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    Calculating Fixed/Variable Maintenance Costs

    Peoria Implements Company produces farm implements. Peoria is in the process of measuring its manufacturing costs and is particularly interested in the costs of the manufacturing maintenance activity, since maintenance is a significant mixed cost. Activity analysis indicates that maintenance activity consists primarily of mainte

    Fundamentals of Financial accounting practice problems

    Please complete the attached practice problems. Use the attached excel template for practice problem number 7. 1) 3. Define accrual accounting and contrast it with cash basis accounting. 2) 4. What four conditions must normally be met for revenue to be recognized under accrual basis accounting? 3) 2. Identify and


    Baker Company has three employees. Its payroll information is given below Employee Earning prior October To October earnings John $78,200 $11,230 Alice 6,430

    Jesse Lynne Co: Manufacturing Overhead Cost, budgeted

    The Jessie Lynne Company manufactures playground equipment. For 2004, budgeted manufacturing overhead is $240,000. Budgeted direct labor is $30,000 hours at a cost of $384,000. Budgeted machine hours are 12,500. a. When production begins on Jan 1 2004, would it be a good idea for the managers to determine the cost of the manu

    Winston Corp: Calculating Net Income

    Winston Corporation purchased 40% of the stock of Fullbright Company on January 21, 20x2, at underlying book value. The companies reported the following operating results and dividend payments during the first three years of intercorporate ownership. See the required data in the attached document. Compute the net income r

    Difference between NOPAT and net income. What is free cash flow (FCF)?

    I am looking for a detailed responses in essay form to better understand the subject matter. A) In your own words, please explain the difference between NOPAT and net income? Which is a better measure of the performance of a firm's operations? B) In your words, What is free cash flow (FCF)? I personally know that ba

    Shimano Company: computer overhead application rate and the amount allocated

    The Shimano Company allocates manufacturing overhead to production based on direct labor hours. The following information is available for Shimano: Estimated manufacturing overhead $403,200 Actual manufacturing overhead $378,000 Estimated direct labor hours 21,000 Actual direct labor hours 20,000 a. Compu

    Write Down of Impaired Assets & IAS 36

    For several years, a number of Food Lions,Inc.,grocery stores were unprofitable. The company closed, and continues to close some of these locations. It is apparent that the company will not be able to recover the cost of the assets associated with the closed stores. Thus, the current value of these impaired assets must be writ

    Jones Company's accounts rec. show the balances by age:

    Jones Company's accounts rec. show the balances by age: Age of rec. Balance 0-30 days $600,000 31-60 days $175,000 61-120 days $70,000 more than 120days $10,000 The credit bal. in the allowance for uncollectible accts. is $2,500 and the bad debt exp. is $18,000 prior to any adj. journal entries.

    Amanda Company's Income Tax and Deferred Tax

    Amanda Company began manufacturing operations on January 2, Year 4. In Year 4, Amanda earned a pretax book income of $300,000 and had taxable income of $400,000. The difference related to accrued product warranty costs which are expected to be paid out as follows: Year 5: $60,000; Year 6: $30,000; and Year 7: $10,000. The en

    Income Tax Reporting

    William Company reported $550,000 in financial (book) income before taxes for Year 3. Tax depreciation for the year exceeded book depreciation by $50,000. The tax rate for Year 3 was 30%, and Congress enacted a tax rate of 40% for years after year 3. 1. What is the deferred tax reported on William's December 31, Year 3 bal

    Income Tax Reporting

    Matthew Company reported $350,000 in income before income tax for financial reporting (book) purposes in Year 3, its first year of operation. The tax depreciation exceeded its book depreciation by $30,000. The tax rate for Year 3 and all future years is 40%. 1. What amount of deferred income tax should Matthew report in i

    ABC joint venture with XYZ: Which state has jurisdiction for a civil lawsuit?

    ABC is a multinational enterprise (MNE) incorporated in State X. ABC entered into a joint venture agreement with XYZ, an MNE incorporated in State Y, to jointly produce a new line of hydraulic equipment in ABC's new factory in State Z, a developing nation. ABC & XYZ have mutually agreed to have the law of State Y govern any disp

    Management Accounting: job-costing system, process costing, job-order system

    1. One of your co-workers says, "I don't know why we spent so much money on this new job-costing system. I can do everything we need on an Excel spreadsheet. If the CFO had listened to me, we could have saved a ton of money." Is your co-worker right? Can a simple spreadsheet take the place of a job-costing system? Explain. 2

    The order of liquidity

    1) What is the order of liquidity? 2) How does the order of liquidity apply to the balance sheet?

    High-low method of cost estimation

    1. The three most common cost behavior classifications are _________. variable costs, product costs, and sunk costs fixed costs, variable costs, and mixed costs variable costs, period costs, and differential costs variable costs, sunk costs, and opportunity costs 2. Most operating de

    Accrued expenses

    What are accrued expenses? How are accrued expenses accounted for on a company's financial statements? If accrued expenses are not properly accounted for, what is the effect on the financial statements?

    Relation Between Income Tax Expense & Effective Tax Rate

    See attached Excel file. In the attached problem, the Income tax expense went down significantly when comparing 12/31/07 to 12/31/08, but the effective tax rate went up. What are some basic areas I can look at to understand the reasoning of this change.

    Significant Accounting Estimate

    What is an example of a significant accounting estimate? What is the importance of these estimates? How do ethics play into the decision making process? Which financial statements include significant accounting estimates? Why?

    Tax Memo: Can Barney take a bad debt deduction for uncollected wages?

    Write a memo to file and a client letter explaining the results of your search. Problem: Last year your client, Barney Bumluck, worked part-time for Timely Tax Return Preparation Service. Barney was promised an hourly wage plus a commission. He worked under this arrangement from early February until April 15. His accrued p

    Capital projects and report for CAFR for North Carolina

    Http://www.ncosc.net/financial/08_cafr/index.html using this website site I need to know in 300 words which capital projects are long lived assets and also from the same web site and about 300 words the reconciliation of government wide and fund financial statements.

    Monthly income and expense plan: Donna & Sherman Terrel

    Can you help me with this assignment? Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages Donna and Sherman Terrel are preparing a budget for 2003. Donna is a systems analyst with an airplane manufacturer, and Sherman is working on a master's degree in educational psychology. The Terrels do not have any children or other dependents. Donna esti