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    Calculate change in operating income

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    Lowwater Sailmakers manufactures sails for sailboats. The company has the capacity to produce 25,000 sails per year, and is currently producing and selling 20,000 sails per year. The following information relates to current production:

    Sale price per unit $150
    Variable costs per unit:
    Manufacturing $55
    Marketing and administrative $25
    Total fixed costs:
    Manufacturing $640,000
    Marketing and administrative $280,000

    If a special sales order is accepted for 5,000 sails at a price of $125 per unit, and fixed costs remain unchanged, what is the change in operating income?

    a. Operating income decreases $5,000

    b. Operating income increases $190,000

    c. Operating income decreases $125,000.

    d. Operating income increases $225,000.

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    (d). The company has the capacity to produce another 5000 ...