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Compute Overhead Application Rate and Variances

55. Corinne's Country Rockers uses flexible budgeting. The company's budget for variable overhead is $24,000 and for fixed overhead is $15,000. When Corinne's analyzes this overhead using activity-based costing, the budgeted overhead of $39,000 is traced to six activities: materials handling, machinery setup, assembly, finishing

Incorporating Sole Proprietorship: Tax issues on transfer of assets to new entity

Keith's sole proprietorship holds assets that, if sold, would yield a gain of $100,000. It also owns assets that would yield a loss of $30,000. Keith incorporates his business using only gain assets. Two days later, Keith sells the loss assets to the newly formed corporation. What was Keith trying to accomplish? Will he be

Amount to deposit to buy a retirement home in 4 years

The Kellys are planning for a retirement home. They estimate they will need $200,000 4 years from now to purchase this home. Assuming an interest rate of 10%, what amount must be deposited at the end of each of the 4 years to fund the home price? (Round to two decimal places.)

CPA Manufacturing: Compute cost per unit, overhead allocation, cost of Job #846

1) CPA Manufacturing produces electronic storage devices, and uses the following three-part classification for its manufacturing costs: direct materials, direct manufacturing labor, and indirect manufacturing costs. Total indirect manufacturing costs for January were $300 million, and were allocated to each product on the basi

Break Even, Cash Flow, and After Tax Net Income

Problem 16-3 Mike Solid started a pizzeria in 1999. For this purpose he rented a building for $1,800 per month. Two persons were hired to work full time at the restaurant and six college students were hired at work 30 hours per week delivering pizza. An outside accountant was hired for tax and bookkeeping purposes at a cost

Classifying for Differential, Opportunity, and Sunk Costs

Scenario: Northwest Hospital is a full service hospital that provides everything from major surgery and emergency room care to outpatient clinics. The hospital's Radiology Department is considering replacing an old inefficient X-ray machine with a state of the art digital X-ray machine. The new machine would provide higher quali

Compute Net Income and Consolidated Income

Quill Corporation acquired 70 percent of North Company's stock on January 1, 20X9, for $105,000. At that date, the fair value of the non-controlling interest was equal to 30 percent of the book value of North Company. The companies reported the following stockholders' equity balances immediately after the acquisition:

Deductions for adjusted gross income

Identify the deductions allowed when computing Adjusted Gross Income. Select at least two items from this list and explain how you qualify for the deduction including any additional details that you feel is relevant.

Suggest possible ways of handling the five scenarios

Scenario A You're applying for a new job as a database administrator. You're currently a software engineer, but due to layoffs, you've been performing most of your department's database-related projects for almost a year now. You want your resume to be taken seriously for the database administrator position. What Do You Do

Journal entries for pensions plans; accounting Change and Error Analysis

See attached file. Problem P20-9 Prepare worksheet and journal entries for pension plans. Problem P22-2 How to create a comparative income statement. P20-9 (Comprehensive 2 year Worksheet) Mount Co. has the following defined benefit pension plan balances on January 1, 2006 Project benefit obligati

Goodwill, ROI, depreciation, PV for new machine with entries

Accounting what the numbers mean 9th edition. Chapter 6 Exercise 6.12 Goodwill- effect on ROI and operating income Goodwill arises when one firm acquires the net assets of another firm and pays more for those net assets than their current fair market value. Suppose that Target Co. had operating income of $90,000 and net a

Manufacturing Companies and Higher Fixed Costs

1. Over the past few decades, the cost structure of manufacturing companies has shifted. In the early 1900s, direct material costs were substantial while fixed costs represented a small fraction of total manufacturing costs. However, the cost structure has reversed and now fixed costs make up the majority of total manufacturing

Journal Entry to Record Income Tax

(Two Temporary Differences, One Rate, Beginning Deferred Taxes) The following facts related to Krung The Corporation. 1) Deferred tax liability, January 1, 2007, $40,000 2) Deferred tax asset, January 1, 2007, $0 3) Taxable income for 2007, $95,000 4) Pretax financial income for 2007, $200,000 5) Cumulative tempor

Temporary Differences, Valuation Account, Entries and IS

P19-10 (Two NOL's, No Temporary Differences, No Valuation Account, Entries and Income Statement) Felicia Rashad Corp. has pretax financial income(or loss) equal to taxable income(or loss) from 1999 through 2007 as follows. Income Loss Tax Rate 1999 $29,000 30% 2000 40,000 30% 2001 17,0

Transactions that affect the accounting equation

Please describe how the following transactions affect the accounting equation: 1- Provide services on account 2- Purchase Inventory for Cash 3- Use Cash to pay down Accounts Payable For each, please tell me if the following account increase, decrease or no change: Assets, Liability and Owners Equity

Overall and segmented operating profit; qualitative factors

52. Casagrande Company is currently operating at 80 percent capacity. Worried about the company's performance, Mike, the general manager, reviewed the company's operating performance. (The sales and related cost information provided below are in millions of dollars.) Segment North South East West Sales

Jim's Landscaping flexible budget; Banner Inc variable overhead performance

Jim's Landscaping is the business of maintaining and improving yards in surrounding areas. The company bases its overhead cost budgets on the following data: Variable overhead costs: Supplies $4 per yard Machine maintenance $2 per yard Chemicals $6 per yard Fixed overhead costs: Salaries and wages $2300 per

Mixed Costs in a Service Business vs. a Manufacturing Business

As the management accountant preparing the budget for the upcoming year, you know how important it is to properly classify costs as being fixed, variable, or mixed. As you are expecting to be promoted to headquarters soon, you want to leave a procedure manual for your junior accountants to have handy for future reference. Whi

Purchase vs pooling method for Goodwin

"ACC 401 Chapter 2 " The financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2003: GOODWIN CORR INCOME STATEMENT Revenue $2,700,000 $600,000 Expenses 1,980,000 400,000 Net income $720,000 $200,000 RETAINED EARNINGS STATEMENT Beginning retain

Joanna's computations at ABC Bank; HECS liability

Question 1 : (a) The Mason Gift Company had sales of $730 000 in the past year, with operating expenses of $95 000 and cost of goods sold of $280 000. Interest expenses amounted to $32 500 and $12 500 in interest income was received. Shares purchased in January 2009 for $22 000 were sold for $29 500. Compute the taxable income

Grieg Landscaping construction of new plant

Grieg Landscaping began construction of a new plant on December 1, 2010. On this date the company purchased a parcel of land for $139,000 in cash. In addition, it paid $2,000 in surveying costs and $4,000 for a title insurance policy. An old dwelling on the premises was demolished at a cost of $3,000, with $1,000 being received

Changes for Accounting Firms Since the 1990s

1. Identify the ways in which the image of the public accounting profession, and auditors specifically, has changed since the mid-1990s. What actions have been taken to restore public confidence in the profession? Do you think these actions are effective? Explain. 2. What are the differences between and similarities among a

How do functional divisions affect the structure of your organization?

How do functional divisions affect the structure of your organization or an organization with which you are familiar? Is it a centralized organization or an decentralized organization? Why? Do you think the organization could be organized more effectively? If so, how, and why would it be considered more effective? If not, why is

Tax planning: Calculate Carmin's adjusted gross income on her 2009 tax return

Carmin Kovach is single and has two children from her previous marriage. Anika, 9, lives with Carmin. Julius, 11, lives with his father, Ray. Carmin pays alimony of $400/month to Ray. The payments are to continue until Julius reaches 18, when they will be reduced to $100. Carmin is 34 and employed as a nuclear engineer with Atom