systems for the retail market. It makes two product lines: super model and deluxe model. Annual cost and production information is summarized below:

    Activity Cost Pool - Absorption and Variable Costing; Kuzio; Eccles

    Assuming that direct labor is a variable cost, the primary difference between the absorption and variable costing is that: A. variable costing treats only direct materials and direct labor as product cost while absorption costing treats direct materials, direct labor, and the variable portion of manufacturing overhead as prod

    Gandy and Rice: Sunk Cost and Operating Income (loss)

    Gandy Company has 5,000 obsolete desk lamps that are carried in inventory at a manufacturing cost of $50,000. If the lamps are reworked for $20,000, they could be sold for $35,000. Alternatively, the lamps could be sold for $8,000 for scrap. In a decision model analyzing these alternatives, the sunk cost would be: A. $8,000

    License Requirements for a CPA: the Value that a CPA Adds to a Company

    A contract is awarded to the privately owned company that you work for. It will require the company to submit it's audited financial statements. Audits and audited financial statements are not familiar to the company's owner. Design a report for the owner as the Controller, and explain the work of independent CPAs, auditing stan

    Transfer Price issues between the Taif and LA Ind divisions

    LTD is a diversified manufacturing company with a decentralized management structure. Each major division is treated as a profit center. One of the divisions is Taif, a chemical plant that produces a single product, XY. In recent years, the entire annual output of 400,000 tons of XY has been sold to another division, LA Ind,

    Dividend Irrelevance Question

    Please help with the following problem involving dividend irrelevance. Dividend Irrelevance. You own 2,000 shares of patriot Corporation, which is about to raise its dividend from $.75 to $1.00 per share. The share price is currently $100. You would prefer that the dividend remain at its current level.

    P13-2A Haroun Company: Calculation and analysis of trend percents

    See pdf file attached Problem 13-2A: Calculation and analysis of trend percents L.O. A1, P1 Selected comparative financial statements of Haroun Company follow: HAROUN COMPANY Comparative Income Statements ($000) For Years Ended December 31, 2009-2003 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 Sales $ 1,694 $ 1,496 $ 1,370 $ 1

    Calculation of Optimal Ordering Cost and Optimal Cost

    1. Our office orders 60 reams of paper at a time. The carrying cost is 40% of the $10 unit cost and that annual demand is about 240 reams per year. The assumptions of the basic EOQ model are thought to apply. For what value of ordering cost would its action be optimal? 2. Our office is facing an ordering relating to purchasi

    Business Taxation True/False and Multiple Choose

    Can you please help with some True/False and Multiple questions for an accounting class specializing in Business Taxation. My school is located in Minnesota so all US GAAP, etc would apply. 1. Dew-Drop Trust had a $10,000 of dividend income and a $7,000 capital gain for the year. The trust is a simple trust. Under state law b

    Accounting Equation - Balance

    What is the accounting equation? What does it tell you? Why does it have to balance? What happens if the equation does not balance? How does technology play a role in this?

    Partners dealings with partnership

    James is a 50% partner in JL Partnership. James sells land at a loss of $20,000 to the partnership. Do you agree that James's loss involving the sale of the land to the partnership should be disallowed on his Form 1040? Why or why not?

    Lyle & Kaye James: Complete Form 1040, Schedules A, D, and E

    1. Lyle and Kaye James are married, have two minor children, Jessica age 8 and Jerron age 4, and are filing a joint tax return in the current year. They are both employed. Lyle and Kaye, ages 38 and 37, respectively, have combined salaries of $240,000, from which $42,000 of federal income tax and $10,000 of state income tax are

    Managerial accounting information and costing methods and Techniques

    I need help figuring out the practice problems attached. Please show work were needed. Thanks so much for your help! Practice Problems Week 5 1. Managerial accounting information A) pertains to the entity as a whole and is highly aggregated. B) must be prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles

    Please assist me with the following accounting problems.

    I am having problems with the following 5 accounting problems. Can you help me? I have attached my information to assist you. Thank you in advance for your assistance! Answer the five questions. Question #5, can be submitted in an in an Excel file. All other responses should be contained in a single Word file. Maximum leng

    Net effect of sale of equipment

    Question 34: Alaric Corporation recently sold equipment for $35,500. The equipment was purchased five years ago for $127,000. The accumulated depreciation on the equipment on the date of sale was $78,000. Alaric uses the indirect method to prepare its statement of cash flows. What net effect will this sale have on the investing

    Net Cash Provided by Financing Activities

    Question 33: Hanna Corporation's most recent balance sheet appears below: Comparative Balance Sheet Ending Balance Beginning Balance Assets: Cash and cash equivalents $ 55 $ 44 Accounts receivable 55 50 Inventory 73 64 Plant and equipment 641 450 Accumulated depreciation ( 331) ( 345) Total assets $493

    Solve: Segment Margin

    Please help with the following problem. Provide a simple solution for each. Ferrar Corporation has two major business segments - Consumer and Commercial. Data for the segment and for the company for March appear below: Sales revenues, Consumer $681,000 Sales revenues, Commercial $300,000 Variable expenses, Consu

    Important Information about J Corporation's Net Operating Income

    Question 19: J Corporation has two divisions. Division A has a contribution margin of $79,200 and Division B has a contribution margin of $130,000. If total traceable fixed costs are $71,500 and total common fixed costs are $32,500, what is J Corporation's net operating income? $114,200 $93,200 $111,200

    Contribution margin 17

    Question 17: (2 points) Ferrar Corporation has two major business segments-Consumer and Commercial. Data for the segment and for the company for March appear below: Sales revenues, Consumer $695,000 Sales revenues, Commercial $292,000 Variable expenses, Consumer $392,000 Variable expenses, Commercial $13

    Predetermined overhead rate 15

    Question 15: (2 points) Recht Corporation's summary flexible budget for two levels of activity appears below: Cost Formula (per machine-hour) Activity (in machine-hours) 1,190 1,290 Total variable overhead cost $9.2 $ 10,948 $ 11,868 Total fixed overhead cost 18,088 18,088 Total overhead cost $29,0

    Asper Corporation

    See the attached file. Question 12: Asper Corporation has provided the following data for February. Denominator level of activity 7,200 machine-hours Budgeted fixed overhead costs $271,420 Fixed portion of the predetermined overhead rate $33.7 per machine-hour Actual level of activity 7,400 machine-hours Standard