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Applications of Accounting Concepts: Match concept to action

An accountant for a company makes the assumptions or performs the activities listed below. Match which of the following concepts of accrual accounting most directly relates to each assumption or action:

a) Periodicity
b) Going concern
c) Matching rule
d) Revenue recognition
e) Deferral
f) Accrual

1. In estimating the life of a building assumes that the business will last indefinitely

2. Records a sale when the customer is billed

3. Postpones the recognition of a one-year insurance policy as an expense by initially recording the expenditure as an asset

4. Recognizes the usefulness of financial statements prepared on a monthly basis even though they are based on estimates

5. Recognizes, by making an adjusting entry, wages expense that has been incurred but not yet recorded

6. Prepares an income statement that shows the revenues earned and the expenses incurred during the accounting period

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