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Accounting Analysis for Chieftain International, Inc.

Chieftain International, Inc. is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company. A recent balance sheet reported $208 million in assets with only $4.6 million in liabilities, all short-term accounts payable. During the year, Chieftain expanded its holdings of oil and natural gas rights, drilled 37 new wells, and inves

Real Estate Taxation

1. 1.1 Uncle Bill made a gift to nephew Bob of real estate having a fair market value of $500,000. Uncle Bill had purchased the property for $100,000 cash a year earlier. On the date of the gift of the real estate, Uncle Bill paid a gift tax of $100,000 on the $500,000 gift. The gift tax on $400,000 appreciation was $95,00

Net Income After Tax

Please see the attached file. 6. You are a shareholder in a C corporation. The corporation earns $2.00 per share before taxes. Once it has paid taxes it will distribute the rest of its earnings to you as a dividend. The corporate tax rate is 40% and the personal tax rate on (both dividend and non -dividend) income is 30%.

Fundamentals of Overhead Variances

The Durant Company is installing an absorption standard-cost system and a flexible-overhead budget. Standard costs have recently been developed for its only product and are as follows: Direct materials 3 pounds @ $20 $60 Direct labor 2 hours @ $14 28 Variable

Comparisons of Production-Volume Variance with Other Variances

Appendix 13: Comparisons of Production-Volume Variance with Other Variances The only new variance introduced in this chapter is the production-volume variance, which arises because fixed-overhead accounting must serve two masters: the control-budget purpose and the product-costing purpose. Underapplied or overapplied overhead

Underapplied and Overapplied Overhead

Underapplied and Overapplied Overhead Wosepka Welding Company applies factory overhead at a rate of $8.50 per direct-labor hour. Selected data for 20X7 operations are (in thousands): Case 1 Case 2 Direct-labor hours 30 36 Direct-labor cost $220 $245 Indirect-labor cost 32 40 Sales commissions 20 1

Tax Deductions and Taxable Income

1. Mr.Cox is a passionate stamp collector. His collection is so valuable that he keeps it in a safety deposit box in a local bank, which charges him $25 a month. Can he deduct this expense? Explain. 2. People frequently hold garage sales to sell used appliances, old furniture and clothing, books, toys, and other personal good

Allocating overhead costs

For example, let's assume that we have two departments in our facility which operate a variety of machines to mix a liquid chemical. Let's also assume that Dept. A's machines ran a total of 10000 hours and Dept. B's machines ran a total of 5000 hours for the month. All things being equal, you might choose machine hours as the

Accounting: Assumptions, Principles, and Constraints matching

(Assumptions, Principles, and Constraints) Presented below are the assumptions, principles, and constraints. 1. Economic Entity Assumption 2. Going concern assumption 3. Monetary unit assumption 4. Periodicity assumption 5. Historical cost principle 6. Fair value principle 7. Expense recognition principle 8. Full di

Overhead calculations.

4.19 Waheed Company uses normal costing. It allocates manufacturing overhead costs using a budgeted rater per machine-hour. The following data are available for 2008: Budgeted manufacturing overhead costs $4,000,000 Budgeted machine-hours 200,000 Actual manufacturing overhead costs $3,860,000 Actual machine-hours 195

Solomon Company: Diagram Job costing system; compute budgeted overhead rate

4-31 The Solomon Company uses a job-costing system at its Dover, Delaware, plant. The plant has a Machining Department and a Finishing Department. Solomon uses normal costing with two direct-cost categories (direct materials and direct manufacturing labor) and two manufacturing overhead cost pools (the Machining Department, w

Taxation: Regressive Tax and Computing Average Tax Rate

Suppose a tax is such that an individual with an income of $10,000 pays $2,000 of tax, a person with an income of $20,000 pays $3,000 of tax, a person with an income of $30,000 pays $4,000 of tax, and so forth. What is each person's average tax rate?

Collateral Estoppel Affecting Tax Research and Planning

1. What is Collateral Estoppel? How does Collateral Estoppel affect tax research and planning? 2. It has been said that the tax research process is more circular than linear. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. 3. List four benefits of using a computerized service to conduct tax research?

