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    What is the change in cash due to operating activities for Evergreen, Inc?

    Q. What is the change in cash due to operating activities? Evergreen Inc. Comparative balance sheets December 31, 2012 Assets12/31/2012 12/31/2011 Cash $357,000 $312,000 Accounts receivable $80,000 $83,000 Inventory $213,000 $199,000 Prepaid expenses $25,000 $21,000 Fixed assets $463,000 $419,000 Accumulat

    Income Tax: Qualified Deferred Compensation (When and for Whom is it used?)

    Questions to be answered are: 1) What are the four basic requirements for a plan to qualify under section 401(a) of the I.R.C.? (2) What is meant by the term 'qualified deferred compensation' for income tax purposes, and for whom is it most often used? (3) At what time is the employer allowed to take a deduction for i

    Operating income, processing products further

    Faulk Company has a joint process, which produces three products, X, Y, and Z. Each product may be sold at spli-'off or processed further and then sold. Joint processing costs for a year amount to $30,000. Other relevant data are as follows: Separabl

    Comparison over 4 years, absorption and variable costing

    The Balakrishnan Corporation began business on January 1, 2000 to produce and sell a single product. Reported operating income figures under both absorption and variable costing for the first 4 years of operation are as follows: Absorption costing 2000: $80,000 2001: 70,000 2002: 50,000 2003: 40,000 Variable costing 2

    Disposition of Year-End Underapplied Overhead

    Liz's Cosmetics uses a normal cost system and has the following balances at the end of its first year operations. WIP inventory: $200,000 Finished-goods inventory: 200,000 Cost of goods sold: 400,000 Actual Factory overhead: 413,000 Factory overhead applied: 453,000 Compute cost of goods sold for 2 different ways to di

    School departmental allocation of computer costs: budgeted and actual

    Budget formula = $100,000 fixed costs monthly + $200 per hour of computer time used. Based on long-term usage, the fixed costs were allocated on a lump-sum basis, 30% to business and 70% to engineering. 1. Show the total allocation if business used 210 hours and engineering used 390 hours in a given month. Assume that the act

    Price per Unit for Special Order

    Chechny business has received one time special order for 1,000 units. Producing the order will have no effect on production and sales of other units. They buyer's name will be stamped on each unit, at a costs of $2,000. Normal cost data, excluding stamping, as follows: Direct materials..............................$10 per un

    Define Contributing Plan

    (1) A defined contributing plan provides for seven year vesting schedule. Fred Ziegler completes the following service Year Hours of Service 2002 1,000 2003 3

    Relevant and non-relevant costs

    How do you put labor cost increase and higher fuel cost has caused food cost increase to your business into a contribution margin formula?

    Scott Rothstein Fraud Case of Pertinent Facts

    Describe the Scott Rothstein fraud case to organize the pertinent facts and issues you've found in your research. about 600 words, five references Starts with.... The fraud case affected several investors who claim that they have lost fortune in the massive scam that was brainwork of Scott Rothstein. Rothstein, along

    Change in Operating Income

    The Clemson Company reported the following results last year for the manufacture and sale of one of its products known as a Tam. (chart attached) Clemson Company is trying to determine whether or not to discontinue the manufacture and sale of Tams. The operating results reported above for last year are expected to contin

    Behr Paint Company: Tools to improve its Management Accounting Systems

    Behr Paint Company manufactures and sells multiple lines of paints in various colors. Recently, with the introduction of a number of new products, management has sensed that some cost characteristics of the production process have changed. First, some of the new products require more set up time between production runs. Certa

    Managerial Accounting. Cost Accounting. Budgeting

    1. Use the following information to complete A, B, and C. Laboe Kennel uses tenant-days as its measure of activity; an animal housed in the kennel for one day is counted as one tenant-day. During February, the kennel budgeted for 2,900 tenant-days, but its actual level of activity was 2,940 tenant-days. The kennel has provi

    Solve: The Equivalent Units of Production

    A company uses a process cost accounting system and the weighted-average method. The following information is available for its current year: Goods in process, January 1, 2008.............................5,500 units, 80% complete Goods in process, December 31, 2008........................8,800 units, 40% complete Units

    Cost accounting questions for units

    1. Total work-in-process during the period is the sum of the beginning work-in-process inventory and the total manufacturing costs incurred during the period. True False 2. The variable cost per unit is defined to be constant despite changes in the volume of activity within the relevant range. True False 3. Per

    Management accounting, cost accounting, make or buy decision, short term decision

    The Ski Pro Corporation, which produces and sells to wholesalers a highly successful line of water skis, has decided to diversify to stabilize sales throughout the year. The company is considering the production of cross-country skis. After considerable research, a cross-country ski line has been developed. Because of the con

    Variable costing/Absorption costing/Breakeven

    ABC, Inc. is a newly organized manufacturing business this year. The following company's costs and expenses are: Sales price per unit $55 Manufacturing costs: Direct materials Direct labor Variable Manufacturing overhead Fixed Manufacturing overhead Period expenses: Variable Selling an

    Compute the absorption-costing operating income

    Compute the absorption-costing operating income for the following: B. Inventory: 0 Production: 480,000 units Ending Inventory: 30,000 units Sales: 450,000 units Selling Price = $79.20 Standard variable costs per unit: Direct Materials: $24.00 Direct Manuf labor: $6.00 Manufacturing Overhead: $14.40 Variable Marketi

    Cash flows after tax

    (Cash flows after tax) Revenues increase by $400,000, cash operating expenses increase by $180,000, and depreciation increases by $45,000. The tax rate is 34% a. Calculate the cash flow after tax using the formula that CFAT is operating cash flows after tax plus the depreciation tax shield. b. Calculate the cash flow after t