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    Discuss four Accounting Regulatory Bodies, and organization's compliance.

    Write a paper in which you examine at least four accounting regulatory bodies and discuss how an organization complies with the standards of the regulatory bodies you selected. This must be completed using original work. Cite at least two references. Format your paper according to APA standards.

    Residual operating income

    The Coca-Cola Company reported an after-tax profit margin of 20.0 percent on its sales of $24,088 million in 2006. It also reported $102 million of other core income, mainly from equity investments in its bottling companies. Further analysis of its financial statements reveals an asset turnover (on net operating assets) of 1.32.

    Net Operating Assets

    A firm reports $3,721 million of net operating assets and %560 million of net financial obligations at the end of 2008. Its 105 million shares outstanding trade at $53 each. You expect its current core RNOA of 18.6 percent to continue at the same level in the future and also expect net operating assets to grow at 4 percent per y

    Present Value of a Corporate Bond

    Calculate the change in present value or price of an 8% (20 year) corporate bond given an increase in rate of inflation from 4% to 5%. Use a face value of $100 for your calculations.

    Standard Cost System/Overhead Variances

    Study Appendix 13 The Winnipeg Chemical Company uses flexible budgets and a standard cost system. ? Direct-labor costs incurred, 12,000 hours, $150,000 ? Variable-overhead costs incurred, $37,000 ? Fixed-overhead flexible-budget variance, $1,600, favorable ? Finished units produced, 1,800 ? Fixed-overhead costs incur

    Should the factory produce simple of premium cola?

    A factory processes raw honey into syrup and "simple" cola. A batch consists of 10,000 gallons of honey, costing $7,000. Processing costs are $40,000, and results in 8,000 gallons of syrup and 2,000 gallons of "simple" cola. Raw material and processing costs are allocated to the two products (Syrup and "Simple" Co

    Planning an Event from an Accounting Perspective

    We are planning a fundraiser. We plan to charge $15 per ticket. We can rent a facility for $300. Catered food will cost of $4 per meal, plus $100 for setting up the equipment. A band would be hired to play for $200 plus 5% of the "gate" (gross ticket sales). The fundraiser would like to net at least $4,000 from th

    Provide some examples of accounting estimates

    1-Provide some examples of accounting estimates. What is the "preferred" approach for changes in accounting estimates? 2-What is the proper treatment for reporting a change in entity? 3-In recent years, the Wall Street Journal has indicated that many companies have changed their accounting principles. What are the major reason

    Total savings from using new machine

    (Ignore taxes and the time value of money in this problem.) Harrison Architects is considering the purchase of a new special laser printer to replace the old printer the company uses to make construction blueprints. Selected information on the two machines is given below: Old Machine New Machine Original cost when new $13,

    Calculating Profit Sharing Contributions

    Peteresbourgh Medical Devices makes devices and equipment that it sells to hospitals. The organization has a profit sharing plan that is worded as follows: The company will make available a profit sharing pool that will be the lower of the following two items: 1.) 40% of income before taxes in excess of the target profit level,

    Gains recognized for significant experience

    Beth and Ben are equal partners in the BB partership, formed on June 1 of the current year. Ben contributed land that he inherited form his father 3 years ago. Ben's father purchased the land in 1950 for $6,000. The land was worth $50,000 when Ben's father died. The fair market value of the land was $75,000 at the date it wa

    Ryan Company: Compute net incoem at various transfer prices

    Ryan Company that has two divisions M & N. Product X is manufactured in US and sold domestically and to division N in France as well. A total of 900 units of X is produced and sold at $410 a unit in the U.S. Division N requires 300 units of X. Ryan Company has a total capacity of 1200 units. The company estimates the cost to

    Residual income and EVA

    See attached file. Saba Signs Company has provided the following data: The company requires a residual income of 6%. Required: a) Determine the residual income before and after the additional investment. b) Will the company accept the proposed additional investment if the management is evaluated by residual income?

    Saba Signs Co: Compute ROI scenarios

    See attached file. Saba Signs Company has provided the following data: Required: a) Determine ROI before the additional investment. b) Determine ROI of the additional investment. c) Determine ROI after the additional investment. d) Will the manager accept the additional investment using ROI? Why or why not? e) If Sa

    Atherton Company: Compute the four variances for variable

    See attached file. Atherton Company uses a four-way analysis for overhead. The following information is available for August for overhead: The company closes all variances to cost of goods sold. Required: Compute the four variances for variable and fixed overhead and indicate if they are favorable or unfavorable.

    Buy the plugs and rent the facility, or buy the plugs and not rent

    Regis Company manufactures plugs used in its manufacturing cycle at a cost of $36 per unit that includes $8 of fixed overhead. Regis needs 30,000 of these plugs annually, and Orlan Company has offered to sell these units to Regis at $33 per unit. If Regis decides to purchase the plugs, $60,000 of the annual fixed overhead ap

    The Internal Business Process Perspective

    Identify at least three objectives for improving the organization's internal business processes, and show how they relate to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization

    Net cash paid to shareholders, comprehensive income

    Case 4 Microsoft has undoubtedly the most successful software firm ever. Between 1994 and 2000, the firms revenues increased from 2.8$ billion to 23.0 billion and its earnings from 708$ million to 9.4$ billion. Over the two year 1998 to 2000, its stock price increased from 36$ per share to almost 120$, giving it a trailing

    Liquidation of a Partnership Calculations

    The partnership is not going well, and Tribbs, Bob, and Paul decide to liquidate the partnership. Paul is a little concerned. While Tribbs has plenty of money, Bob is personally insolvent. The partnership sells the apartment building for $165,000, which is a loss from its book value of $189,000. Using the attached balances,

    Winnipeg Chemical Company: Prepare an analysis of all variances

    The Winnipeg Chemical Company uses flexible budgets and a standard cost system. ? Direct-labor costs incurred, 12,000 hours,$150,000 ? Variable-overhead costs incurred, $37,000 ? Fixed-overhead flexible-budget variance,$1,600, favorable ? Finished units produced,1,800 ? Fi

    Prather Inc bought 80% of Sands: Prepare consolidation worksheet

    Prather Inc. bought eighty percent of the outstanding common stock of Sands Corp. on January 1, 2008, for $952,000 cash. Total book value of Sands on that date was only $840,000. However, Sands possessed several accounts that had fair market values that differed from their book values:

    Balance of Swanson Company's Investment in Life Products Inc

    On January 1, 2008, Swanson Company buys 300,000 shares of Life Products Inc.'s common stock for $1,800,000, the book value of the shares. This purchase gave Swanson a 30% ownership interest in Life Products Inc. and the ability to exercise significant influence over decision making. During 2008, Life Products Inc. reported $5

    Encumbrance affect on expenditures

    What is an encumbrance? How does an encumbrance affect expenses and expenditures? What is the impact of encumbrance accounting on a governmental budget?

    Accounting:Activity based costing.

    QUESTION 1 RH Company produces three (3) types of products (X, Y and Z), that consumes a similar direct material, PQR. Presented below is the information with regard to the production of a unit of product: X Y Z ($) ($) ($) Direct material cost 250 500 375 Direct labor cost 90 50 70 Support cost: Variable 75

    Tax treatment: Sue loaned her friend john $15K four years ago...

    Sue loaned her friend john $15K four years ago. John signed a note and made payments on the loan. Last year, when the remaining balance of the loan was $8K. John filed bankruptcy and notified Sue that he would be unable to repay the $8K balance remaining on the loan. Sue treated the $8k as a bad debt. Last year Sue had net l