Service standards for commercial account servicing

Looking for some ideas for the following question. Commercial account servicing. Setting benchmarks / service standards for how accounts are handled. Monitoring quality control. Devising benchmarks for efficiency and effective use of IT systems in the "backroom" activities.

Compute predetermined overhead rate for each department; apply it

White Company has two departments, Cutting and Finishing. The company uses a job-order costing system and computes a predetermined overhead rate in each department. The Cutting Department bases its rate on machine-hours, and the Finishing Department bases its rate on direct labor cost. At the beginning of the year, the compan

Compute company's predetermined overhead rate

Estimated cost and operating data for three companies for the upcoming year follow: Company X Company Y Company Z Direct labor-hours 80,000 45,000 60,000 Machine-hours 30,000 70,000 21,000 Direct materials cost $400,000 $290,000 $300,000 Manu

Mortgage interest & donations in Japan, basis of accounting

Research guestions For questions #1 - #3, you should consider yourself as the tax professional. A client has come to you with the situation described. You should then advise the client on how best to proceed. For questions #1 - #3, I anticipate that you should be able to successfully complete the research by referring to r

How Do We Account for the Disposition of Fixed Assets?

How do we account for the disposition of fixed assets? What are the differences in how the exchanges of assets are handled, pending on whether they are similar or dissimilar? What is the rationale for these differences? What is the impact to the companies' financial statements?

Tax Issues to Consider in the Corporation

Can you help me get started with this assignment? P&J Corporation is to be owned equally by Pete and Joe. The corporation will be formed by exchanging the assets and liabilities of the P & J Manufacturing Partnership for all of the corporation's stock on September 1 of the current year. Both shareholders use the calendar year

Taxation: Amount of Their Itemized Deductions

Duke and Pat Colins have adjusted gross income of $500,000. They have itemized deductions of $20,000 consisting of $8,000 in medical expenses that exceed 7 1/2% of adjusted gross income, $3,000 in property taxes, $4,000 in housing interest, and $5,000 in miscellaneous itemized deductions that exceed 2% of adjusted gross income.

Analyzing a Current Policy

Please help with analyzing a current policy of how the three divisions are charged for IT cost and whether the company should acquire the additional capacity. And should the company change its policy of how it charges IT cost to the divisions? If so, what changes would you recommend? Please see attached files for referenc

Material and Labor Variance Computations

Material and Labor Variances Consider the following data: Costs incurred: actual inputs × actual prices incurred Direct Materials $154,000 Direct Labor $77,800 Actual inputs × expected prices

Relevance and Reliability

Please help with the concepts of Relevance and Reliability. The qualitative characteristics of financial accounting include relevance and reliability. Relevant information is useful for making decisions today, and therefore must be current. Reliable information is information that can be trusted. The more reliable the in

Artisans Shirtcraft Annual and Monthly Financial Statements

I need step by step in solving these problems because I don't understand it. I'm doing problems of Managerial accounting but I can't solve these problems, I don't understand, so I need you to explain to me the solution. Cases 6-1: Artisans Shirtcraft Background Artisans Shirtcraft manufactures and sells hand-painted shirts

Excel in action

As part of an effort to increase sales and profit margin. Music Makers' management is adopting a transfer pricing plan. The copying and packaging departments have been placed under divisional managers. As an incentive to cut costs, each division is expected to earn a gross margin of 10% on its divisional costs. The copying divis

Concept of Leverage

Which of the following is true about the concept of leverage? A) At the breakeven point, operating leverage is equal to zero. B) Combined leverage measures the impact of operating and financial leverage on EBIT. C) Financial leverage measures the impact of fixed costs on earnings. D) None of the above.

Expected Cash Balance at the End of January

Cash receipts for January are expected to total $171,000. Cash disbursements for January are expected to be $158,000. The company's minimum desired cash balance is $10,000. It started the period with $35,000. What is the expected cash balance at the end of January?

Recording Transactions using T Accounts: Example Problem

Using T accounts, record the following transactions to establish a new company: a) Company is established with a cash investment of $200,000 b) Purchased inventory on account for $60,000. Part 2: Now, again using T accounts, record the following transactions to operate this company: a) Cash sales of $140,000 are